Bruce Fenton, please contact me, we’ve had conversations on the telephone in 2005/2006, I hope you become Senator with your $5,000,000 of Bitcoins, I’m in Vermont and you should not have a long beard because it’s way too big and you have to make a professional appearance to become New Hampshire Senator, me nearby in Vermont

I made a lot of people very wealthy with my Bitcoin, Tesla, Amazon beliefs, but I was forced to cancel my Bank in France I’m a proud “Marquis” Jeffrey Marquis My Dad controls my TD Banks that started with $10,000 thanks to Dan who knew I had profited with experience in the Stock Market, and I send money to Hannah House Rev. Anne Skinner I hope to meet her this summer with my parents and brother overlooking the Niagara Falls pretty place in NY, not Canada, I’m not in Canada, it’s the people who are corrupt and change the DirectTV internet connection to appear as I’m located in Canada, separate from my 3 dot-com’s are all in this great country of America, that I have donated to many causes for America’s great people and Military as well as Tesla and Dogecoin, because of my friend online and on the phone in 2005/2006 before he became famous!

My Dad made me cancel my Bank in France and my Dad controls my successful stocks that I picked the ones I knew would rise significantly in 2021 because I think you should be 21+ to drink and none of this Fraternity kegger people throwing up into the bushes by the Beirut table in the back yard, I know but never having belonged to a Fraternity in school but I mastered authorship with my dot-com’s and blogs that I pay about $500 a year to own websites, with this schweety-schweet MacBook Pro with a piece of tape over my camera, having left it on the last Mass I went to thanks to my friend who has a Traumatic Brain Injury too and, before I came to “Averte” in Vermont

hi Bruce Fenton For Senator in the state nearby, so I hope you win Bruce, and remember it was MY IDEA to get in with Bitcoin because I saw single Bitcoin item on your shelf and I told you to invest in Bitcoin in 2005 or 2006 and you’re using $5,000,000 from your profits, but me in Vermont I’m unable to vote for you but I want to chat because friendly you looked me up on Google and what’s your age? I can give you some of my Uniswap because you want to swap positions with the outgoing Senator in NH, I hope you win, and you’re welcome for my researching Bitcoin when I saw the Bitcoin thing and knew I’d get rich with my knowing Elon Musk when he was much younger and SpaceX wasn’t out yet, or he wasn’t spending time on it, and I told him I’d put money into him because I wanted to ELONgate my legs to be taller and buy my Mom “MUSK perfume” because she is so sweet, but my Dad is mad because I stayed up until 5 AM I was up all night writing for my dot-com’s like

Dan Besse told me “Real Estate is big right now and I buy/sell it I could make you $1000+ tonight and I said NO LETS INVEST IN BITCOIN, like my TEN OR WAY MORE BITCOIN WALLETS and so much money in TD Bank I added Bank Clash in 2006 or so because my parents wouldn’t keep my Match dot-com and GameStop stocks I started investing my money into the Stock Market in 2005 and my stocks went up but my Dad wouldn’t hold onto them!

Elon Musk has a family and I trust my Dad who once gave me a Trust Fund I used so much stored money because my Cousin Daniel of once Pacilio Wealth Management and then Merril-Lynch with his brand new cars that are luxury and very quick, he’s friends with people in his town like Chris Roback the police officer, and when Google saw how much Bitcoin, Tesla, GameStop, Match dot-com, John Deere, Stellar, XRP, Cardano, Bitcoin Cash ((( I used my cellphone numbers to make my investments personal like I wanted Bitcoin Cash to reach $4311 but it reached $597 at peak, I wanted a USD-backed crypto-currency and my cellphone 596 was what I think I set it to sell for, if Dan doesn’t think it will reach $4311 ))) the town shut off the power at the end of the night when we were mostly done with my investments in cash and Dan knows the secret info on my Trust Fund so we used a lot of the money my great nice and trust worth loving Dad! ❤

I’m holding onto my many Bitcoins until they’re worth ideally $250,000 each, but how long will it take to rise that much? I said maybe sell my vast amount of Bitcoins at $100,000 each, although I used “Nintendo64” and “Nintendo 64” in my secret, pages long, “Bitchain” like a password to transfer my money from TD Banks, that my parents moved me 3 hours away without my 2013 Subaru Legacy (!!!) I told Dan Besse to sell my Bitcoins at $64,000+ but it ended at the number 789 that I remember Elle789 was Michelle Kozlov, now married to Justin Gewandter who had a dorm back in the day, 2000/2001, and I fell in love with my 2001 Nissan Sentra SE w/ Performance Package it a 5 speed and brand new, I told Dan to put down $50,000 for a “Tesla Roadster” “Reservation” and I can’t wait to get money from my Trust Fund to invest more, I had an account with and I owned for a night when I had links to my blogs and long posts on their dot-com, Dan and I partied with profits I promised him would come in 2021 and in further time, FUTURE TIME, I’ll be rip-roarin’ with a Tesla, of Elon Musk my friend in 2005/2006 on the phone and I had him talk to my Dad my Dad didn’t like how I befriended business-owners and millionaires with researching things of a financial nature I was practicing and I’d been to a new Church recently where they gave me a Bible and I had a Cross necklace on that I wanted to always wear a Cross but not get any tattoo’s I have scars ICU

Elon Musk wants to switch Twitter to P2P encryption, I read Elon Musk’s Twitter posts for a couple days and found that there were much better and longer writing about him and his #1 goal that people say he does everything in business with the ultimate quest to Mars and my relationship with Elon Musk was months-long 2005/2006

Elon Musk sent me an old photo of him when he was in college in 2005/2006

He always asked about my brain injury and he didn’t care that I had a WRX Turbo with Z-rated rim rubber on all 4 wheels, Dan made money when I gave him my huge, huge collection of 1990’s Troll Dolls for his kids who I’m happy to hear that neither of them have ailments and I offered to pay for Dan’s wellbeing and that of his wife and his children, but I have kept over 50% of my investment profits in my own name, plus “Jeffry Marquis” and “Jeff M” we added aliases to my name and there’s no record of there having been me in Vermont at “Averte” for the past 3 years without my car, without any beer, without any cigarettes (except once) and no girlfriend like I want to marry my fellow TBI Survivor Justine Aragona 2009-2013 we are both so injured, and she has 1000+ friends on here, not being in contact with her since a lot of years ago 😕

I love Justine Aragona and I hope my great profits my Dad controls and he’s mad at me for being so wise and into money, picking NFT’s based on the icon, that we wanted the icons to be of high-quality and larger, higher quality icons, and Dan got on the phone so I picked the Tokens I thought had great names was so useful that night when I knew John Deere would do good because there’s a lot of construction, and I added $30 worth of Facebook’s “Gift” icons that I posted a bunch on Deborah Marquis my Mom, her profile on here, I invested in “Meta” months before it was official, I’m a great investor of “crypto-currencies” I have 5 Bitcoin shirts! I subscribe to Bitcoin Magazine they stopped giving me here where the staff is all jealous because I told Elise I’d buy her a “Lotus Elise” and talking to Josh O’Coin brother of Bethany ( who let me drive his new Lotus Elise and it reminded me of my WRX but slower lol

I hope my Cousin the Stockbroker Daniel M. Besse put in $50,000 on a Tesla Roadster that if Dan kept my so-many (Hi Mannie, hi Danita, I called you both that night, I knew your Mom and Brother… her Mom thanked me and I told her good things about my “Recovery” and PT, OT, and Speech, I write speeches and I want to gaze upon the glorious “Elegance” ( of Alexandria Occasio-Cortez she is so perfect with her speech and looks, I like seeing her videos, that maybe I had contact with her in the early days of Facebook now “Meta” — I added the many very high-up people who were rich and owning mansions, and if I really have as much in my Stocks and many “crypto-currencies” ownerships of the money I’m going to buy Dan a new Honda Civic Type-R for $40,000 with 300 horsepower, and I agreed to helping him pay for his children going to college, he was good to me for investing so much in these stocks and Bitcoins and Dogecoin, etc. etc.

Dogecoins have “wow” on the coin and I remember I had a photo album of puppies and Ripley and Aunt Donna’s Westie I’ve bought my Aunt many gifts, maybe splitting my Dogecoins and Shiba Inu coins that FUNNY STORY: I Googled “Elon Musk dog” and he has a Shiba Inu and we put a lot of my money into Shiba Inu when it was many years before Shiba Inu reached a great profit, that I hope Dan sold it at the high of its 80,000% increase or something like that, that was months ago and I read today that stocks are down like the S&P my Tesla stocks were at over $1000 recently and I told Dan my Marquis-Family relative who has done so well, going to the gym so much, being so intelligent with “Candle Stick Trading” we stayed up all night long until it was light out… but then again, the power went out in the neighborhood on his street because I was spending so much money, although a police officer Dan went to Fairfield University we were talking to throughout the night, Chris Roback, Dan’s age his friend with the police department, maybe switching my record around that for some reason I have 2 “Aliases” Jeffry Marquis and Jeff M. I signed so many pieces of paper that night when DAN PUT A VIDEOCAMERA TAPING US INVESTING! Audio recordings, fingerprints, digital signature devices, CBD and Drum tobacco out of a new pipe that Dan’s assistant drove all around buying us necessary supplies for investing so much money! maybe it was a good thing that the power went out, maybe I have hundreds of Bitcoin “Wallets” and several TD Banks with $10,000 in each one, Dan shared his millions of dollars with me, and Bitcoin didn’t go up that night, but I was telling Dan 2018 and 2021 there would be a rise in worth, then selling some of them in 2023 — I’ve always known “crypto-currencies” would be HUGE — 2018 and 2021+ I plan on first selling some of them in 2023 when I used “23” by Miley Cyrus in my “Bitchain” and I own $500 of BitTorrent because I don’t download albums or videos of women that’s pirated, because I have Satellite Radio and listen to Bitcoin, etc. Tesla, Elon Musk, Elissa Victoria, YouTube (I have stocks in YouTube) and watching only the news on TV — for about 6 months now I’ve only had my big TV on CNN and Fox News, and then their websites… I also have dot-com “domains” like I had and and because IGF-1 LR3 helped repair my brain in 2005 and 2006 and grow taller for until they shrunk my legs lol

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