I plan on donating a lot of my money in 2023 when I finally have the option of selling my possibly 5000 Bitcoins and so much Tesla stock that were expensive when I invested and then they picked up in 2018 and went so high in late 2020 and 2021 I have a private ledger and a private ledger and Dan Besse you’re getting 3% first of all, and then my Dad gets 49% we agreed on and then he said he wanted 50% but I wouldn’t shake on it, telling him “Dad you’re already worth many millions of dollars” and I rented “Advanced Cryptography” in 2001/2002 when I came home from Northeastern University with my roommate who considered himself Islamic and I didn’t like that, even though we both went to Catholic schools for high school, that many Saint John’s Class of 2000 my class with Derek and Brian who believed in Jesus Christ but they were into evoking Allah when having Blessed full-body full-consciousness and with clean conscience with their girlfriends when I lived with them in 2006, plus Rev. Anne Skinner of “Hannah House” my friend since 2005 or 2006 who I communicate with regularly and I want my 3 dot-coms made into books of this dot-com and my

Are all humans susceptible to contract Monkeyvirus ??? And I am sober 2016 using only one anti-depressant 3x a day at a medium dose Allah took me closer to God and I love my Marquis Parents I made them that AIM name, and I was “Jeffrey Marquis” I now have the Aliases: Jeff M and Jeffry Marquis because I was registered in the ICU and at Fairlawn Not as Jeffrey but Jeffry on the photo of my left hip in 7 pieces x-ray and UNDER THE ADVICE OF MY PARENTS, I WAS “JEFFRY” that I changed my record to that Alias that I have Jeff M too!

If I have 5000 Bitcoins and so many stocks that went up in 2021, as per my predictions in 2013 or 2014 investing in Tokens — plus owning for a night and I didn’t post anything when I owned all the time I picked my investments through Pacilio Wealth Management and Merril Dan’s dog Bo has passed like my own Ripley a black lab I got a Christmas ornament for with 2004 to 2013 I have about ten wallets of my “crypto-currencies” Dan lied to me telling me on the phone they all “Tanked” and I said no don’t sell them they will go up! but he promised me and swore to me on the life of his son — I want to go to Heaven — I want to marry Justine Aragona before what I call ww3 because I’ve watched the news on CNN and Fox News 90% of the time for years, with my TV on all the time except when I sleep. I didn’t turn on the TV to play overnight in a while. I did that when North Korea was in the news, and Biden is in Asia right now probably because North Korea has made and paraded with its biggest missile ever, but I’m most worried about Hyper-Sonic missiles and I named this image “Sonic is Hyper”


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