I’ve followed “crypto-currencies” since 2005, and I owned www.coindesk.com for a night! Read my Ledger!

A Plus and a Chantelle Misstress for the Mister with a wife who doesn’t mind, he compliments her behind, behind the Fridge, where Hampy hid, my hamster in previous years of High School parties, going for broke, his Step Sister he pokes in the behind, feeling the 9 to 5 grind, as a significant side of the damage to my brain’s right side, I take it in my stride, of confident footsteps, as I wonder what’s next, to be hexed, in a dancing Fizzle Fizzle at Chili’s with a mouth-watering meat “Sizzler” opting for Sirloin instead of Chicken, paying a tip, and flipping through $20 dollar bills

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