The last time I was in a limo was when my parents got me one, for a night, when my Dad sold his business as 1/4 owner and President, $36,500,000, and the 2nd to last time I was in a limo was when I had my fantasy with Justine “Tini Ara” Aragona! I did it in a limo! a Hotel! all is well…

Except for Capital Theft with a crooked Cleft upper and lower, showing one’s teeth, that’s Bequeathed upon the Christmas Weave’s worn by the dark-skinned female bunch, in a cinch, the gaylord Palettes of my Dad’s huge plastics and polymers business, reaching high highs of beating the bellows like a number one FAN huffing ’n’ a puffin’ on my face, teeth clean with Crest toothpaste me making a minty smiley-face of a Timex at that specific day OF THE MONTHLY OCCUPATION with A.I. that’s a preoccupation of my buddy Elon, long ago, on the phone with who but him, this Elon Musk, sniffing cologne- the musky scents of stolen deeds of “Lent” with a Palm and the Psalms like popping pills for breakfast at last live-long LIVESTRONG days of prancing wheels spinning a la Lance in a trance… Raving at the chance to change with the seasons and Fall at The Mall(s) I worked at, paid from GNC and see me jotting keys with a Mont Blanc Pen, held within my right, knitted tight, my Kin, Marquis Family of holding my family near, at dinnertime, Bass to eat, the FreshWater Fish caught with a Rod to prod the hottest hot-seat steaming while you’re dreaming of adopting my 65 mph crypto-currencies, and at the limit, of what I SHOP FOR PRO-DEUCE AT HANNAFORD’S NEARBY, down the street- where they sell meats, by the pound and half pound and quarter pound, or smaller, like less, to spend your Washington’s bills on at the store, they shop for me, I don’t leave here much, as my car is a Foreign Foreign-Car, a Subaru hours away, here at “Averte” I enjoy my stay-  albeit with some technical interference of interest to me, the 30 year old’s female’s appeal to who but Yours Truly, be honest- my enemies tried to kill me! Read about my TBI so see MY

It’s not long, needs no experts’s expertise of organizational Rolls-Royce auto’s and from Yours Truly to be, buzzing birds and them beeswax honeycomb with hairs stuck in the prongs — Google: thongs — the timespance is too long, adore, I implore, give it the more, the go and ways upon Waze and Waxy Maize we go to swing the doormat like Timmy Hays from Saint John’s Catholic School, I’m a Graded Graduate with epoxy prose- on the tip of my nose, not boosting with NOS in a car with doors swinging open on a busy Metropolitan Boulevard with a Diner before the Morning Train, my eyes, they are straining strangely in this Textual Fantasy of what I KNOW IT’S GOING TO BE “Gonna Be Me” at the peak of my 2018 and 2021 stock-picks I’m well-invested into Justine’s big-chested stance, my bed around it, she would dance and prance, sucking with her mouth-wide-full of Cheerio’s all cheering for the Pep Rally of Amazon stock that went even higher with the Pandemic, I predicted — I read an article in the newspaper about viruses AZN VIRUSES being developed in China, that I clipped out the 6” article from The Telegram & Gazette my parents read each morning, to be read-ed at Duane Reade’s in NYC with a limousine for me and Justine:

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