Russian jerks going to spoil the soil of a sock used by Maritime holding soldering soldiers to wipe up sebum from eye-sockets and a winking for Kimmy K. that I have 2 images of her in my Recents!

Let’s take a trip to the Mall in the Fall-  with rusty rakes leaving the lawn green with grass at length, of bodily strength to Volunteer with my The Charlton Federated Church when my back was somewhat somewhere I care- was Fit and Able and didn’t hurt, a new Polo shirt, at length, to my strength, of bereft beers and also without Queers that I prefer those straight seated to Contest the rest of the naysayers, I BELIEVE IN GOD because that’s how it’s s’posed to be with a Single Soup Kitchen “spouse” of a man saving his dollars to buy a house, for him and the soup kitchen Wife-  what a life!  To feed the need to plant a Roses’ seed, to feed the needy at the Homeless Shelter with the soup ladle laid and layed-then Mother hen at the disco getting first flirty flicking crackly Epidermis on edge, with Jenner’s “Hedge, the Funds” of Fruity loops with hula-hoops and Hoping for a hoppy happy bunny on Easter of the Eastern hemp-isphere for CBD sans the THC to any degree, not getting high on lit green is obscene and not for me, as I’ve attended College and Business “Lectures” in the Morning Meeting people all around, clicking on a laptop was too proud Xaverian boy then Man here at the cusp of a red Solo Cup to drink the clean water, there’s mostly farms and clean tap water Table “regular waiter” not a tattoo anywhere on my body not to Shoddy with NO PIERCING(s) noises coming from the beer I have no fear of Steering Clear and clean all over with no imperfections, viruses, or diseases receiving both shots of the Booster Doses (2 shots in the arm) my right arm is bigger than my left because my arm got bigger and longer with BONE-GROWTH in my legs, they shrunk, and they shrunk my arms from using Insulin pins to prick my professional glamour of saving the savored flavored-SHRIMP with me the punk who saw “The Social Network” TWICE THEN BUYING IT ON BLU-RAY!!!!! PS4 in Massachusetts and same with the movie, I don’t think my parents want me focusing on Facebook too much, that I have a photo of me in my “Addicted To [ FACEBOOK ]” with their company logo to Lincoln my Job in the Company President’s Office — I paid like $140 — I paid Dan the same amount to get me Tesla, John Deere, GameStop, Match dot-com, and so goes along to LESS THAN A THOUSAND BITCOINS, OR MAYBE 1000 BITCOINS IN 2013 OR 2014 when I slept over his house and my enemies told him to lock the door on the bathroom so I’d conk out on his spare bed, instead, this of when I woke up during the night- after passing out like a light of weights, Dan and I in good healthy shape with me never say raped but I was oh BUTT I WAS RAPED BY MY GAY HIGH SCHOOL SAINT JOHN’S IN SHREWSBURY AND I have never visited Mannie’s dorm but before the Spanish I class was dropped as it was too hard, pulling a GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD IN GOOD AND WED WITH JUSTINE TO STAY IN BED BUYING A HOUSE WITH MY POSSIBLY #1000 BITCOINS! I remember I had 250 of them, I had 717 of them, and I have a poster of a red 1967 Ferrari 250 GTO that I sent the WeatherTech owner and Ferrari collector, a great billionaire or millionaire, one of those with a Sharpie, Barbi twins that I’m into step-Mom’s with POV discretion I ask of you and myself when looking at PornHub because PornHub, PornHub and that’s the circumstances of WSU Lancer’s evaporating into the Heavens with Allah bringing you to got God to gaze at ephemerally with Justine Aragona and best sex ever, Tantric till sunrise and then some, but it was time to close the shade until my Dad got up and took a shower, her uninjured with swollen muscles as she saw her Mother do it on video, with breast implants, but SHE DIDN’T DANCE and she was short, fully respecting me until I grew a beer belly Bollywood Belly Dancer Putin has Cancer and he doesn’t want to see the news of this guy and 10X

I took a shower at an early hour when I had to take Justine to dinner at UNO’s most nights with waters soaked in squeezed-lemon-and-lime-Slices real nighttime niceness of a late dinner of steak DRAMA OH MAMA! They’re doing shit to me and Putin doesn’t want to see it — Putin, you see, will be passed out from Cancers Cancerous Surgery that maybe they will preserve his body by injecting him with a HART SURGERY SO SUGARY WITH A LIME AND OLIVE OIL ATOP MY “Fridge” my “Friend” the “fridge” untried and unified on PREVENTING PREGNANCY THE NEXT GIRL WHO WILL HAVE ME, atop the mounted Mont Blank pen with blanks being messed up and I think that bullet had to get there somewhere with someone who will have to bring a real-bullet to a Bull Market that I hope Dan sells my Bitcoin, with the NYSE wearing NIKE’s with tan skin from Melanotan II that is anti skin cancer, it gave me great skin, very good for acne or to cause growth in a shoe-size that my feet have always been the same, new sneaks what to peep keeping you with my interest in golf clubs, Dan got a full set of clubs that night and he said he would go on a “vaca” to a place on another space with a golf course nearby he’d go to a driving range, that it is my belief of grief in the unkempt and so far not having flip through my Bitcoin Magazine that came in the mail!

BITCOIN TO THE MOON, AND A THICK ELON MUSK BOOK! My best friend, he told me that “I could have Elon Musk as my best friend everyday, if [ I ] wanted to.”

He was jovial and excited about space, that I had God’s Gift of a equine sort, injected WINNIE THE POO INTO MY SCREWY MEDICINES I get from the helpful Staff and I’ve never been alone with Ember, me sleeping soundly and without snoring but NOT SNORING OR “SCORING” with any girls since 2018 the last girl I was with the staff in the mental-hospital where I took to with a her a fine girl with minor-probs and not a Miner of Bitcoin plus being 21+ she had experience in love, we took to me like a drug they didn’t give me ED I don’t have ED I don’t need pornography or cigarettes as I’m not smoking a whole bunch of tobacco, that it’s okay with the Owners and Managers my parents paid them money and the last resident was a due smoker with a coal-poker heated up to the bristles with Biscuit and Brisket grown from movie-tickets, on the clock, as tick and talk to me kindly with peace, I love girls butts so much I should live in The Middle-East when it’s time to cancel Kulture with Cardi B she got a whole leg tattoo on her thigh, and “Bodak Yellow” was broadcast on Hits 1 on Sirius so it was very popular and “talented” but the video on YouTube shows “Sheiks” with money being tossed around and candles lit, I won’t have candles here I have never ever had candles here to buy Bitcoin when it reaches low, but I’m certain Dan sold my Bitcoins well before they were worth $68000+ with my Stocks chosen by using YouTube to have Dan buy me YouTube that I told them I’m responsible for a mix of Paul Oakenfold and Amoebaassassin the song with Heaven in the lyrics of the song about 7 minutes long, at Long “Horns” Honking Steak in the House housewife with a blouse to blow up a tip-top cup of a golden goblet with greasy crumbs from Steaks and Bakes of Cakes in the Coktail waitress serving drinks to see the sales at a Hollywood lingerie business website to tape the conversations of me and Bruce Fenton who’s running for NH Senate!  That he made millions of dollars following my STRICT AND PLEASANT ADVICE suggesting Bitcoin be the heart of his richest and most powerful envisions of a bright light shining a Mag-Lite clicking switching and sharing scars that I’M GOING THROUGH A DIFFICULT TIME WITH RUSSIA’S 10X NUKE!

I could probably paint my kitten-painting downstairs here in the future but I just traced it on the canvas of a horse’s constricted cavities and goofy teeth, I’m taking my time to read the insane semantics of a State Senator of NH on a Greyhound “bus” handing out smiles to take a picture with a powerful fellow like Bruce Fenton my friend on the phone years ago, when I “Fent-“ “Pent” “Spent” “hunger for a Penthouse sweet every day of the week in a high-up elevator ride that aren’t fun, but it wouldn’t be fair to broadcast photos of Mount Rushmore to the store to pick an item maker me marked up Musk, Elon he’s had an experience of being glad to hear from me, that he was glad I could call people on the phone and he wasn’t sure if it was a “Health Proxy” writing for me, and a Translator Trainspotting the marks on a junkie’s arms, that P. here a druggie, and a nuisance he would be, making scenes from a movie “Trainspotting Sketches on an Etch-a-sketch his arms’ veins to vent as I’m very pent up in a luxury Metropolitan ladies’ “Cosmopolitan” Bruce Fenton pardoned attrition with attributes of now he has a long beard, I think and I have yet to email him.

I reached beyond Him!

With my Disabled and handicapped left arm that my arms grew 2.5” from not Sly’s Jintropin debacle of getting growth hormone in the news, YouTube — it was before Stallone got capped in his cigarette boat I don’t smoke cigarettes and I won’t but I need a little Bugler tobacco they told me just shove a little in the end, in Junior High at D.A.R.E. and it wouldn’t be a big deal if we only did it a little — and hey to Hootie who blew right through me with a rush to the store for more scratch-tickets to my favorite groups in aloud concert music — and most people have a cigarette after an outdoor funeral or before it, this when everyone wants to be with the person who was buried by taking a little Cancer Can’t take Trazadone for spells of sleep partly lasting in-full my belly of Jello jelly with an okay to play as Spanish I says, dance the lingo with Lisa Ling oh her on TV no maybe not her but a kay’s necklace why I asked to be at the edge of space, with God’s grand illusion at the edge of space like a hologram on The Spectacular Spiderman #365 with the plastics of ECM’s hems the Hen’s with whitey pulling rakes, Mr. John Deedy abused me when he grabbed my testicles really hard and I felt such pain throughout my entire body, even my fingertips he said stand in from of me naked and he kept his hands off of my big penis but he grabbed my balls when I told him he was evil if he did anything to my friend who I hadn’t heard from all night, he brought himself and this John tisk-tisk-tisk I took a risk in intercourse but of course, to feel the land of grass not sand, and, I take my time to great going jot a note viewed with my eyes, a surprise, is in store in my storage with a couch and a couple of furniture features, my beautiful leopard gecko “Speckles” of years ago, and wouldn’t you know, I once had a snake that didn’t like being cooped up with a unhealthy druggie my friend and he the way he brought sniffable substances to “party” but WITHOUT ME I’ve never taken it too far with anything but Alcohol — now Sober 2016 and a couple inhalations of end-pipe tobacco show, but before I go allow me to STAY AT “AVERTE” my newest and current “home” where they give me my meds, that years ago, in a mental-hospital I got 10 pills in the morning and 10 at night, then coming home and discontinuing them with no stains in my pants or underwear, I take care, I wipe fine and don’t like the smell but I eat very healthy with a salad today, on this fourth of May with tomorrow number OH! CINCO A CINCH TO PINK BUBBLEGUM wow yum give me some blueberry blackberry raspberry strawberry and willie nillie , I wrote a Will as a thrill with the finishing paper to we both signed my Cousin and I Daniel M. Besse invested so much money for me, to wait and see a business-worth sum in my years-ago having had whitening Orbitz gum — that’s like Bitcoin, orBITS around the one, 1 mom 1 dad 1 bro 1 wife 1 life 1 love with a jingle of the jib of a signal, a BIT Torrent from years ago, I watch YouTube and a girl named Elissa Victoria who keeps secrets about street racing in her Corvette and so many other sportscars I found her on YouTube and wrote about her on my previous chewing gum with nothing but a sugary sweet Bitcoin that they’re looking to loom of FrigidAir A/C’s being warmed up (cooled off so cool and loud) that noise of the dusty inhalations of DUSTER THAT I KNOW SOMEONE WHO DID INHALANTS AND HE’S DEADNOW!

Plea he did in court for failing a breathalyzer in his car, and not resisting when he failed to assist his girlfriend who wanted to see the end of their relationship, with 2 girls who had his babies and he couldn’t pay Child Support the young black youth to march in BLM because tit for tat a cop tips his hat at a GOOD SAMARITIAN buying gifts for loved ones, my hunny bunnies I AM ALIVE and I hope to be of a while, as the lonely Castaway island provided no Internet Service for the room, asks the Hotel Clerks at the registered patriot hotel-side all night long dreaming to sung songs swinging like the movie Swingers with Lance Armstrong 2 yellow bracelets on because he beat cancer!  when I tell you… I want what he’s having for a Pharma coktail of Shelter so find shelter for the 10X

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