I have a thick Gold Standard necklace I inherited, and Mickey Donohue (R.I.P.) injected with medicines prior to 2009-2013 with my Justine, Mickey is in Heaven! <3

Justine Aragona 2009-2013 = The Most Beautiful Girl I Lover with me, her profile to see!

Carbon flavor with a Side of Taters mmm hmmm Jimney Cricket spawning Lara Croft with Eli Lily producing the next “Gen” of MED-I-“Center” of the universe happenings things in space where I support all races and F1 cars in a loop — NOT NASCAR! — I like the International News of Pit Crews switching, swapping wheels, the pit-road worker-crews on their toes, Schumacher all gone and who knows?  Not the Joe’s eating at Arby’s scraped sirloin while adjusting my groin and a gross grown, I’m all grown, having standing at a couple inches SHORT OF SIX FEET TALL (AND DEEP), I am not and never-have-been “A CREEP” OR “A CREEPER!” Girls of Facebook, SEE YA!


ps- my https://www.facebook.com/wrxtbi/ and MY www.wrxtbi.com

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