my MacBook Pro I bought online, a good time.

I hear the sound of a cheerleaders Coach Mannie Rotella I’ll tell ya

About her sometime when I’ve had a King me Queen mate,

Danita would be my Queen and Mannie would be my Princess but

Not ever sleeping with them at the same time,

For it would be different times of day when we would get laid partnered

Of being with her family tree and messaging her Mom, she was close to me

And Sister Danita, I talked to her at Dan’s house in CT which is far from me

With no car to drive, at this MacBook Pro  I survive to thrive alive!

Keep on giving Russia guff as they’re up to stuff, with Putin nocked out

Rock socked soaking coat fallen in a puddle, from a bundle held in arms

The black tar puddle soaked with rain-water is clean and not dirty,

So let it dry and throw it in The Wash with Dr. Squatch brand soap,

I don’t burp or fart, also with no hiccup’s Sober so much as of 2016! I quit,

With not a single sip in years my dears, my John Deere Stocks they talk!

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