I am a TBI Survivor, my brain, my TBI pain, it needs a RE-FRESH! I haven’t had an Ibuprofen in over 1 year, but there are two Justine’s I know saw one in the mall once and JAragona “JMarquis” on my Public Ledger!

The function of the human heart is to beat the miraculous meats of the muscular system, and my self-tanning tanner appointments at the gym, I just missed them, with Kisses galore with more- in store to sell my many, many Stocks that have all increased in worth, like Tesla and Amazon, etc. etc. SO MANY STOCKS OF MINE that my Dad has “custody” of with my car in the shoppe, to reach a sudden stop, clicking the hand-brake of a bark from Bismak the doggie-dog smaller than a Hog, so big with salty ham for the remnants of the skin on the edges to be scrambled, the eggs of tall Pegs along the camisole beaches cusp of crashing Tides while washing tighty-whities with detergent, my Dad, being a “Gent” seeking the commonality of running me with organization of our American nation — me the regular taxpayer and right hand Layer of my Lawyers across New England, drinking The Soundings sand of shore-side with sure SIZE to rise and receive a raise at the jobby-job of twisting knobs moving down the office hallway, on Thursday: the Payday of banking checks one time a week, or ever other, like my Mother, I’ve got her covered-  buying my beautiful birth-giver so many roses and Gifts, like I signed a paper to opt for Tiph and Justine in my bed together, sleeping on pillows of feather and Giza in my Mike Lindell “MyPillow” I bought early for surely kneeling on my skull’s “Temples” of Beth and oh the coin my 5000 Bitcoins or only 250 Bitcoins a la Ferrari 250 GTO

Wishing the within wish of catching a big fish or an undersea mammal feeling frazzled bedazzled be a Dad like the busy Ladder Dadder with the Mad Hatter of a horizontal brim, brimming, rimming a rimshot at the local shop ’n’ save— the money in my Safe, the items on sail with an ailing whimper I uttered at the hospital, my hopes of lynching ropes and smoking greeny “dope” — but nope, no easing my mercy of seeing the worst, with Dana my “Bestie” visiting a gym and benching plates of iron, then going to a bar the IRONY, swilling beer fills the tall mugs, and hugs, with a Swiss Navy lubricant, I cannot go a few days without it, busting my peanut butter with Mom drinking Sutter at Home, in the zone with Wayne-O intelligent intelligence wow for dropping a diner doozy floozy flossing teeth then it on the fluorescent lighting, the white lighting Volts of energizing Playboy Bunnies, my hunnies and Hef’s and hers bulging, lovely little lumps, the loudspeaker speaking a low tone of these topless girls with their lonesome locked in The Grotto… occasionally playing The Lotto and/or attending weight management Classes at the Casino, I know—the indigenous Indians of Sacrificed Sacramento wisdom of abstaining from tomorrows bleeps and ticking when getting A TRAFFIC THAT’S THE TICKET!

Imagine if I inspired Bruce Fenton to run for Senate in 2005 and 2006! VOTE BRUCE FENTON!

I’ve spoken to Bruce Fenton on the phone for several hours, like my best friend Elon Musk who I was so fortunate to speak to the richest man in the entire world in 2005 and/or 2006!

I had my Dad talk to Bruce Fenton in 2005 or 2006 and I put him on a quest to be big in government, that I get Disability and I haven’t had “Abilify” since one of the mental hospitals I was put in by my parents, but I assured my Dad that I had known Elon Musk on Facebook in 2005 or 2006 when I had a .edu (not .gov for gobbling the minds of alike Bruce Fenton and Elon Musk…) I involved my Dad in knowing Bruce Fenton who I honestly inspired him to run for Senator because on his Facebook I wrote “BRUCE FENTON FOR STATE SENATE IN NEW HAMPSHIRE SO NO ONE GETS FIREWORKS maybe no DEFINITELY RUN FOR A SENATE POSITION BECAUSE YOU’RE ALREADY A BIG NAME AND I’M PRAYING TO GOD THAT YOU WILL

Bruce “Famous”

He’s one state over and I had 2 impacts in my TBI, him impacting my desiring to meet millionaires on Facebook in 2005 when I’d already done that with Angel and her Dad said, “I don’t know why you know Rev. Anne Skinner and “Hannah House” and you’re too old for my daughter” when I was feeling no desire to a young girl making a second call to her- I was so BLESSED like I have a white rubber bracelet on each wrist because she introduced me to a Reverend Minister I hope to meet in August, I’ll ask my parents if we can visit Niagara Falls and have a meal, without beer, SOBER 2016, I never get sick of this fine Sobriety I embraced with the men and ladies from A.A.

Along with Yellow LIVESTRONG bracelets on each wrist, I had blood taken today and my Mom made a cake for her Book Group tonight at my real home in charlton mass that I know my Dad read the book and they’re HOSTING the Book Group with a cake, I’ve spent a thousand dollars on my Painting “lessons” many fine paintings as I let go, that’s what I’m doing I do, caking up a Spruce with a Bitcoin $$,$$$,$$$ I knew Bitcoin would go BIG as I have paid very close attention to reading news on cnn.com, msnbc.com, nbcnews.com and I was never into Trump, aside from the Stock Market, I have so many Stocks with my Trust Fund money money was a blanket my brother Justin had when he was younger, he’s holding onto the brink of sanity and sane-ness of Wayne’s chest not knowing the stress of when I would do 40 to 50 pushup’s each morning when he would pick me up for 3 hours of work- I was recovering and tying so fast to taste the tasty donuts in the office at ECM Plastics, Inc. with Gail C. who was always a really great Receptionist and I miss all of the times I spent talking to her at her desk, up front, who helps me having known her and keeping shit hush-hush about the rush I would get from ephedrine and Caffeine pills then walking across the street to Gold’s https://www.jmbullion.com BULL MARKET! Gold’s Gym, I invested in Gold and I have a 24k chain around my neck from Mickey Donohue my Uncle who has passed away and his wife, my Aunt Donna- we talk a couple times early in the day, now, when she’s alone with her dog Bismark

I had medical marijuana approved by a Specialist and 2 of my Doctors… until I got here to “Averte” in Bradford, Vermont… AND I COULDN’T HAVE MMJ ANYMORE!

I’ve never done “Duster” or any inhalants, caring for my Traumatic Brain Injury when I asked A.A. in 2016 to cure me of shaking from 3 Seizures in the Hospitals in 2004, after I crashed that http://www.wrxtbi.com of no cops and no funerals any time soon, but I read on CNN that Europe could be “reduced to ashes”

I DON’T SMOKE CIGARETTES OR HAVE ANYTHING BUT CBD AND Xanax with a tiny amount of tobacco!

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