SpaceX just destroyed a Russian satellite enemies

Hayleigh Noel an apple-bottom babe for Used Tesla’s hot on the market at this current surger-arie Sugar sweet, chocolate jelly on your titty, and of course the one that feels better than thee, the other, the other titty at the ‘Breast Lift Surgery” procedure to feed your boss to a newboard in the hospital, I pray I have no children, and I love the one and the only HER of my current longing for my Justine “Tini Ara” Aragona who has a TBI like I have one, a moderate/severe traumatic brain injury of 2004 on November second with the lady, c’mere for a sec, just a sec, I have no secs, I have no sex, but I have enough socks, as the clocks like Big Ben spin their pendulums and the mums the word of me typing absure, I’m Dancing in Space with Allah, and I will reach my Destination with my Nation of Islam with God, but I’m not sure what those Arabs are questing for, opening a door with Scotty not too shabby with Swaggie Sie on Hip-Hop Nation I’m big on the songs and this is because I love people with talent, like, many Blacks are entertainers who amuse me all present to Aretha and Ben Franklin in my “wallet” like I have so many Bitcoin “wallets” in New England! Hear, hear! NO BEER AS SOBER 2016!

Elon Musk lives in a $50,000 house sometimes, him always on planes, like when we talked and had a wonderful time chatting for about 44 minutes or longer when he was waiting and interested in my life and my TBI my TBI website of this right arm, the nurse let me keep some size on my right arm after using protein-peptides in 2006

Drizzle Tiphizzle to cross paths again, so be my friend on ICQ because I see you with my offspring, I want to sing how much I would Care to abstain from fatherhood, baby under the hood, in a mood to Care, shoot a bear, but not Yogi or poo-poo but to you who know the Who goes yonder as I am Sober for years, now, with no beers!

A shard of glass in the Hour Glass of a damsel in distress named Tony who is very SCRAWNY with paper towels of Brawny, in NY-C, where I want to be atop a flip-flop pot and kettlebells at the gym with trainers, perfecting my balance with shoelaces, leaving traces of text on my 3 dot-com’s they’ve been up for years, me not having had tears, or in my jeans, Lucky Brand when I would lend a hand with my Christian church, Jim Chase promised me I wouldn’t go to Hell when he died, and we were talking calmly about his sacrifice to suffer for those of his church in Charlton, MA where my Mom and Dad are my “Health Proxy” they live their lives Dad only has his one wife, and that’s his life, with Deborah my Mom, singing a song in the car, hey hey- you you- watch Manny Tube!

Peruse the tubes, too and long-  at night-time listening to Justin’s R.L. Grimes and getting a grip on the lower lip bringing sensations across the nation, longing for the logging of a busy beaver’s Mrs. Gripper, to the Ripper and Ripple “crypto-currency” I’m heavily invested in from 2013 or 2014 — check my Public Ledger — and absorb the mockingbird with an itch, so absurd the haggard drunks at the kitchen table, Talking and jumping jovial from the Ledge-er, of mine, and my millions USD are fine, being secured, my money and Ledger is in a safe (108959#) to take the cafe’s “parrot cake”,

Plants are watered and with “Plants” homing workers and paying taxes, the millionaire relaxes along in a Thought Of “Thong” to stay a while, in a cinch to Pinch and Inch, crawling caterpillars of Rome throne’s to postpone a pointed petri-dish of microscopic Fish… the Salmon I kiss, on the cheek-  this every day of the weak!

To drizzle Tiph-Izzle with an Izee drink from a can, in the American land of Vermont, pick a spot, and take your shot in the arm from a buddy,  and raining so VERY MUDDY! AND VERY SLUSH PUPPY, with Pip and the long stocking on Shelves, with the Keebler Elves and Dan Pellegrini’s favorite singer in the Memphis bunch, being nonviolent I ne’er throw a Punch — in the Hawaii Tropics — forgoing t-shirts from Hot Topic, wife beaters the greeted heaters of having hopes for being tied with ropes, Just Kidding-  I dislike S&M foreplay to this very day because Mrs. Alx Neas bit my nipples, so I bought $2 in Ripple “CRYPTO-CURRENCIES” that have made a millionaire out of me and my wise eyes, imbibing much data from my interest in “Bitcoin” early on, after mowing the front lawn, I yawn-  not now mowing the lawn or at this peak of the week n my wireless writing, getting excite-ing, exercising on a sit-up bench a protein shake I digest, not in jest but to make it clear — they steal my supplements here — being at “Averte”, in all through the seasons of 3 years well spent- I’m rich and I can spare A COUPLE CENTS!

That’s all you scum can expect from me in WHENCE-  thereforth and cum forth for the onscreen orifice being penetrated, but never with blacks onscreen, I hate it, the burly black, an old lady with an ivory purse, she’s being attacked and seeking help from passersby letting out a scream, and when you hear that it really means… 


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