I believe I have a lot of money in TD Bank, I’m not sure how much in dollars, but I invested in Tesla, Facebook, Amazon, GameStop, Match dot com, and so much money invested in Bitcoins galore! that didn’t quite reach $69,000 but they reached $64,400 one day after peaking at $68,789,XXX.XX not quite $69k so I don’t have a girlfriend, I predicted, and they’re going to sell some or a lot in 2023 because of Miley Cyrus’ song “23” I’m including my Dad with the profits! no more bank of France, Dad made me cancel it because it was not in my country America!

After Daniel M. Besse my stockbroker cousin told me I could put my money anywhere in the world, I chose to keep it in the Bank of France, maybe in Paris, because I’m French through my Dad’s GREAT-WAYNE his ancestry and Rest In Peace Grammy and Mickey in Heaven ❤ God Himself The Father of His universe, I used my Special and Disabled side of my body to reach through God’s real “Illusion” like a hologram at the edge of space, I wanted Justine to take me to God so we prayed for about 45 minutes before it began, with my left “Special” “Disabled” “Handicapped” hand clutching Justine’s breast, her left breast, I’d hold with my Disabled hand and bringing her intimate pleasure I really want to marry her and not have any offspring, able to live flexible lives with my Tesla, Amazon and John Deere stocks, maybe as well as GameStop, match dot-com, universal pictures, etc. etc. stocks I chose with such wisdom, knowing they would be worth so much in 2021 that I’m selling them in 2023 I signed papers to hold onto them until then and Dan has the brand new laptops, cellphones, calling cards, audio and video recordings of us investing at his home while his wife was gone, and because I have no interest in being around young people — I will never give a girl my “seed” that Justine was on a pill I could inseminate her on the night we took a stretch limosuine out to dinner and being so dressed up, with our parents taking photos of us, our parents there when I was ready to sleep with her in a King size bed overnight, with her parents to thank! The Pellegrini’s who were very helpful to our injuries and getting me to stop drinking alcohol but only 3 years after we broke up due to Justine pleasuring another TBI Survivor named Tony who was unable to have an orgasm with her mouth, so she never made him ejaculte his sperm and so, I don’t think she really “cheated” on me, and her parents were breaking us up because I would drink beer every single night as a way for me to feel better at home each night when I needed a light “buzz” to compliment my writing for my 3 dot-com websites like I update my www.jeffreymarquis.com I would encourage you to visit after definitely reading my www.wrxtbi.com that I owned wrxtbL.com because I was protecting myself in previous years, like I haven’t had sex with a girl, lady, or woman in years, since Alx Neas and I were allowed to sleep together in a mental hospital we were in together for many months, like I wrote a 38.5 MB document with over 10,000 pageass I wrote so much text 100-200 pages single-space with size=8 Arial font, with a bought online copy of Microsoft Word I downloaded that was all deleted, but I rewrote it to amount to 20 pages in an Adobe .pdf document you can read here https://jeffreymarquis.com/wp-content/uploads/…/feed-me…, I invested in Microsoft and Apple, because I have an Associate’s Degree in “Computer Science” from QCC that was so easy I should have applied to Worcester State University when I came home from Northeastern University in 2001 due to many panic attacks, before I began writing, this after my many injuries to my brain and left hip in 7 pieces in 2004 on Henshaw Street in Leicester, MA when others caused my crash, after I announced I had a bad Drinking Alcohol Problem in 2004 at the end of the year, late in the year, and I’ve been to mental hospitals 5 times because of my parents and moved to a new state without my car but I’m not upset because I have things good here at “Averte” the rehabilitation “home” while I consider Charlton, MA to be my real “Home” with my parents who hide the massive amounts of my real profits in 2013 or 2014 and Daniel Besse won’t return my emails, that I have asked 3 people who know his number to aware me of his phone I could call him at, but they refuse to tell me his number, and my GMail is badly hacked because I signed papers after the ICU when my right arm worked again, and my parents are my “Health Proxy” so they control me completely!

I believe they lied to me with a fake newspaper article with the obituary of Rev. James Chase a while ago, but I’m not sure if I’m right about him still being alive and I never saw his dead body, I think he’s alive and well — I don’t think he really had cancer and I don’t blame him for what happened with my www.wrxtbi.com events — someone voted in my own name in Charlton, MA in 2004 on the day I broke my Sobriety because I was under such great “pressure” my parents didn’t help me get Sober when I dumped out all of the alcohol in the house, leaving 4 empty bottles dumped out by me when I tried really hard from September 23rd to November 2nd (when I crashed…), but I am a TBI Brain Injury Survivor as of November 2, 2004 when. I had my www.wrxtbi.com events that unfolded before my eyes, when a large group of family, friends, co-workers, and my enemies were at the Leicester Police Station urging me to kill myself if I hadn’t done anything wrong, but to the dismay of these evil enemies of mine, I don’t forgive them. I am a Brain Injury Survivor who has survived after my life was on the line in the ICU at UMass under Dr. Sheldon Benjamin who has put me in mental hospitals 5 times for a long time or a brief time, I’ve been unable to leave mental hospitals for about 2 years!

I want to stay free and living here at a Rehabilitation “home” without my Subaru Legacy that’s old, I hope to buy a “Tesla Roadster” and not testing the 250+ top speed and not going on the highway with my new car because I depend on the staff here to drive me to my doctor’s appointments for Ph. D. “Therapy” where I have explained to my Dr. Candido that I feel great about my life and I’m only going forward at peak, like I predicted the top worth of Cardano and Bitcoin Cash, that maybe I’m mistaken about Cardano’s worth but it was close to a dime of predicted worth at one point, and I plan on buying Dan a Honda or Ferrari with what is present in my Cardano stock, I thank Dan Besse for investing my money into what I wanted to rise, and it did, but I promised my Dad 49% of my Bicoins WHEN I CHOOSE TO SELL THEM!!!!! 😃

I am making many donations to Christian Churches and I have only about $500 in my Bank of America, that I get Disability payments through and my parents haven’t given me the massive amounts of money I had in my Trust Fund

I believe I’m able to sell without any problems in 2023 because of the Miley Cyrus song “23” when I had purchased her “Bangerz” disc when I’d heard her song “Wrecking Ball” on KISS108FM for the first time that Miley Cyrus has so many tattoo’s and piercings I choose to keep my body free of piercings and tattoo’s THE THREE SCARS I HAVE FROM MY CAR CRASH TELL A BETTER STORY THAN ANY TATTOO’S WOULD “The difference between scars and tattoo’s is that SCARS TELL BETTER STORIES! 😃

I have told the truth to the Judge in my DUI court-case in Leicester, MA when I shook the officer’s hand on my survival and great progress in the ICU and Fairlawn Rehabilitation Hospital, then working at my Dad’s $$,$$$,$$$ plastics/polymers business when I got clearance to work a few hours a day at my Dad’s ECM Plastics, Inc. he sold to A. Schulman an International Company that didn’t make enough money in Worcester Love Worcester, MA to keep their operation running on 53 Millbrook St. where my Dad started the company with 3 male partners and only John Coz is alive now but won’t talk to me on LinkedIn and my Dad probably doesn’t want me conversing with him although he got me into the English language and majoring in “English with A Concentration In Writing” I am a writer and I read very little; I write more than I read, and I haven’t finished The Qur’an I’m 3/5 through me not reading it for some weeks or months now, Allah delivered me to God thanks to my great love for Justine Aragona and not drinking that night when I had Tantric sex with her from before midnight until sunrise, I accelerated the whole time in a straight line that I predicted where I would be with God when I had a whole total body orgasm, that didn’t happen with Mrs. Alx Neas on our last night in the mental hospital with her when my Mom brought a Trojan MAGNUM for me to use with her, a “Dominatrix” now she’s in France and I can’t reach her anymore on here, on Facebook, I knew a Developer in 2005/2006- he was my friend on the phone sometimes, and my Dad said he got me special privileges on here, on Facebook; I have an “I’m Addicted To FACEBOOK” their logo present I ordered in 2005 or 2006 and I would wear it to a restaurant near me in on Chandler St. in Worcester, MA that was officially published in the school’s newpaper The Student Voice because I’m a great writer with 3 dot-com’s and 2 free blogs online, if you want to check me out, that my parents are holding my book of BoA checks at my home in Charlton, MA where I hope to buy a Tesla and a luxury house near my parents and Justine Aragona who now has over 1000 “Friends” on here, on now “Meta” that I learned about a month before it was announced Facebook is changing its name, a while ago, I love AOC because she’s pretty and educated being so incredibly beautiful too, like Ember here is incredibly beautiful and I like her a lot, but there’s no replacing Justine Aragona as my most successful and favorite girlfriend ever with what I’m hopefully going to marry her now that I’ve gotten SOBER in 2016!

Justine was eighteen and a half years old when we started dating and falling in a deep love together, but I began drinking 3 Michelob Ultra’s at home each night and I was addicted to alcohol I quit drinking in 2016; I hope Justine doesn’t drink and she would contact me from her “Tini Ara” account on here, on Facebook where I have shared my great and TaLenTed WRITING with my viewers on bulletin-boards phpBB “The Poetic Voice” I would get 70+ visitors over any weekeend and I have screenshots of the changes in viewers, rising to a peak of 50+ visitors in 24 hours!

I have the lifelong goal of completing a full novel written by me about damage and recovery from serious injuries, also with my journals of so many documents online like my online connection thinks I’m in Canada (!!!) because the internet, my laptop, and all of Google is badly hacked by my enemies, keeping me here at “Averte” I hope to sell my many Bitcoins, many crypto-currencies, and stocks in 2023 because of Miley Cyrus and Michael Jordan #23 Bulls from Chicago where Larissa Grivalds is from, and she is so pretty and concerned with how I was doing in the ICU and Fairlawn Rehablilitation Hospital in 2004 and 2005 and I can’t wait for 2023 because I have Miley Cyrus’ song “23” in my Bitcoin(s) Bitchain, that I have 1 Bitcoin or near 1000 Bitcoins, I went nuts buying Bitcoins in 2013 or 2004 one night when I was closest with Dan Besse in CT, and if anyone has communication with him, tell him I’m planning on selling some of my Bitcoins, many “crypto-currencies” and some of my valuable Stocks I paid in cash and my Dad gave me money from his $$,$$$,$$$ that I have no viruses or diseases, and I’m totally clean!

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