The Bollywood Belly Dancer

The Bollywood Belly Dancer
By Jeffrey Marquis

“Coming sweet King!”

She replies

This Bollywood Belly Dancer (many of them) (all in many men’s dreams)

I’m not an Arab and I’m a Christian with Rev. Anne Skinner and I worship God Himself The Father of His universe!

This particular Bollywood Belly Dancer has Big Boobs, watching the news on the tube, and on the “Hub” of starlit fan-favorites of a scantily smiling “belly-dancer” who eats all the finest foods, a lot of salads and drinking cold water, taking the hardcore “Diuretic” pills and urinating in the shower, at any hour, as she has time-well-spent-enough to jingle jangle from any angle on the ol’ 360 two chest-ile organs, CIRCLES, and “Nips” like circles 360, with a sound heart-beat rate when she’s sweaty from dancing her rear angle at the King’s Palace, enchanting the many men who would like a dance, of course, before sitting down with the King, maybe in the morning, with alarm clocks, and Arabs have large units…

The faithful wife receives a pretty Tulip!

The best part of waking up is not necessarily the “Folgers” in your cup, gobble-gobble, the best part of waking up is when a belly-dancer gently yawns, next to you and under the covers in a California King “bed” that this is where we are with the Bollywood Belly Dancer, Christie Gilmore, that’s her name and she knows how to play “the game” in any given time-frame, so Christie Gilmore, that’s her name, and my names Jeff

Sales, she looks to sales at her favorite luxury items on and the gifts from the King-  on a tampon string

A string of characters with whatever font enchants you

Nearest the Bollywood Grille in Shrewsbury, MA and with Dana Gardner, he was my Saint John’s partner!

The King likes to hear Christie sing!  And he has taken her under his wing!

King of a country where his many residents will be, safe in their homes, worshipping a Holy Drone of 24-karate goodness like Golden Grahams, and grams of your Grandma’s ashes, having spended so much on the Funeral, that’s where the cash is, where it Went, to the last cent, but making sense, at any luxury recompense of The King Holy Muhammed taking his ED med and many pills with shots of youth-preserving consistency, on any frequency, owned by the Royals

I’ve been Sober since 2016 that I haven’t had a beer or any wine in 2+ years!

Yay to me and I don’t drink Grey Goose that is fairly expensive at a bar, I always got “house” like I want to own a house near my parents on the same street because they are my “Health Care” Proxy, and controlling me complete.

Like the luxury Throne of the King, everything there is nice, and a bit more warm across the seas in the Middle-East in Israel where peace is desired with plenty of A/C.

It’s warm under the sun, and the desert so near, don’t go there, don’t go there, I’m warning you and this is a warning to you, speaking of warmth, I don’t want to burn! The previous Tenant in this apartment smoked on this porch, and the owner said it was okay because I have a Fire Extinguisher near the door, and just a chair, just a lonely black plastic with metal, this chair-  it supports me as much as my parents and my Aunt Donna, I love you Marquis’es.

Passionate kisses to the King, he sings, a sing-song get along among the many men and women of the luxury Kingdom, Christie yawns in the afternoon and late in the day, many days, and never having given birth, Christie is pristine without any scars…

That I have scars from my to be my eye with a blurry right eye after TWO vision surgeries.

I wouldn’t be a good belly dancer, at all, I can hardly dance, and my jeans fit tit, and tight, all night, the Bollywood Belly Dancer has memorized lines to appear as the focus of the belly-dancing movie she’s performing for, and the King, named Jeffrey-  he Produces these “Home Films” with derectors and performers, the actresses in Bollywood Movies.

Christie sings the songs of the Camels in her “community” of waiting women in the Castle, and she doesn’t like hassles or those who are unkempt, bereft, and before the war that destroyed the Ukrainian nation, speaking Hatian, landing in a UFO… a martian, married to his mate at a frequent date, Their Honeymoon, they ate Honey Comb cereal and then did their hair, with combs made from ivory, those poor Elephants, they cannot survive in the wild and mauled by a family of Hyenas.

Have you seen her ???

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