Tesla, Bitcoin, Meta (Facebook), John Deere, Industrial Businesses, 2013 or 2014 my investing!

All the might of the Freshed Prince delivering a wallop to “Rock! Paper! Scissors!” In the RPS League of and seeing him Elon Musk my buddy on the phone, taking advice from him to verse myself in the “Financial Sector” with Victor and Hector driving their “whips” and chains (change) Allyson always wanted to be slapped in the face, what a disgrace!

The O.C. the see I say of most ways all when I wrote a Will, as per the Tesla investment — several older people advised me to write a Will before and after investing so much in Tesla and Bitcoin, so I gave it to my Dad and Mom and Brother and Aunt Donna Donohue, the my Marquis Family, like I made my parents the AIM name “Marquis Parents” and my Mom got Facebook complete with the $30 worth of gift-icons to put on people’s walls, like they cost a dollar each, 3 sets, like exercising lifting weights at the gym, that was my whim so fancy with a transistor pulley on the Lego sets of Mom, my Deborah Mom, I sent her the “Dreamweaver” song, with Wayne’s (my Dad) World seen onscreen, viewing it with my bro, and like him, like He licking a lollipop in his apartment in Boston, he’s cool, gone to school, Suffolk University for an Art degree, he designed the template for my with easy-peasy paintings

Some sketches with an Itch You his Sketches sneakers letting out squeaks at the piques of my viewing American Pie, that film, those films, a cherry pie I see, on-screen, before going to the mall doing shopping with the carrots for beef stews, my Mom peruses my dot-com’s of a writing fricken genius with the meaning of such as us the briefcase carrier cares about his Samsonite luggage abroad to abort the rules of carrying a concealed-permit of a Fishing License to catch a trout or bass, about, my Dad’s reeling in the real underwater creatures so Freshwater with a Catholic “wafer” with water and wine, diluting the toxic stuff so fine, and speaking to the Masses of atoms- when once thought of statistically impossible wearing the ape our her gape with a BOOOO the movie critic goes with his house and teeth fixed up with a Pup and its Popcurnels of fruity flavor to the in-between not often seen- with a J. Crew of mice mixed up in mince-meat for a couple of coupling families on play-dates during the day and not usually at night but then again, maybe when, is to be too late for a focused sight with the sign of a Cross around my neck, me not bereft

Two feet tall, that I’m not too tall but I’m a good height, walking up the stairs with the Pearl Necktie up her laces, and goodness gracious, are we all here at the edge of space — where God is, I swear, and Justine had her head over heels, she stumbled with a foot, almost misplaced, her tump-ling ling on her fantastical face, up top… in the place I’d embrace her lips and she had wide hips albethem with scars, torn free of a car, her TBI car-crash, the car got MASHED a la the prince potatoes when I sure do know-s that it’s not good to use your opposite hand, Stephen King’s “The Stand” on your toes and with Miley singing the lows — FACT: Miley Cyrus has a deep voice — I cashed in on her Bangerz CD scooping the sweet disk up at FYE, her on the cover a cute girl I see- I saw and bought her CD before anyone else heard it!

Bleeding out the swollen guy’s gut and but the what?  The key to the Keystone case in the place of above his belt-line with a spoiled swine’s alter at the Altar of breathing in the musty air, in Church Sundays of sermons in the mornings of a bittersweet skylarking couple PARKING — like at a disco when we go-  inheriting me and my worth at 50 mph on Route 20 to Ace Hardware carrying mops, moping around, with no sound on the stepped-on mp3 plays tunes by the Tuner who carries cars and forks and napkins, Spooning, in bed when all is said, for the magical magic of the Tantric — only when the candle-light blows out…

Aunt Jemima’s butter on the cover of the NYSE journal, featuring our past President unscathed Trump of NYC he had MAGA! MAGIC with birthdays 1/365 on a blue moon’s lighyear lifting 1 lb. weights for the over-the-shoulder boulder-holders blowing out birthday wished for a phonecall with Mr. Jeff Bezos on “benzodiazepines” like me and why not go have another Xanax, I ask, me myself, not caring about taking a full allotment, taking sips of drips of 1% Milk in chocolate, arriving too soon, that ice-cream with a long spoon — a lot of long necks, the Giraffe’s at the soon!

“Doge to the Moon!” – Elon Musk, talking to him in 2005 on his carried cellphone, boarding a plane, like Bruce Fenton — WHO’S RUNNING FOR SENATOR — I got Bitcoin, stocks, etc. advice from him in 2006 he recommended Real Estate to see what my Dad’s company can do IN MY FAVOR!


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