Facebook didn’t want me attaching the “Averte” Rehablitation Home logo!

If I’ve been writing so much on here on Facebook (Nasdaq: FB) I invested a lot of money in, with a luxury pen I had Dan’s Office Assistant buy 2 Cross pens that were the most expensive, because we couldn’t find Mont Blanc pens, unless they were delivered in a plane or helicopter that night in 2013 or 2014 when we spent all night at his house while his new wife, Jessica Mancini Besse was out of town, investing so much money into Bitcoins, Tesla, John Deere, Dairy Queen, etc. etc. “STOCKS” with every one of these

and doubling it up every one of these in 2013 or 2014 because NBC had the show “Friends” that I have very few friends in real life, but Elon Musk said, “I can be your best friend every day if you want! and I liked Rachel on NBC’s show “Friends” like my living on Chandler St. at “Chandler Gardens” when I had a cop write “Andy Gleick” on my stolen big-screen Television that was all a “SET-UP” and I have all of these or just the ones at the top from my own cash, credit, debit, and Trust Fund in 2013 or 2014 with my “Cuz” Dan Besse

I chose to suffer without painkillers in the ICU and at Fairlawn Rehabilitation Hospital in order to suffer much like Jesus Christ, that I suffered for him and so many others while people made me suffer more during that tough time in 2004/2005 and to this very day where they steal from my Apartment here at “Averte” when they also mess with my medications because people are controlling me completely because I really read about the real “Virgin Birth” in 2004 that I leaned about in 2004 shortly before my car crash that OTHERS CAUSED and I don’t care if the jerk who wrestled the phone away from my Dad and said “KILL YOURSELF NOW GODDAMMIT!!!!!” after this certain asshole I want nothing to do with made a very mean phonecall to my house that morning when he made me want to die, threatening to have me raped over JOKES and “Creative Writing” I cried on the phone trying to tell him I was just JOKING MAKING FAKE POSTS I WAS A “MODERATOR” given access to “The Regulars” forum on a Shock-Jock Internet Bulletin board in 2004 on November 2nd when I became so Injured and promoted to God’s level: I predicted CoVid-19, that I had things to do with that name of the deadly virus “Pandemic” I said to my Mom there will be a “Global Epidemic” she said would be called a “PAN-demic” years before Justine Aragona’s favorite PJ’s to wear to bed in mine or hers, with Tinkerbell and “Dreamy” on the comfortable top and bottom when I would sometimes sleep naked alongside her, but I haven’t slept naked for years now at “Averte” where I’m not allowed to have 5 Hour Energy or MMJ I’m SOBER 2016 as far as alcohol, I’ve never done drugs here, and I’m totally clean of viruses and male pattern baldness, I take showers often enough, I ordered designer soaps that had TV commercials on CNN — I’ve been into watching CNN and South Park and Tosh.0 along with Bri Eggers on NBC WHDH their Weather Woman who I sent flowers to her on Twitter that had “Gifts” and I posted all 10 “Gifts” on her Facebook and/or Twitter accounts many years ago, that’s in my Public Ledger or Private Ledger from 2013 or 2014 when I invested millions of dollars into Stocks and “Crypto-Currencies” after I was so sad about my events and the immense pain that my enemies negated my prescriptions to pain meds from the Doctors, like S.B., who has sent me to mental-hospitals for years because people are trying to give me a hard time HACKING ME AND MY “MASTER DESKTOPS” computers I signed papers with Apple, Dell (old and extinct, someone changed the PW…), Facebook, Google, YouTube, Gmail, Yahoo mail, that my Yahoo email was recently hacked by my enemies temporarily deleting all of my Sent Mail mostly to my “Cuz” Daniel Besse who has my Stocks and as many as 5000 Bitcoins I hope he still has my investments safe, like I have a safe at my house in Charlton, MA that I would keep my previous MMJ when I would be driven to NETA to buy flower, oils, caramel chews, gummies, etc. like Shatter only one time, and my Mom and Dad liked how happy it made me when I would never drive when I was high, and I didn’t give Justine any MMJ that after we broke up — I dumped her for cheating on me one afternoon when she was home with her Mom and attempting to get Tony off but he was unable to perform because of his TBI that I have no problem with pleasing a girl in bed, now my last GF was in a mental-hospital named Alx Neas who I took a photo of her following me into the Men’s room in the mental-hospital and I took a photo of her in there in case I had to report her at any point in our stay when SHE REMAINED LOYAL TO ME! I thank her Birth Control and my Mom bringing condoms, and she’s a Dominatrix very petite she would run up to me and jump into my arms so small but not being too thin, she once had an eating disorder and stayed thin enough, but I’ve had enough with Alx Neas as that was years ago our pairing up for 3 months or so maybe 6 months together as LOVERS allowed to sleep in the same bed, probably 1 year before I came to “Averte” in Bradford, Vermont as a TBI Brain Injury Survivor when I’ve had no lovers after having been with a girl for about 3 years 2009-2013 or so, and I WANT TO MARRY JUSTINE “TINI ARA” ARAGONA OF OUR 2009-2013 RELATIONSHIP, but I drank beer every night when I was so sad about our Traumatic Brain Injuries us Survivors and she got about $200,000 from the driver who had to go to jail for about 3 months and I’VE NEVER HAD TO GO TO JAIL — that my Dad cancelled my Bank of France in a Bank Clash I befriended a few years after my TBI because I knew I’d have a lot of banks with my Dad’s money he’s getting 49% of my wealth after Dan Besse gets half of my Bitcoins and maybe even my many Stocks, I’m thankful my parents have bought me many comfortable socks with new shoes I gave Dan clues as to when my many Crypto-Currencies would peak at, to this point, with Cardano and Bitcoin Cash to ten-cents and about 1 dollar, that I used to get $2 bills and give them to hostesses and waiters at The Sole Proprietor in Worcester, MA where I most liked Laurie Griffin who moved about a mile away from my parents house she’s married with a new husband and a teenage daughter I bought Laurie gift-cards like Charolette Russe that I brought to her house once, after seeing her at 88’s nearby, a restaurant, I took her photo with her new husband and she said I could stop by sometime, this after she gave me her address 1 mile away from my house in Charlton, MA that I created the location Jeffrey Marquis’ House on here, on Facebook that I have “Meta Creator Studio” with no real options but to make a Corporate Account I’ll use maybe when I sell my vast 1990’s and vintage comic-books in plastic baggies with cardboard backers like Spawn #1, Spider Man #365, a vintage Classics Illustrated and old Tarzan comic book from Brimfield Flea Market I went to with my Dad when I was young collecting toys and comic books, that the sports cards they sold were popular and expensive, so I’d buy comic books at “Music Quest” in Millbury, MA with Roger and Ray Donisvitch (R.I.P.) my best friend Jared Donisvitch who was a little bizarre with extreme Japanese wrestling with barbed wire and ladders and even glass that was shattered so there was blood, like I thought it was JUST ADORABLE WHEN JUSTIN HAD HER SMALL PERIOD IN MY BED, it was the best, I felt so Honored, she was comfortable doing that and it didn’t soak through the sheets, that I just threw them in the washing machine and telling Justine, I get the point you want to be with me forever, but I drank 3 or 4 Michelob ULTRA’s low-carb I took off 25-30 lbs. on a low-carb diet and I never threw up, drinking them in my room with my Big TV playing NBC with Bri Eggers on WHDH-TV channel 7 NBC like I used the CNBC “crypto-currencies” list to study every morning, then afternoon and at night until I went to bed listening to Rev. Bill McGinnis reading “The Lord’s Prayer” with 23,000+ plays on my old laptop playing on repeat overnight for years this after my injuries in 2004 and I’ve been here at “Averte” for about 3 years where they give me my meds SOBER, I hope I don’t have to go in the hospital again, either for my liver, now SOBER 2016 with all of my supplements and vitamins thrown out by my Mom and Dad, while I was in the hospital for 3 days with a bed-sore and they tested my liver, I don’t really believe it though, I didn’t feel a camera “Endoscopy” down my throat and I have an appointment tomorrow at 9 a.m. and I want to be able to sleep in my nice Queen-size bed eating good food here at “Averte” where they cook my food and go shopping for me at Hannaford’s supermarket to buy me a lot of Diet Soda like Coke Zero I’m big on and they buy me Red Bull for energy each day, now Maxwell House coffee, and although I have n girl to sleep with, I WANT MOST TO BE WITH JUSTINE ARAGONA WHEN I SELL MY BITCOINS AND STOCKS IN AS SOON AS 2023 (but I may die with them unsold and donating the money to our USA Government and Christian Churches! =D

I stay at “Averte” and I understand I’m not loaning any to anyone for the time being, that my Dad has all of my Tesla, Facebook, Amazon, Bitcoins — unless they were all in my Bank of France I’m French and maybe I want to be with Mrs. Alx Neas again if Justine Aragona won’t come back to me, after I didn’t like how they disapproved of me drinking 11 Michelob ULTRA’s the 2.6 grams of carbs beer, when I was clumsy and didn’t bother her parents who I called the Police on Dan P. Justine’s step-dad who was a pot-head and he smoked Justine up in his car driving after a doctor said he would approve of Justine’s going to get a MMJ card, and she was new to being 21+ and drinking wine with her Mom — I wish I was with her now and I can’t imagine, I can’t even begin to imagine her in any way “DRUNK” but she doesn’t drive a car from her TBI that I have one too but would drive until I was moved 3 hours away from my home and my Charlton Federated Church I never saw Rev. Jim Chase’s deceased body and I think people lie to me about his death, maybe because I told him I’d buy him a new or used Tesla with my Tesla Stocks, this after talking to the great Elon Musk in 2005/2006 I may have seen his name mentioned in an article about space on in 2005, but I really think I found him when I wanted to ELON-gate my legs and arms with GHRP-6, Hexarelin, and CJC-1295 that make you grow bigger and taller they’re amino-acid “peptides” of simply amino acids and not chemicals like whatever Clenbuterol or some HCL medications, that and I wanted to buy my Mom “Musk” perfume! in 2005/2006 I ended up buying her a new Rose every day when I would eat a late lunch, I’ve always woken up late and gotten plenty of sleep since my events and BADLY INJURED BRAIN 11/15th’s of my brain damaged with the Glasgow Coma Scale, I’ve never owned a scale except one measuring medium-size amounts of single MMJ “buds” from NETA 2 hours away that I would drive or my Mom would if it was soon after I’d wake up, in Northampton, MA when I would sit out on my front steps and my parents would say, “We heard you coughing a little!” so I switched to mostly chocolate bars of THC and CBD along with Sativa and Indica oils they sold at NETA I never drank when I had MMJ except 1 or 2 Michelob ULTRA’s I took off 25-30 lbs. of bodyfat with a strict low-carb diet of meats from Emerald Meats I lived near when I was in Worcester, MA in 2005-2008 before I got approved for MMJ in 2013 once Justine and I broke up, I dumped her a little and then told her parents, “I TAKE IT BACK AND TONY COULDN’T HAVE AN ORGASM, SO I WANT TO BE WITH JUSTINE *AFTER I STOP DRINKING* unfortunately it took 3 years of drinking at night at home when I was bored, to become FULLY SOBER 2016!

Or maybe I should have quit as soon as I drank 11 Michelob ULTRA’s at her house and her parents had a talk with me- they said “If you can’t stop drinking beer every night we want you to dump our daughter,” and I went to A.A. once in 2013 and I left early because I felt helpless to the Genetic Alcohol from my Mom’s pathetic heavy-smoker who would piss himself on his couch he would sleep on in Spencer, MA and he didn’t want anyone to clean his Old-Age “Community” Apartment and his alcoholism caused David Perron’s death along with David’s “Opiates” like Fentanyl, brown heroin, and OxyContin abuse, I suppose I forgive him for driving me drunk on opiates because we didn’t crash, but I will never forgive my Aunt Diane Perron for ignoring me when I called so worried about David taking his life, that he had a roundabout way of avoiding quitting drugs and alcohol, even with his 2 kids he didn’t live with for long, separate from the 2 mothers who had his kids — I think David wanted money from the government, my Dad wouldn’t hire him, he had a criminal record with a DUI — that my own never-been-arrested Status in Court in 2005 — the Judge knew it was my first offense and everyone thought I would die at the scene of my TBI, but I am a TBI Survivor Brain Injury Survivor attending Groups and Therapies I’m in a “Rehabilitation Home” for at Averte here’s their logo and my parents always open my mail with me when they drive 3 hours to visit for several hours! I’m at “Averte” now but in 2023 when I hope I have the option to sell some of my Bitcoins and so many Stocks that have all gone up, I like the Miley Cyrus song “23” that I got in on a project from Michael Jordan and Mark Cuban and Dairy Queen stock that’s now at $ I learned Elon Musk he said it was okay if he was my “best friend everyday” on the phone in 2005 or 2006 and I told Dan to put down $50,000 on a Reservation for a Tesla Roadster that goes 0-60 in about 2 seconds, and there’s a Charging Station near here that hopefully I have the approximately $200,000 for the actual car, to drive in the summer… but my Dad says I would have a beer in town at The Colatina restaurant in town where I know some of the employees and that’s not important but what is very important is that I don’t have a car here and I wouldn’t feel safe (108959# at my house in Charlton, MA) with a car so I should let them drive me to my many doctor’s appointments and Therapy with a Ph.D. “Therapist” my Dr. Dominic Candido or Candito who I see every couple of weeks, him once telling me “Those North Korean nukes wouldn’t make it 50′ off the ground!” when he hinted that we have Space Force and satellites in space with missile protection engineering, that I know nothing about because I’ve only heard a couple mentions on the CNN channel years ago, I only watch Fox News and CNN, been that way since I was put in a mental hospital by my parents, many years before I’ve been staying here in Vermont 3 hours away from my “Health Proxy” parents Wayne Marquis and Deborah Marquis who pay the $20,000 per month rent here

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