2013 or 2014 investing millions of dollars with Bitcoin, Tesla, Amazon, and so many other Stocks that have all gone up worth way more now I predicted 2021+ they would be at their “highest” or should I say: legal age to drink alcohol, I wish I never drank! Me happy here at “Averte” I want to move to Charlton, MA where I haven’t talked to the new Minister of The Charlton Federated Church, I shook his hand and we prayed in a Mass on Christmas Eve when I was last in my hometown of Charlton, MA and I didn’t really believe my Rev. Jim Chase died until my Aunt Donna assured me he is not alive now!

I feel I can count on Rev. Anne Skinner of “Hannah House” in Niagara Falls knowing her since 2005! I know I can count on my Dad and Aunt Donna Donohue, but after viewing a couple photos of my Mom NOT SMILING IN PHOTOS I’VE TAKEN OF HER 2 or 3 times when I had my camera phone I just traded in my old one with 2 photos of me naked posing after a shower in my large mirror in my own bathroom downstairs, they finally got this place better but my screen door doesn’t lock and the staff here gets into my apartment, I’ve caught Larry waiting on my steps and I almost pushed him down the stairs, and then I was very MAD about him SPYING on me, I caught him laying down in my bedroom with another employee doing the same thing, trying to fuck me over, I’ve been tape recorded, video recorded, with tapped and hacked 3 laptops they changed the password on my Dell Inspiron I got for Christmas in 2007, and I’ve signed so many papers that I was forced to suddenly sign pieces of paper real documents with my “JMarquis” signature, Dan has my signature on a scanner he bought delivered to the airport he went to but couldn’t find any porno mags at a gas station that I wanted my Private Ledger to include the names of Playboy Bunnies, like Dan was a “Playa” in high school at Saint John’s him a wrestler who got man-boosting treatments from a doctor who helped his wife have their son and daughter- I don’t know them and Dan won’t be my friend, having deleted his phone number when I was so mad at him for locking the bathroom door outside the Guest Room in his house and I felt such great pain and embarrassment after pissing in my jeans I put on to soak up the urine from some beer drinking, investing millions of dollars into Stocks and Bitcoin, Etherium, Cardano, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, and maybe even Shiba Inu that shot up 80,000% in recent years, hoping it stays high until I sell it in hopefully 2023 because of Miley Cyrus’ “23” with Wiz Khalifa who’s very thin and tall reminding me of Derek Langlois who I haven’t talked to this former best friend who was involved in my crash and receiving a new $40,000 Turbo Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VIII with $15,000 in engine tuning running racing fuel but he only took it to the track once or twice, with an illegal LOUD exhaust he was told to be hard on me when I lived with him and he left his loud car running in the winter outside my bedroom window and it woke me up, that I would be picked up by my Dad, Wayne Marquis, driving me ten minutes away to his ECM Plastics, Inc. business with Gillette and so many other companies, being purchased in 2012 or so, that my Black Lab named Ripley died in 2013 with a breathing heavy all the time and my Mom and Dad put her to sleep at the Veterinarian in 2013 I made her a Christmas Ornament “Ripley 2003-2013” that I enjoy celebrating Christmas with my Marquis Family we all of us had “Marquis” in our AIM SN’s but I switched to jmarquis710 when I tried to find an online “girlfriend” my “Internet Girlfriend” I wanted when I was Recovering TBI double double vision. vision. that I got 2 surgeries for and the 2nd surgery made it a little worse and a little better depending what I look at, like screens are easy for me to see single; I just tilt my head a little, after I took Vision Therapy for about 3 years in Worcester with Dr. Thamel and Dr. Ricciardi who gave me special glasses and blue and red images to align the separate vision images from my eyes that the second vision surgery they operated on a previously untouched eyeball and I’m not sure why they did that, so I think people wanted me to have one very odd and displaced eyeball eyesight, and I set my sights on spending my money I made with so many Stocks I bought in 2013 or 2014 with my “Cuz” Daniel Besse who I hope he understands that I’m now giving him 50% or 49% of my Bitcoins I hope sold them when they reached their high value, I predicted they would reach $64,400 because I used “Nintendo 64” and “Nintendo64” in my complicated Bitchain like a password we have so many images that we will use to access my $,$$$,$$$ or even $$,$$$,$$$ if I’m lucky with Dan Besse hopefully having continued my Bitcoin “Forecasting” along with so many Stocks my Dad controls… I might have them set to sell in 2023 or when my Dad dies, and that will be a sad day I can’t explain how much my Dad means to me he should be so proud about me not having anything but CBD and a very small amount of Bugler tobacco they always buy me and steal about half of because I have no security but a nightstand blocking a door to my bedroom at the top of a basement staircase that I caught them coming in and out when I would be asleep and I heard noise, so they don’t do that anymore, and they get in my upstairs having stolen so many CBD pills and whey protein powder they take from me to make me have to go through the only money I’m allowed to spend: the money from “Disability” from the USA Government that lasts me long enough, not saving any money because I’m a millionaire with no access to my possibly double digits millions of dollars and I’ll be supporting Rev. Anne Skinner who I saw “Angel M.” was involved in her Christian Church- I want to buy her a car and meet her at Niagara Falls on the USA side this summer with my Mom and Dad along with Aunt Donna Donohue who I love her and I trust her- she has friends in “Washington” and I’m buying her a 2002 Toyota MR2 Spyder in like new condition, with the top down for Summer driving and Bizmark her Westie in the passengers seat, I offered her my Dogecoin and “Shiba Inu” when I did research with Dan having access to Google and Twitter employees, Facebook employees and they surely signed the check I sent them to get me no advertisements and Dan got me a special function on “Meta” I talked to Mark Zuckerberg because I knew a Facebook Developer in 2006 when I signed up with my worcester.edu account as a Major of “English with a Concentration in Writing” that I have a lifelong ambition of writing a book about hitting bottom and TBI with other injuries that need “Rehabilitation” like there were once years ago, many Therapists here I could chat with for an hour or more, sitting comfortably in chairs and having nice like really nice conversations with “Therapists” now there are none and I’m on my MacBook Pro that’s hacked with Master Desktops controlling my computer and Google — I signed papers for Google, Facebook, and my bank accounts — I’m on a hacked computer with me being monitored all of the time, I would use Norton 360 with LifeLock Protection and my 2 subscriptions to “Virtual Private Networks” from separate companies and they were inaccessible or disabled from the papers my “Health Proxy” Mom and Dad made me sign when I was in the ICU and they recorded my voice saying things they wrote on papers holding them in front of me but out of sight of the videocamera and recording my voice, that they called the police to get me to talk to the cops on tape, being asked tricky questions to make me look bad, but I’m a good person USA Citizen who thinks Trump shoul de-seat Biden and I deeply regret voting for Biden who I have a Ph. D. “Therapist” far away they drive me to him in the early afternoon when we meet and he said “Biden is senile,” and he shows overwhelming “mental decline” Biden and LET’S GO BRANDON! I have my $,$$$,$$$ or $$,$$$,$$$ I hope with the USA Government getting a substantial amount of my millions of dollars, if, and only if, Dan Besse my “Cuz” short for Cousin of his Besse family with Aunt Sue and Uncle John who’ve proven themselves as smart parents in raising their offspring Dan and the older Matt who went to BU and Dan would visit Matt in the city of Boston and drink beer but never too much alcohol. I don’t think Dan drinks as much anymore with what I hope to buy a 1999 Ferrari 355 F1 GTS in red for less than $100,000 as my first automobile purchase if Dan hasn’t put down the $50,000 “Reservation” on a Tesla Roadster with EV technology and there’s a Tesla Charging Station near me who hopes to own an EV like I got a ride in a Tesla allowed to drive it at an EV meet I went to in front of The Charlton Public Library last year when I promised Rev. Jim Chase (R.I.P.) I’d buy him a Tesla with my Stocks but a used one for a better deal, speaking of which a resident here at “Averte” in Vermont with New Hampshire nextdoor my friend on the phone for many hours in 2005 and 2006 with Bruce Fenton who is running for State Senator with $5,000,000 of his Bitcoin profits, that I did downlow business with and using my own money and personal checks my parents got involved, after they spoke and he’s running for Senator predicting Bitcoin will become regular money liken El Salvador where Bitcoin is the country’s standard currency! I have my Bitcoin Magazine to prove it!

I truly believe I’m $$,$$$,$$$.CBD and smoking tiny amounts of Bugler pouch tobacco high quality with what I usually open the pouch with rolling papers I rip the pack in half, BUT I DON’T *roll* *Tobacco* I have a 4″ end-pipe that I simply stuff the tiny amount of, usually dry tobacco I dump it out in my coffeetable drawer that’s where I let my Bugler dry out so it’s not moist as the vapor of the water evaporating into smoke, I silently cough with a deep down getting the tobacco better, so it’s not like I cough much, I don’t know any one else jmarquis710 alwayschillen JeffreyMarquis1 marquis_jeffrey I posted a lot of great writing about my living at “Averte” 3 hours away from home where I grew up and I want to buy a house near my parents with my “million dollars in the bank” Trust Fund Tesla, Amazon, Disney, Adidas — I used to watch FILA stock and I’m not getting even with anyone who was involved in my www.wrxtbi.com true events, that I have a HUGE amount of recollections that I now know are some false but some Fact: You all screamed at me “DRIVE FASTER” and I had a big Turbo after you got the bartender at the bar with the most drunks, when I was so sad and he said all of his employees had college degrees, in the main hall, that I refused my own Cubicle I used sometimes, I would take my cellphone and listen to XM radio, but with mediocre earbuds, that I found the world’s most precise tweeters and a minimal amount of BOUNCE BOUNTY NO-BABY! I won’t be a Dad, I’m going on in age too disabled and handicapped to be a good Dad, like my Dad I call him “Great-Wayne” and I always worked in his office smoking one Double Diamond Cigars, the ones I liked because they were “cigars” the size and length of cigarettes with black paper surrounding the tiny cigars when I lived at home I would smoke them at night in the summer on the front steps to a crowd of Americans who hope we have good strategies, maybe Nukes in Space in 2017 and I hope to be married in a matter of me swearing off drinking more than 3 times a year, if I had a car here like the Tesla Roadster I put my Merrill “Stockbroker” “Cuz” I call him and he replies, Allah GOD IS THE GREATEST!

Believe it or not, Rev. Jim Chase said he promised I would be Islamic and because I knew the late Rev. Jim Chase who Baptized me after my WRX TBI WRECK in 2004 when I was able to walk into Church with a walker or a cane, after the second time I went to Church when I was there on Christmas with the Minister with me now agreeing with faith that I’ve been told the truth, I know he is no longer with us, but I hope to this summer see his grave or where his ashes were spread like I had a crush on Tiph because she’s so magical and beautiful having known her at the Moonstruck coffee shop next to a store that was loaded with cold beer 30 packs and liters of alcohol I’m SOBER 2016 but I remember buying a Four Loko 3 times when my parents said, “You get too elaborate with Four Loko and it gives you energy. Does it have caffeine in it???

200 mg of caffeine in Four Loko that there were some urban shootings with people who had weapons and they got so drunk and energized from that fruit flavor citrus heavily FULL OF ALCOHOL, over 200 grams, a No-Doz or Vivarin, I can’t have 5 Hour Energy drinks because my parents know I have a Doctor’s appointment tomorrow at 9 a.m., a time when I will lay down when it gets pretty late and I plan to have a cup of cool coffee on my bedside I have a bedSaurus WRX bed Queen with Wayne and Garth singing Bohemian Rhapsody in the car I was driving a 2013 Subaru Legacy 4-cylinder with the much-needed AWD for Winter, speaking of which I want to give a genie whisper to Justine when I would tell Justine to guess what I was saying without my tongue touching her ear I would let her hear me saying things in partly-gibberish talking funny and I would say, I lube you Justine! as well as many other cutesy things we’d do like playing Footsie at UNO’s when I knew I’d go there every day and get to know the staff, but I would usually only have 1 light beer or Guinness Wal-Mart to shop after sitting in my car, to be safe, letting my buzz wean off from the 2 light beers and that fill of 2 beers every week on Friday and/or Saturday to listen to Sirius satellite radio Hits1 and Hip-Hop Nation, playing Cardi B that I saw what was and it was on Hits1! called “Cardi B – Bodak Yellow (Money Moves) that I don’t feel much attraction to Cardi B preferring Tantric Sex because of her Middle-East music-video for the song with Camels and Sheiks and even red-bottoms that after I went to a mental-hospital for a 4th time I told Dr. B I’d be “marching with red shoes on” if I ever had to go back because mental-hospitals can be boring or they can be the time of your life with many girls easy with conversation and acting caring for each other because we were under the care of our doctors ` ` ` I had the first 100-200 pages in Size-8 Arial Font that I thought it was funny Jessica or Carina had a Abercrombie and Fitch shirt, and “I think it’s fly when girls stop by for the Summer,,, for the Summer!

LFO’s song on MTV’s “TRL” and my Dad’s in pretty good in his bass boats at home, I’d like to buy a house near my parents and have someone to check on me around dinnertime to wash my clothes and buy me groceries at the store, I need to stay in one place, and although I know so many millionaires or near-millionaires I’m surrounded by millionaires D.L. lost his Dad and became a millionaire with a house and a wife I know nothing about BUT I KNOW ABOUT HIS NEW PORSCHE AND BIG HOUSE!

I hope with my Stocks I can be so wealthy and drive a Tesla near my parents but not the same house, and I can live near my Aunt Donna Donohue R.I.P. husband Mickey Donohue who my Dad and I had a black and red Chicago Bulls pants and shirt athletic Combo like my parents have both keys and know the code, that I wrote on my Minister’s profile, if you’re ever curious what’s in my safe I ordered online ask my parents, it’s empty but I hope it’s filled with those 70+ Sunday Service pamphlets from The Charlton Federated Church when eating out to lunch for 25 or so minutes for us to finish out salads and Jim had a soup with his green salad with only a few croutons that I told him I don’t get croutons ever, because they’re just carbs, I would order a larger Caesar salad I’d leave extra $3 because they would use their biggest plate and fill it with Romaine and healthy dressing, made in the kitchen Caesar dressing with very low carbs! 25-30 lbs. off of me and those here who I’m highly highly suggesting they make low-carb food for the generally overweight and sometimes someone here on staff or a resident is trying hard to lose weight, but I’ve used the Treadmill nearby during the summer I’ll try to get reception with my new SAMSUNG S22 I need a cellular phone that is new with a working camera — my S6+ had a broken camera — so I have a photo of a HODL print on a canvas my parents sent back for the “Crypto-Currency” HODL saying, HODL “Hold On for Dear Life” that when Dan and I read Investing.com side-chat with users and we got on the phone with their office, asking if I could be the Webmaster and control the system If I put them in my Ledger, one Public and one Private, that Dan has grown taller and he is strong and lean, really he looks like he barely drinks like I’m sure, he’s not into getting drunk except when he can hang out with his buddies or go to a bar, that I haven’t been to a “bar” in years!

The employees stole most of my Skinny Pop Popcorn that doesn’t have any butter and they’re dry but flavorful maybe a light spritz of Macadamia Nut Oil — I paid $20 for a tall skinny bottle of that at a bodybuilding store, NOT BUYING PROHORMONES because of my Dad and he put a stop to me being so much taller than him- that he and many others agreed that I should be below 6-feet TaLL with GH2 renamed to GH+ that the first bottle of 30 pills was sold to me for $135 !!!!! I then found the oral GH “Secretagogue” that digests with 1 pill around noon

I spent $600-$700 growing naturally in the body with 1 or 2 pills a day, sold in 2 stores near me in 2016 to 2018 only internal chemicals being evoked for muscle gains and stronger bones, like the $200 I bought online of GHRP-6 which is a hexapeptide my parents made me throw away after researching for months with stacks of printouts about injectable with Insulin pins sold at all pharmacies injected into stomach bodyfat but my parents made me throw it away from Great White Peptides in 2007 when I was living at home and wanted to grow taller and have bigger, leaner bodies, with my Dad getting taller, but the GHRP-6 was thrown in my trash with all of it there in the trashcan at the end of the driveway, but this 1 or 2 a day pill “GH2” with when I slowed way down with alcohol at home, and no amino-acids or HCL anything in the GH2 molecule, sold by InnovaPharm “GH2″ — it was soon renamed to GH+ by Genetix my bones got so much stronger and I grew 1” taller 185 weak to 205 lean with nice abs, going to UNO’s with my Justine every night after work in my Dad’s “President” office in Worcester, MA that went to Worcester State University and scored an B+ in Health I with Mrs. Waskevich — I went to Charlton schools with her nephew — I got a 0 on the mid-term I signed my name soon after I flipped through the multiple choice questions and they were all so easy; my first year of working at GNC I learned about nutrition, Life Extension (a magazine I subscribed to for a year, when I got here, and maybe if I were here at “Averte” instead of 288 Main Street in Oxford, MA across the street from Days End bar I’d walk across the street, mostly taking a stroll to cross the big street at the Crosswalk when I was fully recovered and I would walk quickly on the treadmills at Gold’s Gym when I could just barely benchpress on a machine 215 lbs. or more, but I would walk on the treadmill going 3.2 mph for an hour or 90 minutes every day when I would take a break from data-entry and work out at Gold’s a quick walk to the gym or driving my 2013 Subaru Legacy when my sweet Mom Deborah Marquis gave me her car when I would go to The Auburn Mall most days with Justine Aragona 2009-2013 I want to marry my fellow-TBI Brain Injury Survivor because we were a good match, that I didn’t smoke too many skinny designer cigars when we would go to my parents’ house near her home 1 town over, after eating a healthy meal when I only ate salad and steak kabobs called “Steak on a Stick” with my only drinking waters with many lemon and lime slices I’d leave extra $2 for ` ` ` and when I was without Justine and still drinking, I would have a Guinness in the standard Guinness glass I bought so many great CD’s because I didn’t have Satellite Radio yet when now I listen to Hip Hop Nation that taught me about Red Bottoms I shouldn’t be bringing up I DON’T OWN A PAIR OF RED BOTTOMS! 😃

I’m into Jesus Christ The Qur’an says is a “Prophet” — and being that I wanted to profit so greatly from Bitcoin, Tesla, Apple, Nvidia, John Deere, record labels, movie production, satellite technology, and I would try to pick the prices would they make 3 green bars? that’s good and the taller the 4th green bar “Candle Stick Trading” you’re a millionaire, and I’m a millionaire hoping to Donate money to Rev. Anne Skinner of Hannah House soon, that my parents will match my Donation to her Christian Church with a background in Hebrew, I would smile talking to her on the phone after drinking a beer or 2 or 3 but that was all I was allowed, with a refrigerator in my room filled with my Daily dining out at The Sole I couldn’t believe it that I was living so near her, as per her own accord, buying her a GC to 88’s nearby one town over with good food that “88”‘s nearby AND the “99” when I would be looked at funny with people careful around me because I walk with a lean to my left side, my left arm is some smaller than my right arm, I requested the Nurse to leave my right arm longer it made my hand bigger and I’m right-handed so she put more of the chemical drug to cause anti-growth and at the Tampa, FL education of UT with my contacts to the Rotella sisters who I liked them a lot through lusting after one and emailing one older sister and the 2 girls’ brother who was nice to me when Facebook was just getting interesting with the brief feature that was introduced and mere hours later, taken off of Facebook (NASDAQ: FB ` “ I have stocks in from 2013 or 2014 and my Dad has them, my Dad is smart!

I wasn’t purchased 5 Hour Energy by the Staff because they checked my liver that isn’t the same since drinking 2 or 3 slurps from that tiny bottle, I don’t recycle those or a very few other things like paper towels and and bags from the Deli — in 2016 when I got SOBER I would do low-carb really hard and drink EVOO and in my car, eat half a pound of deli Pastrami or Honey Ham, and my Mom calls me HER “HUNNYBUNNY!”

I dearly love my Dad, my Mom, and my Aunt Donna Donohue who takes to me because I got so close with Grammy when she lived in her house with Aunt Donna in Millbury, MA, previously, and then my Grammy “Sophie Marquis” lived until the age of 97 when one day she didn’t wake up and I have a printed block of wood I bought 3 for to be putting them aside my photos and Acrylic paintings that I spent $250 to be Sober painting 3 canvases with Pierre here’s a self-portrait that we mixed the red brown and orange paints with a bit of purple to accentuate the contours of my face look at the eyes, Pierre fixed them up and they look perfect with Arctic White acrylics

I just thought Acrylicsypto – currencies I want to first buy Dan Besse when I sell my Stocks and Crypto-Currencies a new Honda Civic Type-R with 300 HP!

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