I have some scars from what happened with my site I run, from the events on November for a second in 2004 when I blanked being and eyes-closed not seeing straight- DRIVE FASTER! they all screamed into the phone, and I moaned in pain to the refrain of the pain of my injuries that others have caused to me, and my brain now thinking through easy letters, one at a time, and into words, when I am not absurd, although sexually abused by a teacher with his drug of choice, I was unsure of it at first, my unit was about to burst, inflated, while being fellated in his Mom’s home when we were alone!

I have an official “Alias” as “Jeffry” because of them misspelling my name that my parents forced me to sign so many papers and checks with the misspelling of “Jeffrey” my name and “Jeffry” my alias with Jeff M. too, to dance in a Tu-Tu on Tutankhamen’s Tomb, and being birthed from my Mom’s womanly Womb!

Seems the day of when I wrote my while I signed so many documents of investing in successful Stocks, my Dad has, it’s hidden from me, but I’m happy

Horses in a coarse carriage, shaved legs, Lance’s, to beat cancer-  his heart ticking precise perfection, BDO was his answer, just kidding- bdo was extinguished by the fancifully dainty Referee in the Tiger wood’s jungle or an immense forest, sporting owls, a cackle wolf’s hassle, harnessing the Dame of the bunch, I don’t use the Punching Bag here downstairs at “Averte” where maybe tonight I will write the most beautiful spectacle of displacing an engine’s rev’s while silently sifting arising and drifting the Metaverse I’m in- to rehearse the simple solitude that I keep to myself most days, and nights, not drinking for Cinco De Mayo, maybe and quite possibly, feeling the vigor of pressing a button on the hose on a house, and in the front lawn, I yawned, to peruse the Black Panther of my investment with Dan doing it with his authority — 3% he wants instead of the 0.3% package, wearing a Cross necklace in the mirror with my many, many Facebook Images, so many albums, hopefully Mannie saw, is she still married?

Is Danita available?

Dan, call Danita, I remember and feeling the lovingness of PROFITS in my TD Banks, across the nation, spatial specialness of swooning a provocative woman in her red and tight… little colored dress

That this time I’ll be nice and give Dan more money for the investing he cleared, he was a dear, so I invested in John Deere in 2013 or 2014

If there is a super-conscious God, where did He come from?

To tell the tale without Spanish ale, a sandy pail with a full-spectrum shovel to shovel -it

To tell the tale without German “Bier”  seagulls on the piers at 1 o clock a head of a shock waving at the midget I would see at a bar where I used to be, swilling Jagger’s hard knocks at the all-knowing all-Holy God isolated for me to be, reaching into space ahead-  The Cosmos for most and among those providing Therapy, I need and without a MMJ seed, to see, to saw, once, a frumpy fuss, on a Washington D.C. Bus of greyhounds Sherlock snooping but quietly, to let the furniture of the future, Be.  I PLEDGE allegiance to the United States flag, with a rag, to wipe the Pledge clean of greases and sebum coming around while a wild ride takes Pride in all four corners, puzzle with a freak muzzled, named Ed, but instead a totaled car, MY WRX, a 2004 fast-paced trip to space!

God of all power at this hour please give me the gift of God’s MMJ back in the hey-day of doping dope at home, in Charlton, MA maybe buying a house, setting mice traps, as I invested in Wrapped Bitcoin for profits!

Sell at the tat of the top, go hip hop, go Dogecoin, go Doge, with the TV show “Doug” a cartoon on Nick! while a pin pricks, bum-town hicks and their burps, a pitcher lurches, so sour at the nighttime hour, so sour, this is my hour to enliven a chance to change my age-  Anti-Aging in previous years, a baby with tears, to wake the Mother up pushing a paddle in a watery soup of Baker Pond liquid television on MTV, the cartoons, The Tokens I put my money into-  do you want to see…

The signed and printed papers of the Staples makers making their paycheck each or every other week, graphic calculators of math are for “geeks” all year and 52 weeks, to pique the picking of keyboard keys, I do it with ease so please read me (!!!) PRETTY PLEASE?

With a cold-storage wallet, the status of my investments, I don’t know but maybe Dad keeps them in the basement or storage with my luxry desk and couch, found in Charlton, MA where I want to be, with a girl who envelops God’s universe — I was taller than Justine 2009-2013

Crumpled papers like Toast to most who negate the saucy swill, at a bar, and eating Sausage surrounded the room with it needing a broom or shovel, a drunk man hovers, in the air, with his hair, because he cares, for a soothing stir of an olive oil branch, to Bugles the Bugler tobacco they buy me at “Averte” when Ember looks so pretty, not having a relationship with her, and she’s a Mom so I’ll wish for Justine, hopefully soon to be seen, by me so ever, so ever, so ever, forever joyous-ly!

Monfrere infusement to indeed seek heed and hair instead, Head, HD this on TV for you to see, if you can Spell the See it’s a 75% grade to be, a “C” you a “C” like on CCTV

Abilify didn’t intense my Abilities POST-TBI

Clicking Post…

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