I started my Elon Musk book and I have a new Bitcoin Magazine to read when I have time I feel like writing pizzaz with my lunch here at “Averte”!

Eat a while and stay by the schoolday play of paying attention to the Teachers where some of them had Masters-Degrees of a TBI Counselor investor sitting perched and flying a plane with Randy Youngsma, RIP, with his sips of sweet metal waistcoat zippers and a hairdressers with with with WISHES TO STAY!

I don’t want Russia to go hyperbolic with Putin who’s younger than Biden with big muscles, catching fish in a river with no shirt on him a Man and Biden can’t even be serious that Russia should be cut off trade wise — Google: Putin no shirt fish — Putin posing in a river with saggy skin, that’s normal for all Russians except those into bodily health and my personal wealth of Tesla stocks and buying Bitcoins with probably 21+ “Wallets” in New England in TD Bank that I’m sorry Tiph but I really had to pick TD bank because I really wanted to be with Mrs. Rotella from WSU and UT as a cheerleader Flyer because she’s so lightweight and flexible from being the “Flyer” the girl so light they throw her high in the air and she didn’t care because she had a great time with her WSU-sisters and older sister Danita I called her and chatted sometimes in 2005/2006 when I got a quick way to get rich quick, read my whole Bitcoin magazine and the Elon Musk book I just bought and read the first several pages until my fingers were icy-hot from the basic perception about my direction to go to where I thought God would be and I learned in Health I at WSU that I know how eyes are generally supposed to advance from left to right I’m right about having bought http://www.advancedchillen.com for a year but never put anything up!

I like “Averte” and I’m not in Worcester, MA or Canada like this internet says and I signed a stack of papers in the ICU when I was fresh out of a Coma and I don’t remember all of the papers I signed for my parents but they said they’d be nice to me and let me stay here at “Averte” when I signed papers with Google and Facebook and Dad’s Nate Stebbins (AIM UMASS ECM PLASTICS, INC.) to be free and able to go with my Best Friend Elon Musk, yes, on the phone he told me that he could be my best friend “Every day” “if I wanted” Elon had a tiny home for a bit, but I bet he’s on a Plane a privy jettt soft sleeping a featherweight comfy pillow at night in my Queen size bed, Paul Marino who has a tiny house and a camper up north in one of the surrounding states, from a myriad of having God beyond God with my disabled handicaps on Disability for years now and I depend on the money and the 3 gifts I got for my parents and Aunt Donna Donohue I see you in your Condo with your upcoming 2003 Toyota MR2 Spyder a gift from me when I’ll let you pick the newest one with the most Options and have them drive it to your Condo get it from Florida or somewhere, but all I know is that I have a bunch of a paid fee for Bitcoin “Wallets” of being with Bank-wide hillside where I sleep with a MyPillow alone in my bed and that’s best for sleep because there’s no partner a female for me because I’m a man and men and women are supposed to please allow me to MARRY JUSTINE ARAGONA MY BEST LOVER EVER AND SOUL-MATE TO BE COMPLETED IN HOLY UNITY UNTIL WE EXPIRE, like an exposition piece on the Nation’s ration of Dr. Candido showed me a secret Map that he has “connections” and he showed me a website on his computer with how many nuclear weapons are in the world but the USA has over 1000 and Russia has less than that with I think 793 to keep the Bitcoins in my “Wallets” abroad about the seers of severe consequences for Dr. Candido if he shows me things with what I hope to own a home twin-mansion with Cuz Dan B. and his family, that I want Dan to say “I don’t want to be a father to my son and daughter BECAUSE I WANT TO LIVE IN A TWIN-MANSION NEXTDOOR TO ME WHEN HE’S GOING TO SELL MY STOCKS AND BITCOINS 1000 or maybe only 250 at highest 3000 Bitcoins but more like hopefully at least 50″ because 50 Cent the rapper sings about relaxing in the tub a twin-mansion next to me with my as many as 3000 Bitcoins that I used Nintendo 64 or Nintendo64 in my hundreds of pages long, separate Bitchain that needs no refrain, for Dan has connections and he bought me “Meta” when who 50 Cent will be like me Shiba Inu I hope you and your “Crypto Guy” sold my coins when I was thinking of Bottle full of Bub, relaxing in the tub, body rub Chartreuse tattoo’s with bright colors in the sunny sky when I want to send Rev. Anne Skinner money, having promised her a Jaguar or a taxi with BLM spray-painted on the hood with so many gang symbols of Crips and Bloods that you never hear about them anymore — yay there are no big gangs but Mr. Moran taught Latin I in 7th grade that I learned a lot of the language from the days of old with a rocking body and soul I drank a lot of EVOO earlier which is good to men’s natural hormone with my amino-acid pills of L-Arginine/L-Ornithine for keeping internal my blood and getting 1 shot in the glutes every 3 weeks, Haloperidol an anti-psychotic that my parents want me on and I told Mannie I rely on anti-depressant Zoloft 3 times a day I stayed up all last night for y’all when I’m not too tall and my vision is so buggy and double-vision leaves me relying on “Shapes” that’s one way to describe it, and I feel great when I zoom quick Focus on the screen right in front of me!

I love my MacBook Pro

But speaking of my unwise decision to invest in TUBBIES coin a “Token” not worth anything yet and I wrote so many Dear WeatherTech CEO I want to buy your $53,000,000 Ferrari 250 GTO and paint it bright white to shine off the sunlight because black attracts heating to black paint and driveway surfaces, plus my having owned a 2001 Nissan Sentra SE that came out before the “Spec-V” that Dan had the SE-R base package, a good 6-gear manual transmission satellites in space are moving, and I think the news just lied about something because they’re preparing for a cease-fire (!!!) because they’re into my collection of Dogecoin and Shiba Inu that Elon was my best friend then and now, why??? BECAUSE HE SAID THAT WOULD BE OKAY WITH HIM ON THE PHONE FOR WHAT I WAS HOPING TO TALK TO HIM FOR AN HOUR BUT I TOLD HIM THAT WE WERE TALKING FOR 43 MINUTES — me being 40 years old — and I was hoping to talk to say that I talked to Elon Musk when he was waiting for a plane, but he wouldn’t call it a private jet — he was told years ago to never ever tell anyone you’re flying on a private jet I’m guessing, or he just didn’t want to tell me, it wasn’t a Commercial flight in the daytime, I didn’t whine and for that, he said I’ll buy you a Tesla, talking to him in 2005 then 2006 again, my best friend to the end, I wrote so much and I’m feeling good about my interest in Nuclear war on the TV stations!

Now Dan, picture me and you us 2 with our RELAXING BY THE JACUZZI and Entourage of Twin-Mansion EGO’s DRIVING TESLA’S BOUGHT WITH MY DOGECOIN OR SHIBA INU!

Think about it man, you could abandon your family to empty my Bitcoin “Wallets” that I talked to Bitcoin in 2005 when I told a receptionist I knew online who had just been offered shares and I said BUY BITCOINS!  That she did and she said I quote: “You made me $2500” I rented the mathematics book for Pro-thinkers named “Advanced Cryptography” from The Charlton Public Library in 2001 or 2002

I was concerned with my permanent TBI and I the greatest man to ever exist — with my best friend Elon Musk — he said it was okay if he was my best friend he commented saying “every day” and I wake up and talk to Elon Musk who is my best friend, which he said it was “okay” to have him as my best friend — I promise you I talked to him on the phone for 43 minutes when he was waiting for a private jet that he never, ever said it was a Private Jet because he might not have had as much money as my Dad $$,$$$,$$$

And because I rented “Advanced Cryptography” that I knew there would be encrypted currencies in years to come, that I’d withdrawn from Northeastern University when I had panic-attacks now I have a Traumatic Brain Injury that put me on a drilled-in “Feeding Tube” and a tube up my rear, that people all tormented me in the ICU even shoving a diaper of diarrhea in my face and I was so injured in the ICU I signed papers and so did my “Health Proxy” Mom and Dad that I’ve been sent here without my Subaru Legacy and they cook good food here, but after spending 23 days with Jessica Tocci and Carina Ricciardi in 8 East for 23 days of constant contact, talking chairs pulled together with our “Trio” they had eating disorders of Anorexia with no alcohol — neither of them threw up food, just eating small amounts of food, I want to be thin like them and our “Trio”!

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