My Mom, “she’s doing crosswordz” from her thick Crosswords Books, competing with Will – I wrote a Will with Dan Besse, investing in Tesla and Amazon and John Deere and Bitcoin for me in 2013 or 2014! To the Baywatch Babe in the Bat-mobile singing shiny tunes as everyone chill out lol Dana, drink Brooklyn Lager without me I AM SOBER 2016 without MMJ and but with 5 hour energy! been up all night writing without what about Wes on me… Disaster, in Donbas! Is Lauren available, having worked at Forever 21 or Hot Topic or what have we here? oh, I know, SHE WORKED AT “WET SEAL” with a question for you and Justine Aragona my boo of 2009-2013 or something like that I forget ask my Mom and her mom Linda who approved of me but not quite fully! h0h0h0

I was proud to read Elon Musk in tiny print on when I called Elon Musk’s Fan phone of primarily his family, he was new to Facebook, me lucky he accepted my request — because I said, “I SAW YOUR FORTUNE ON FORTUNE.COM and on his new Facebook account, with fewer than 500 Friends, he accepted me, and he had all photos of his friends’ houses and his own houses, Elon Musk “Musk perfume” I wanted to know which one I’d buy my Mom, Deborah M. and I posted first common houses and then I flooded his page with photos of mansions, I would buy him and I in 2005, when I get my inheritance from my Marquis Parents, where that Elon Musk, he now lives in a tiny home, all alone, but I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw his Twitter — after reading his name mentioned on as an astronomer, to elongate a part of me but while not getting ass-trophy Earth’s “atmosphere” and my attendance in Oxford, MA at “ASTRO CAMP” and LIVESTRONG hypertrophy and hyperplasia … in muscle cells, Bitcoin Cash, was a failure, dropping in price but reaching $597 that I told Dan Besse to sell it at either $596 = cellphone number or $4311, that too, it hasn’t reached yet at this point where we are staring at Pixels and camo-pics of painted bodies BODY PAINT in Sports Illustrated, of yesteryear, when I had fears of drinking every night, but I QUIT DRINKING IN 2016 when my parents were rightly to see my beer-habit had been going on long enough righty-tight while I set my sign of peace in sniper’s sights I HAVE GLASSES FOR DOBLE VIZION Traumatic Brain Injury double double vision. vision. 

So not only do I do my thing but I wear two rings and 2 WHITE BLESSED BRACELETS!

I purchased them on Amazon that their stock is like $3000, I live on my own in a “home” “Averte” soon it will be May

It’s NYE and the Ball drops in NYC and ALL a Tide in the waves of the ocean with Jaws, my own eyes saw’s swimming Mako’s and Marlins, the Marlins had sails you could see from the Ocean Fishing Boat with The Captain complaining about his distaste for crabs over-cooked when he would read that book, “The Old Man and The Sea” to please his eyes watching creamy pies bake a cake, cock a pistol, I don’t have a gun or any sharp knives, Manny and Danita as wives


Mista, Mista, would you like a “Mista” mistaken to mention a girl before I beckon the Queen Justine for her hand and we’d be dandy with Dr. Deedy a louse at his mother’s house near my college of an Associate’s Degree, all mine, back when I would drink wine but only as a last resort, Mining Bitcoin, the environmental impact of such speedy processors cracking code, I know-ed, I know E.D. with Cialis scrammed and beating the butter with my hand to church the butter I’m playing with Sand!

Betwixt the camisole of The Sole Proprietor’s restaurant I’d dine at every night after Justine was seen to be with another boy her temporary TOY and he was inept from a severe TBI, like I recovered in Worcester, Ma near Fairlawn Rehabilitation Hospital for my TBI, and then right after I’d be at my home recovering of for many years, moving away from my parents with 2 high school SAINT JOHN’S CATHOLIC PRIVATE HIGH SCHOOL, MY CLASS OF 2000! It was the Geneva Street Sobriety that lasted 3 years but with living at “Chandler Gardens” apartment next to my WSU — GO WOO STATE’S LANCERS and the Score’s girls of Sirius’ Howard Stern I don’t listen to talk radio, but I always keep the news on either GNN or Foxy News, for the jerks here yelling to go to my

And peruse the words of a Brain-Injured Writer of a University in the Woo City, Worcester in MA where I spent many days at UMass I.C.U. A FULL MONTH OF ICU CARE, down low, get-go, blow your nose, pinch your toes, who knows?

I told Elon Musk to buy Twitter and he explained to me why he couldn’t afford to buy where I have two accounts: JeffreyMarquis1 and “marquis_jeffrey” for Bruce Fenton to see, trying to make a RUCKUS when Dana Gardner was with two floozies at Restaurant 99, telling me, “They want to go home with me!” Mr. Spero Just John making money in the day, with Jess touching tough D.’s chest, the picture shows all the rest rooms in kite balloons, setting sales at Zales when the wedding ring arrives, landing on Doge to the Moon!

I thank Dana for making me such great amounts of money in my banks, Dad and Dan and Dana to thank, and not ever spank, but to shake, like I didn’t shake my Dad’s hand when he said he wanted 51% of my Bitcoin(s) and I told him, “HA DAD, you only want my Bitcoin(s) $40,000 NOW after reaching $64,400 I used Nintendo 64 in my Bitchain but I told Dan, don’t sell my Bitcoin(s) unless you think they’ll reach a million US dollars, I invested in Silver and Gold and precious metals — Dan is keeping my Palladium as a gift because he drove me and Sean “Berth” to the Worcester Palladium for a city dance of low lights and dress-pants only, collared shirt, dress shoes, and massive amounts of manly cologne’s, like Clinique Happy!

Happy with my sending money to Mark, when they were just starting up — I knew a Developer at Facebook, my Friend, in 2005 and I got “in” with the company and a check to Mark all because he improved my writing, my Quest to shower with a green Zest piece of soap, and have I slipped in the shower I have a Disability and Handicap — I haven’t slipped in the shower in a long time and you won’t hear me whine, not drinking the purple stuff, and no more MMJ from years ago my Doctor’s and a Specialist signed, I only have CBD here in Vermont, and I just had a thought to let the Lime Rickey Justine’s Mom told us to order, a popular beverage of long ago, her non-drinker, non-smoker me and Justine Aragona, I want a Bitcoin backed in DIAMONDS! Bitcoin Gold is cheap like $50 per coin, I invested $0.02 into CumStar crypto-currency “Token” as the looseleaf tobacco of Drum, rolled, or in a bowl, for just that night, when I said “I just might,” become a crypto-currency “Shark” or a “Dolphin” like ECCO: The Dolphin for SEGA Genesis I played at David R.’s house, playing with Samantha “Mannie” of UT- because outside The School Dorms, Miss Rotella, for her I waited, and although I promised Justine’s mother, Linda, I’d give away Justine for a girl without a Traumatic Brain Injury appropriately nick named — married to Nick to this day? I don’t think so and I talked to Dan and Danita that night when I knew CRYPTO WOULD GO CRAZY = I don’t want to go to a Mont Blanc Penetration with a pen, that would hurt, I remember the kid who sat in back of me said he rubbed my grade-school eraser on his pee-pee

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