Drifting in an Manual Transmission so empty, the open space, I found my head instead, oh- of THAT with a swishy swish of tire-smoke “silently sifting” and on the Bench you press your weight, in your own way, datta way to the front of the line #1 finisher *swish-swish-swish” to turn on a switch and, hun, press my buttons on the Polo dress-shirt to make the steamy iron hurt the way I choose to Stay… teach the doggy to Snoop and datta way to cashiers who tease the money in my drawers, years ago, when I had a job and drove my car every day, datta way once more and, again, Oh I need more friends!  Spent currency bills so crumpled in the top Dresser Bureau (hi Dan B.!) and again, we spent or cash in the Banks in France with Euro’s, to buy a Mercedez-Benz and park it still, like I use to have with my Bulletin-Board “Writing Journal” for school and for fun, 50+ visitors in 24 hours, my powers, to tape the keys on the keyboard, I have a CBD “hoard” in dropper-bottles of the helpful liquid, dissolving in my mouth, the saliva, to jingle-jangle at the Fitness workout rooms of Treadmills (100 minutes a night, years ago) and iron lifting for the live of the bodybuilder, the sweat is fitting, in the workout room, sitting to chest-press, but I digress… ツ

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