I enjoy bass fishing with my Dad!

Come into it if you Fish for Petmits, too hot from the oven, and McLovin’ the salted eggs with no yeast, on Easter morning and of a Bunny, my hunny, them buns, you know, hot from the oven, with or without a witch’es Coven of Covergirl magazines trapped in cages, with all ages 21+ for the only allowed to drink, spilled, Thrown up in the Sink, it stinks- the garbage Disposal of my long Proposal — Justine’s Mom pleased I thought of marriage to “Tini Ara” getting an Air of her with a starting stared staircase of her to embrace, BUT THEN I DRANK — my lack of now-Sober living with the spilt beer swilled and swimming smelling salts, snuffing the stuff, so unkempt with “chems” for wakefulness, 5 Hour Energy and Red Bulls to be Alert: Code Red soda made by Mountain Dew I don’t “chew” “chaw” like the Hounness Wagner baseball players, Brick Layers of Layer 2 CRYPTO-CURRENCY, my Bitcoin(s), I hope they’re in my TD Bank but kept secret from me — it’s my Parents- they control me, you see?

I LOVE WAYNE AND DEBORAH MARQUIS… my “Marquis Parents” on yesteryears Instant Messenger that show shut down my frown, my screen-name “Jeffrey Marquis” that was me with keys to GNC stores, my job, shift the shifter sniffer shift-knob to play with my Subaru WRX Turbo key-FOB, with fog lights in London’s TBI expert Michelle Munt pronounced “Moont” I remember speaking to the my fellow Traumatic Brain Injury friend in England!

My friend from the U.K. as in you, are you fined, are you okay to find the license and registration for Facebook in 2005 from my Worcester.edu email, I don’t eat snails, and poor Jesus Christ was railed and rallied and nailed un-naturally, previous to His death, so sad, some Jews are bad, and Jews control the Media, and our brains’ Medulla Oblongata with a rat-tat-tat I DON’T HAVE ANY TATTOO’S OR PIERCINGS, yet, not sure if I’ll make the cheering of having a paid-for punctuation… (!!!) @#$%^&*()_+

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