Here’s my old Internet forum that I was the only one who could Post!

Tampering on a system of my MacBook Pro with OSX I dream of Dancing in Space with Allah taking me to God Himself The Father of His universe because I was Baptized post-TBI with Rev. Jim Chase (Rest In Peace) Reverend Chase the jogger with an MP3 player and I bought him a Sirius home unit, to fit in his house next to The Charlton Federated Church with a steeple and a mix of assorted Charlton residents with donations of $0.02 to the plate and waking up early for Church that I went to Sunday school until I went to Saint John’s a private Catholic School that most of my Class Of 2000 classmates I’m not friends with anyone from Saint John’s anymore and it went well with dropping Honors classes because they were too tough, down one level, no AP classes, I scored 1080 on my SAT’s accepted to Northeastern University with a SJ roommate in 2000 and I dropped out due to panic-attacks when I came home and went to QCC given medications like Klonopin I haven’t had since that I now take Xanax here at “Averte” in Bradford, Vermont paying taxes and enriching my inner-circle of only fantastic people my online readers- some whathaveyou “Fans” of my writing so much always typing after working at ECM Plastics, Inc. with my Dad 25% owner and Company President, my hero and my Mom is great I love my parents and I guess I love my Dad 51% and my Mom 49% because of their accomplishments and material wealth they’re keeping healthy and going for walks, that my Dad is a Bass Fisherman on Baker Pond in Charlton, MA with his new Bass Boat

And to keep afloat the boat he has a motor this bass boat owner of a Ranger Boat that the slippery turtles would swim away, sitting on rocks above the water of facial hydration in Garnier Anti-Aging Serum for cheap at a sale, I bought so many once from Ocean State Job Lot, photo of a lot of their facial products that I suppose cleared my skin clean and shiny like the Ranger bass boat afloat above the seaside Baker Pond (Gore Pond) to respond to the fish looking for a bait to bite to eat a little treat as Garnier Facial Treatment with once Pro-Activ cleansers that the Fragment 177-191 injected in my neck and cheeks on my face to really take a decade off of the age of my face, a legal age to date coming 21+ to be with a girl who’sey Sober like me with this the palace to be living so vibrantly with Maury Brooks “Vibration” of balloons he’s an author and smalltime “vibrations” of a hum of a humble HUM what do I do next? Who should I mention but my parents who care for me completely clean with no zits to be seen with no viruses or diseases or COVID-19 that I emailed China to name it with 18+ and they picked 19 that I’m too mature to be with a Teen, so I never watch them on-screen to be sex the next girl I’m with Justine Aragona I WANT TO MARRY HER MY TBI GIRLFRIEND 2009-2013 when I drank beer at night, every night, but sometimes skipping drinking on Sundays or Just 1 Michelob ULTRA’s the low-carb brew that I would drink what was mainly maintaining a cold drink to sip on when I’d sit in bed with Justine who didn’t drink yet, that now she’s in her 30’s and with over 1000 “Friends” on here, on Facebook, I invested thousands in “Meta” that I knew some weeks before it was official that FB was renaming its business to Meta I think because of the Meta-Verse its stock was higher last month!

Elon Musk told me that he “did not see an end in sight of humanity”

Elon Musk is from South Africa and he ditched the accent

ELONgate my legs with GHRP-6 Insulin pins from the pharmacy when legal protein-peptides intrigued me to grow TaLLer and I was shopping for “Musk” perfume for my Mom Deborah Marquis calls me her “Hunny Bunny” :^D

Then I Googled: Elon Musk and I saw a link to with a mention of him and I wanted to be his friend in real life and I scored high in Communications at QCC and maybe WSU where I shout Go Lancers!

I would type in my orders to different dot com websites into Facebook first, thirsty for many “Friends” but I’ve never owned a bird while I went to Larry Bird’s farewell series, picking up an expensive t-shirt commemorating my now remembering to use Dove soap for girls and I use Dr. Squatch designer soap that last for a long time of loving the article about “Parthenogenesis” that is credible “Virgin Birth” that a virgin gave birth in the Middle-East nations where the verified virgin gave birth, when I learned of “Parthenogenesis” and the many “child of God” births that have happened and there is now Technology to procreate of a woman alone in a Lab of new science, maybe Jesus Christ is not all that, but he means a lot to me, also I’ve known about “Parthenogenesis” since 2004 when I read a article about this new science and more science of how I rely on God Himself The Father of His universe! Amen.

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