I had an albino Leopard Gecko like the Gordon Gecko of Wall St. I invested in so many Bitcoins and Tesla and John Deere stocks, Amazon, GameStop, Match dot com and my profits continue on…

Seaside take a wild ride in stride in the States of MY NATION, sea-side  a Plantation, and of Blacks garnering a MLB MLK skim milk to garnish the olives for a turkey-day feast, her V dripping yeast of filth and waste to never lucky lickey Uncle Mickey brandishing a given-hickey upside the left-side in-stride seat of a heating pad to absorb the “Heat” of our bodies 98.6 in a Cinema Creation on-screen being SEEN by capturing satellites in space, pulling an “Ace” to bear with amounts of ample prayer over there, by the coffee table (with no coffee because they only serve Decaf here)  the Elon Musk book and new Bitcoin Magazine  atop the top of the able table to carry my where’s with Ernie Weiner and Betty obscene of her, and of me to grab the booty with 2 full fists, hands spread wide and to the left, to the right, we can dance in space with Allah all night,  and long.  With no thong on… as that was taken out by a random Trout trapped with a Lobster in a wooden care-package from more of my “Home” having visited, my Trust Fund is mine, as long as I’m not drinking wine or any-time or at any point “buzzed” from booze I choose to GO SOBER 2016!  But this 3 years it took me to garner the attention of “Dana Gardner” my best friend, he said and with 1 arm around my shoulders, left and right — butts are tight-  the smallest deep crevice with Crest toothpaste the misses get around to crow and mow the lawn, it takes a long, long amount of tinkling trinkling Tinkerbell on Justine’s “Dreamy” PJ’s that she had on the top to keep her warm, bees buzz in a greasy breezy kitchen at McDonalds THAT JUSTINE’S BROTHER JOE WORKED AT MCDONALDS FOR HIS FIRST JOB AND HIS PARENTS WERE PROUD OF HIM LIKE I WAS SO HAPPY and with the tall, built, exercising, lifting weights and wearing muscle shirts-  that he went to the gym with maximal effort and knowing buddies at the gym, to go for a run or down the street and not at the gym because who would drive to a gymnasium and go for a walk on the streets outside ??? I mist knowing Canadian Mist in a plastic 1.5L jug of whip cream with me, and here where I looked up to where I wanted to go, pointing with my damaged but “special” left arm and wrist, that I’ve never done anything with my fist but 1 night in 2001/2002 in the winter down the street from QCC, my Saint John’s butt-buddy A TEACHER AT A CATHOLIC SCHOOL, maybe having converted to save his job, the lengthy conversation as I had him hob my knowing of twisting Trish’es dish in the sink when the awful teacher Mr. Deedy and what he did to me, IT STINKS!  Then washing my hands and not bleeding, I never saw his seeding of insemination when if he had a cat to pet I would have just played with the kitty on his couch, but he has other plans when he said “Sans Pants” to my internal-confusion — and please keep in mind that my Miming to him, what did this meth of yours do to my senses?  You wouldn’t believe how intense it was, like going to NETA dispensary when my MMJ card was valid like me and I’m not too old or in any way an “Invalid” because I’m able to walk and jog, but not working a job (except for my writing prodding the audience of mine to see that I am a FINE WRITER of autobiography Creative Non-fiction to the motion of the ocean, that I wanted to increase my powers as much as possible, but I stopped reading my copy of The Qur’an that I got not all the way through, and if I can keep going with this Text’s presence and “Fitness” the presence Christmas morning to when I believed in Santa Claus and I never caught my parents, planting my gifts of THC/CBD chocolate in the 2014-2019 span of my medical-plan and discounted from the peaceful elegant store, I drove there with my Mom who had a “Caregiver” card so she could come in with me and make sure I didn’t have wax or shatter or any bud too strong, our car-rides took long… but the when of now makes me think of the CHOCOLATE MILK COW! How does the hair color get dyed in the topical hairdresser’s Paste to copy a piece of Broccoli pasta one misaligned speech, when I can’t set aside my REACH-ING beyond God, I truly did it!  I am not a fraud!  The Fed, Dan said, Dan kept talking about the Fed and I fed my dog IAMS at the end with its higher princes Princess PRICES WHERE MY LIFE IS VOTING FOR 0.69 cents playing the Celtics NBA with Sally Maye finances that I had a Michelob ULTRA at Chili’s in 2014 while on a low-carb diet, taking of tops off the trees to worship working hardbodies doing dips and setups on the TV dial like the soap, it is very hydrating and good for moisture in the Epidermis Ephedra now sold as Brook-aid at CVS with they have a large assortment, like every quick-busy store to be implored, put more on the floor and dance with 2 feet — I got now new shoes to day with Mom and Dad who are NOT MAD while having had a nice sweet day with me… I wanted to see them. . . to a weeping willow wiping away tears in a trash bag by GLAD I have the power of having being accepted by God and Jesus Christ, He didn’t have any kids, put a LID over the glad bag of white people plastics / polymers for sale at my great Dad’s huge business for Gillette and HAARTZ ❤ ❤ that’s me and Justine! Clean the strains in your complexities a special Brain, stories at night with no bedbugs bed bites  at night  all night long playing that “song” on my MacBook Pro’s Rev. Bill McGinnis reading “The Lord’s Prayer” I had 13,000+ plays of it and I would listen to it looping every night or nearly every night as I bought CDs, paying dollars for my in-car jam rides of walking tall with a bit of a sly-de… Stallone in Delaware without a Care a button, I put it on… but only sometimes, I would do it as a surprise if I collected Where’s ALDO’s “Krystal Fancy” ??? She was a waitress too young for me when I saw her to see the dishes of SALAD DELIVERED to my table, she was working her first job and I wasn’t hitting on her, and I told Dianne L. I liked her a lot but played it cool, minding my own business, and I liked her thin-ness I’d wear body-spray and use over a dozen “Garnier ‘Revitalizing’ Serum” but nothing by Olay, I haven’t gotten a zit for a long time, on my face, blanketed screw-side car ride with a popped tire… Must’ve been a nail, ceramics frail, demanded fail, this Fall I will have Allah’ them ‘all!  Kit the cut it loose on the dusty road with a black vehicle, Trust me, David Hasselhoff never “got me off” that craving for enough and enough when Pamelya published pummeled on The Chunnel TV channel 360 friends on Facebook, that’s Fox News with new things every hour, rewinding the spitted sour sauce, give some to Pamela Anderson in tight jeans, be one of my Queens in a city when the drumming for change money-maker  money taker of Donations to drum on a plastic bucket when the boss says, “fuck it” unfortunately for the Ember decree of 62 degrees in Lee jeans, like (LE) Oh “Life Extension” magazine I received for a while, my many Bitcoins-  I want to eat a Sirloin!  Amazed beings of countries’ continued continuity in my Disabled “Community” here at “Averte” in the hey-day of May and my Mom cleaned my sink, her Mother’s Day card-  it was wall-to-wall PINK! With Dr. Candido the “Main Shrink, a Ph. D. And some awards on his wall with the Minister now deceased and Blessed by Rev. Anne Skinner I befriended in 2005 when I came home from TBI hospital and ICU extro-extronaire- extremely difficult surving a TBI to me- oh my and why did they want me drinking, after 4 bottles POURED DOWN THE SINK — my EFFORTS TO GET SOBER BEFORE MY CRASH, then ICU diaper dirty with the almost always Black, and a panic-attack of a bad person ripping out my stomach-tube I made my mom show me a magazine with boobs, a la Bitty breasted swimsuits of made-models smiling with shimmering teeth, so hot on the beach, my Disabled hand, I clutched her breast, not quite equidistant matching L-and-R perfection, not needing Trojan MAGNUM “protection” under a doctor’s decision to approve me of a girlfriend until the end of my low’s and not yet getting HIGH my MMJ card, but not quite for a while ending my cannabis consumption in 2019 or 2020 with Miley, see ?????   And will I be, on the top straddled by a busty broad, but feeling bored, I have a bed-sore on my back, my sleeping so much is the opposite of a panic-attack as I sleep so “Dreamy” her PJ’s bed-suit swim-suit wearing a suit and tie, taking a limo, then I got a limo for my Birthday!  I thank Hans in France “French Dressing” on seaside Salads in Cape Cod, praying to God, save me! and my HTML files to store in piles on a pitiful Dell computer with windows and not the true hue of my baby blue, Mac’s not susceptible to attack, aside from draining bandwidth through satellite dish, 1 alone, with the signal to hone, to “home” here at “Averte” when I would listen to “Sway and Tech – The Anthem” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XIoXLQUbvs) feat. Eminem, RZA, X-hibit, etc. for you to see, the link I sent ya, et cetera exhibits of public pussy to be seen with Marilyn Monroe inspired piercings on upper lips in bright red shining light of a tube of LIPSTICK, when driving a stock stuck stick-shift with a shitty shirt and a girl in a mini-skirt, seeking to Flirt, a la the Boyz of hoodies sweaters pull the string and I sing, you suckers, the eyesight seaside plum of the bum of the Plumber TONIGHT! to undress a brassiere of brass- and metals surrounding the Nation, gold in Alaska, and diamonds in the Peruvian Mines, my Bitcoin miners with NO MINORS! as I don’t want to have kids with my eventual wife, my one wife for life, my wife for a life of sleeping in one bed, not a Bunk and “I am a hunk.” The toilet seat stunk with trash in the waist-paper barrel along the end of my kitchen counters, I’m the one to Mount, my wifey, so c’mere I’m here in my strange small head, I should have made my thighs bigger and better with Insulin pins and water to soak the protein-peptides for Anti-Aging (and AA…)  Soggy sods bring me my money NOT ANY “GREEN” NO MMJ I DON’T NEED WEED! while drinking water at bat, the baseball game, and after a couple’s baby-batter all spattered on rear’s buns of I’m now you’re #1 hun as I’ve got you reeding, and I’m not breeding, bereft of sex here at “Averte” where I don’t need to be, with any Lady as my righty-tight does it at the highest height of most nights, feeling no fright from friends, I want to go home to the bare end of Lincoin my Bitcoins so many, Lincoln Point Road at the piquing of interest to buy a house in Charlton in Mass. I want to show you some saucy sassy salty girlies’ ass with much “Sass” and “Seed to Breed” needed kneaded bread in bed with the clean sheets so cozy and John “Cozzy” of my President my Dad the Company President with more than enough $$,$$$,$$$ I LOVE MY PARENTS who they pay the $20,000 per month RENT a boat at the beach to paddle-row on your tippy-toes where the Emeralds grows up hefty as in the old hag’s clutch bag, clutched tight in a Manual Transmission Car Driven to extents of extended distance, this after a FILL-UP of Philip Morris selling sweet chocolates perforated around the edges, to clip the Hedge’s with Jenner’s Hedge Fund profiting, when stocks are up and Wall St. is for them all bodies businessmen in swaying wool fabrics sport coat and Full Suite, but in a hotel and away from the screens when Bruce Springstein’s “IT” was needed to be seen on a screen and but not that thick thick-ness BOOK by Mr. Donald King, the Stephen in me sings, writing like a Rock-Star AUTHOR I adore, me myself and away from everyone else, the messed up people here, I don’t think there are any Queer’s here, when I dislike minorities of population in this my USA NATION, like the homo gays, but aired girls’ pubic hair, I don’t care, but I don’t like a full President Bush, his W. the DUBYA with D’s on your needs to plant oak tree seeds to spawn a forest, for the rest of the, Naysayers, I am a Taxpayer to my wonderful government winning the advancement of the judiciary placement of difficult High School and QCC classes, I never met a student at QCC for a lady-relationship, I wanted with only 1 girl at my school, I would listen to Tool with a teenage girl on the phone, I called her at her home, I have known, I don’t associate with any Teens now, and How — would I like to meet and greet a girl next-door to The Sole Proprietor I remember wanting an Apartment near the best restaurant EVER, showing no restraint at the fave-restaurant when Laurie I had my eyes glued, to haunt the women on the dancefloor, on occasion, this USA nation of God’s “Creation” that’s still going on and Eons away with Elon Musk I just bought an Elon Musk Book about the great world’s richest man, I had a plan to ELONgate my legs and buy my mom Musk perfume… and that’s how I found Elon Musk in 2005 chatting often and him surprised at the Facebook posts when I talked to him for the most of an hour, our convo was never icky and sour, the power of an hour or so when I intrigued E.M. with my TBI and double double vision vision right eye, to squint, swishing an O.J. “Screwdriver” of the County Clerk at a police-record store for the wife-beater who left his heater and his beaten-wife SO SORE! I want no more bed-sore on my back, to lay in bed pondering valued thoughts of timing knots at sea so seaside with each stride of my legs one lifted with a “Shoe Lift” I have clipped my bangers and MASH on television about the army with no girls and only mostly Vet’s watching a tale of the old days Marching on the 20th to turn 40 years old, a piece of bread at peace with no crusty crusted brushed with Crest instead, with the bread, old and moldy, my stocks haven’t sold so 2023 I’m getting to be the holder of two boulders Mount Vesuvius with Willam Blasius on the banter of our telephone chatter, when, Bill, our conversations mean a lot and I’m willing to put up Collateral (what does that mean?) on the extension of hair-plugs for puppies and Pugs, with no bugs, and no Tick of a watch-cloth battery to once again: chatter over the waves, this “Chatter” among the oil-rich lands, where the deserts of sand go in my hands with a protein-cookie, I be where the good food be… Seaside with wide hips, chattering teeth under lips, up top when the ones are on your face, and to KISS108 with Miley and Gaga the discs I picked, to be lifted in spirit when I hear you!  And I hate to “break the bank” but I’m worth millions of dollars now and in the past, my Associate’s Degree I PASSED! Now holding a candle to the handle “alwayschillen” to pick up a rake and eat a Sirloin steak, when I won’t take a break but to jerk it, where the word “Twerk” had went, to not be uttered like the Days of Yore with NYC and Dana who be my best friend, hopefully staying with him, again, my best friend!  Not to mention Elon I have a new book about him, and I pray to HIM! A la the Hymn songs blaring out the enlarged heart of mine, so big, from what I did, in 2005 and 2006 with protein-peptides replaced, sometimes, by someone of another race, I figure, a N-word to pick up the Zest, but DON’T DROP THE SOAP! Quaker Oats and OSX Notes of so many quotes…

I invested in so much Tesla, and many other stocks in 2013 or 2014! I thank Dan and My Leopard Gecko!

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