I didn’t want to put “JMRQ, Inc.” as an Alias because Dan told me, Identities and Businesses shouldn’t be mixed — I have 2 Aliases “Jeffry Marquis” and “Jeff M.” as result of Dan’s advice to sign my checks, he has all of the information, like the many new laptops, tablets, cellphones, calling cards, some USB keychains, pens, a fingerprint scanner, a signature scanner, etc. etc. for Investing in Bitcoin, Tesla, Amazon, etc. etc. in 2013 or 2014 and he won’t respond to me!

Nonchalant demeanor I’ve seen her, here, the new girl who calls me “Jeffrey” and I like how she’s nice to me when I see her with her Nonchalant demeanor, getting in-between the sheets, wealthily eating meats from the food-shopping complex known as “Hannafords” down the street, like I hope to meet a Minister of “Hannah House” ball point pen

Signing checks for men on Wall Street and having monitored the prices of Precious prescription and presumptuous-  these Precious Metals with my heavy gold chain and my heart blessing the life of Mickey who gave me the 18K big chain of Gold that I put a lot of my money into buying ounces of metals and hoping they continue to rise in worth

Touch a bicep muscle and strut my stuff, me not quite buff, and instead thin and healthy with my Tesla, Facebook, Bitcoins, Amazon, John Deere, my Dad has my stocks, that maybe he’s gotten rid of them or I’m going to get my Investments when he dies, much later in life, my Dad has a wife, she feels no strife, not addicted to anything and a great bicyclist like Lance — I wear a LIVESTRONG bracelet on each wrist along with a BLESSED white one to accentuate the yellow, and Lance beat cancer so he is my exercise hero and the reason why I take a lot of vitamins, me the former GNC Assistant Manager until 2004 when I crashed and became so injured, recovering from a “moderate/severe” TBI and I miss my Justine Aragona!

I don’t think I’ll invite the new girl here named Marie in my apartment — just saying hello to one another in the “kitchen” I think she likes me!

All in All I’m not very tall, that I wish getting Sober in 2016 made me grow bigger with big, big energy I slept silently delightfully after staying up all night last night, loud noises downstairs cause me to rightfully disappreciate the staff who get into my Apartment while I’m asleep that I was scared of the employees getting in upstairs where I have my food and Sirius radio, with 2 laptops I use, the staff peruses my files on this hacked, tapped internet-connection here at “Averte” where I stay reasonably happy and enthused about those who peruse my words, and with a wide vocabulary shining bright, to drive a Tesla Roadster would be my delight, SOBER 2016, using CBD and but NO THC!

Derek Langlois inherited a fortune, and because I told him about Bitcoin, Tesla, Amazon, John Deere, and the pre-Covid 2005 article I read about viruses being developed in China in 2005 in the T&G Newspaper in Charlton, MA I told my Minister that I felt there would be an upcoming Plague, like I thought SARS would become airborne and so I BOUGHT 250 N95 MASKS IN 2004!


My parents threw away my 2004 N95 Masks and nothing happened

Years ago, I bought 250 N95 Masks for a second time when Covid had only about 20 people infected and I gave most of them to Rev. Jim Chase, who, I told him I was afraid of China and AZN’s with their Turbo sportscars and Derek’s car friends with loud exhausts that bothered the neighbors in his 410 HP Lancer EVO VIII with AWD and $15,000 in engine upgrades, now driving a new Porsche and he is married with kids, I told him to profit with Tesla, that I set aside a bunch of money for when I can finally live near my Marquis Parents, I made them the AIM name and my brother got mad that he was being spied on by my parents who checked his profile and statuses a few times a day, he was mad at me and he’s in Cambridge, MA doing his art on www.scrollingmarquis.com

Since 2001/2002 I believed encrypted money would be SO POPULAR and I couldn’t wait to get involved… Profiting!

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