Justine’s friends called her “Tini” because she’s small and fitting me so perfectly Vital to my Vitamins and NO CAFFEINE PILLS! NO PANIC!

Off the cusp, my favorite friend EVER named “Elon Musk” online and on the phone for a lengthy call, he didn’t want to grow so Tall as I suggested he get into protein-peptides like IGF-1 LR3 that makes brains have more cells and healthier ones, crumpled $1’s and in a homeless man’s pockets, passers by making a mockery of the crack-head druggie, that I abstain from drugs, save for CBD and eating shrimp, lugnuts, a peanut butter treat to eat the smooshed peanuts, Attila the Hut of Pizza’s brought to your Pasta table at all angles of prizmed prized prizes so I give you suprises, gift for Dad, gift for Mom, and Aunt Donna’s gift of if she wants Westie socks to feel good about her Bizmark and taking walks I had to do the assignments in Creative Writing with Dr. Walker- he likes how I had to walk with a Walker and a low-hanging swinger picked pepper stuffed with yo Baby Mamma’s baggage of a haggard age, 40+ being healthy and looking so much younger enlivened with the injected Fragment 177-191 from Hollywood!

With my gifting the greedy and inbred girls of the world, and at a Tallahassee sneak and peek, every night of the week, them gifts of the world to be my smooches panty partner but to only Barter, and at a bar we pour salt on her, amplitudes of nasty ‘Tudes and bare chested nudes, the topless picks with 2 round “nips” of vodka, I’ll call ya- so say to me when-  then say Holla! and a ring around the collar

For this is murder on a page, and murder in text, signed on a check with my enlarged pec’s, bereft of saggy baggage with really bad hags and Coach purses, the lips of our kisses to my Miss’es- now digging Trenches along the Eastern philosophy… to READ MORE OF ME!

Handled Sean Pence with 5 digits in his number of frisky, fellated fingers, on each hand, one more so as not to be banned- a la The Ku Klux Klan of a LAN on desert sand still sifting while the Japanese 240SX goes “Drifting” with wheels spinning on pavement- their evident marks of rotten rubbers with a cattled car-lot of .pdf Hummers, all summer long, while singing a song that makes you HAPPY HAPPY and a fun-time, for a full-time job, of a long time of the weepy willows on their Essex sports sex for a pallet that’s “Cleft” and imperfect while I decide not to Jerk It — it’s just not worth it, to then come upside limp, The hoodie hookers ass Pimp, with salted shrimp sauce on one’s imperfect lip…

Sip the Goose to let loose, in barroom hauls of falling into the walls, on this the Esplanade of a Ford Excursion, this my delusion of Palisades causing HIV — in a hive of bee’s on their knees, to buzz buzz falling the baby is crawling craving the milk of a chocolate cow or Formula, your Mommy feeding ya!

Tit for tat on the swollen wrist, while making a fist, to put in motion, with the creation of a critter’s folly with Joe Partlow and his “Molly” pills making me so darned ILL, meh my written Will, the text will send you shrills, of ills and of odd’s to be one up-against a push-up’s chest bare on a sunny sunshine day of swimming on the Slip and Slide, this as we glide through the glowing circles, to be a black like Urkel, says Mr. Costanza while handing you- the remote to the TV comes the Transvestite wearing a cummerbund Polo vest, it is simply the best of all the rest-ing to do at night so long in the black mystery of impractical vision, just hindered, as I salad Hitler, not a winner- and so evil with hatred for the valuable Jews, chewing their muchies’ food, to be so rude, burping up phlegm-  the Islams, I’d rather be with them… UAE and Israeli staying-power at this hour, slinking salty sinking, with the right-blinker Blinking, with Abe Lincoln-  pointing up with his cup of mead and a tray of baked pumpkin seeds, while watching that HBO tv-show “Weeds” and Blu-ray “Mr. Deeds” paying no heed to the Queen takes rook, Dad’s fish takes the hook, with Frosted Flakes for Dander as I MEANDER along the Trolley path of metal tracks, I have no panic- attacks (!!!)

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