Bruce Fenton NH “Senator” I hope as he’s one of my many READERS pecking seeds from Feeders outside Duane Reade’s the posts of most intelligence interrupted with me not getting busted for suggesting early on in the Bitcoin span, to fry an egg over easy, bright and breezy at Duane’s, and Wayne Marquis is my Dad! =)

Joe James Johnson at the Helm Sir… and what will the lady enjoy the savory flavors of A “Master Chef” I’m Jeff M and Jeffry Marquis me who has less than $1000 in my Bank of America

Be quick Betwixt the Twix in the knack of the mop on my floor when my great parents come to help me clean and usually bringing food into my Apartment of all along the Range Rover’s capacity to deal with heavy amplitude with You and Tube the source of my music sometimes without mushrooms, that I need to  write a short story for you  about the way as such that I jangle-jangle I have “worked the typing all the time, since 2005 when I would write on the computer to improve my thoughts and continuing interest in writing beautiful words for who but me, don’t you see the Benefits of Bodybuilding I’m like Jessica and Carina, I eat very little and drink a lot of diet soda but no energy drinks, they didn’t buy me at the store down the road, like Rev. Anne Skinner of Hannah House and hi Anne and Hi Anna Vo! how you are with Derek Langlois…



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