These the smells of snails and snakes, my ENLARGENED HEART, it aches for a Queen of course named my Justine- far on in age conventual being older than 18+!

No playing swooshy-wooshy with the great people, FOR I AM A great self, with Josie Maran on the big cover with what I want to know, who Photoshopped Manny/Mannie, but stitching my sticky britches with a needle and QUOTE with I wrote 10,000+ pages REALLY the first 100-200 pages were in size=8 font and then I used 18+ fonts, 20’s and thirties with Miley Cyrus mentions for 23-size Font, all my prose and poetry A- WSU that so I daintily invested in Eli Whitney WSJ and Trump, all in my greatest .doc from Word I bought online, and my writing was  indeed, So, So FINE, it was mine, and Jessica and Carina were too — for 23 days away from home — I really doing to want to go to a mental hospital with w-ide floors, not small —  is space when I peddled with Lance, the crazy-pants, Relaxing, bereft of a panic-attack to savor the saliva dripping down with CBD drops on my tongue, but I’m not a swishy one, to savor the flavor, OH OH ONE, the time is fine to sleep until I wake, but not ever getting baked, like the bums of my ones dollar-bills with Mr. Blasius in contact, our Contract, through my Dad’s BIDNESS with zest from Finesse on counters and in the showers of who but me, to see, the vim of vibrant vivacity, found a la Suburban Subaru’s when I see you, and Casper says “Boo!”

So jeers and Cheers to the bleach-blond along movie-goer fan fanatics of onscreen Monster-al Monstrosities of Invested Money, benefitting the most Rev. Anne Skinner who I read her books and she is a Blessing, thank you Anne Skinner of Hannah House, the Reverend, Amen, American great woman writer a devout Christian non-sinner, believing in The Savior Jesus Christ Almighty, it’s him — I don’t believe Jesus Christ is really “God” like The Almighty GOD is the King of His universe, bringing new life and bland from Driving Ferrari’s — Ferrari signed a lawsuit banning Bieber, from driving Ferrari’s, this after he crashed DRUNKEN JUSTIN BEIGE BEING phpBB phpBB my longstanding with the  Aligned Almighty — sober 2016, not a single sip of alcohol in TWO FULL YEARS, NOT A SIP with a mouse in the house of tiny spots of spaces under the Fridge, in my apartment, with no Traps, I serve my Deltoids and Trapezius muscle of immensity to imagined on-stage bodybuilders flexing their Pecs… my John Deere stocks, I talk, too, to Brooke in the cafeteria, but with camera’s under inspection, my presence is noted with strides left-and-right, her, here, with a tight Vag with a Louis Vuitton bag, on the Rag, of milking oil to soil the flowers with NYC’s old Twin Towers, the mighty powers, being at the helm, to overwhelm, and the baddest Biker in the Gang-bang of many men and one young girl, new to the world, her world, with men all around the girl makes a hurling sound, the men are wound! Like a toy to a boy- a topless dancer with the WSU Lancers of my old-school kicks on them feet, this a real Feat, to be combersome when stroking ones hair, with care- not to mess the strands, from Facebook I’m present- and presenting the facts, to Dan, Amazon and Tesla stocks-  my Dad  he talks, thinking himself as a GREAT FATHER, I want his love to be more, as him I adore, and my Mom DEBORAH MARQUIS BE HER FRIEND ON FACEBOOK- renamed as “Meta” I thank Dan for getting me in early, with absurdly scheming schemantics with a Morey hike down the road, that I remember Elijah here in charge, mostly overnight like Ron, the day is not long— AS I’M soundly sleeping with a snoring sound, down, I’ m not a Downer at a Dorm with a Down’s Syndrome individual, so inept, incapable of most at Moe’s Grill flossing “Grillz” on one’s teeth, God I met, holding steady in awe, when Him I saw, reaching Beyond Him into where only Stars exist, Allah my present, leaving me Tense when the sun blew up, which was not my fault, I’m not a cop, I am DISABLED AND HANDICAPPED (!!!)

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