Coachbags and Coaches lighting up cocaine, and on a “Delta” airplane, and NoKo tested ICBM’s on Trains, so causing pain, and burden, as I show my Elizabeth Arden pink-slips on my cars and trucks, when I give a fuck about to make a couple bucks, with my stock many, many, many Stocks, a small sample of my many, many, many “Crypto-Currencies” investments with mostly and mostly, the money from my Trust Fund, in 2013 or 2014, wearing pink thongs and protruding, not penises, but BUTTERY BUNS ON A FIT GIRL’S ample jiggle with a tootsie too “WIGGLE” I’d command Justine my last girlfriend Disabled and Handicapped like ME! So don’t you see why I’ve experienced God and reaching beyond him into empty space, at the edge I saw God’s face and I reached right beyond the real Father — Elizabeth Arden — what does she sell with her brand name and namesake name, her Identity with breast implants that are not big enough — like Lisa’s parents wanted her to have small implants, and saving face, her home nextdoor to MY REAL HOME IN CHARLTON, MA WITH MY RICH MILLIONAIRE PARENTS, and with a nice room to my own having furnished my finances in 2013 or 2014 when I invested my hundreds-of-thousands- of Dollar signs that say GREEN-LIGHT SO GO!

But then pause the film on top of the toilet water, spattered on a platter of swing negro Batter with a switch-[]D itch from who but the famous MLB Texas Pitcher and tilted, spilling the name of Nolan Ryan’s baseball card fame, to be signed with a ball-point Apricot souffle with a white and a thought that they took my Calcium here at “Averte” where only the whitest of Holy Ghosts fall for that Jesus shit, so shame on the Interterranean hipbone hip hispanics of darker skin The Sim’s in Hollywood Hills, me taking my medicine pills, at the “Office” but me tempted to postpone a honed bone of my own, and the ivory tusk facial bones protruding with videos on YouTube, Selena Gomes lupus concentrations of the now-deceased famous-in-MEHICO! Tex Mex original “Selena” shot to death with a weapon used without discretion, in the Nation of L slam, I never knew much about but I remember Channel 1 News with coverage of “Selena’s” murder, ad lib, what’s this gig all about ?????

I was in 7th or 8th grade when Selena passed… Jews got “Gassed” in the Holocost the lives of German cars, like BMW Aplina’s GT pricey upgrade to the whole car, Wagner BMW was too far away, but Tri-State Subaru was nearby where I worked for each and every dime, on a paystub your toe and TAKE THAT  TO THE BANK IN FRANCE I SIGNED UP FOR WHEN I BOUGHT SO MANY BITCOINS AND STOCKS IN 2013 OR 2014 WITH DANIEL MICHAEL BESSE OF CONNECTICUT CREATING ME A PUBLIC LEDGER AND A PRIVATE LEDGER THROUGH HIS MERRILL OR PACILIO WEALTH MANAGEMENT, that I haven’t finished reading The Qur’an yet but I am 3/5th’s of the way through and GOD IS THE GREATEST!

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