$418.51 = look how much it rose since 2013 or 2014 when I invested with a man I greatly look up to we put thousands of dollars in Bitcoin and Facebook and Tesla! but not in Twitter- I didn’t think it would get much profit = I FORECASTED! =D

Here’s a photo of a Disabled criminal who I went to a TBI Office with, and I paid for Microsoft Word (https://jeffreymarquis.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/feed-me-your-jessica-and-carina-1.pdf) when I went to BICC “Brain Injury Community Center in Worcester, MA with my Jehovah’s Witness friend Peter and this is Doug L. with his new girlfriend which I’m happy he has someone who doesn’t mind his “CONVICTED SEX OFFENDER STATUS” as he got BUSTED!

I asked the BICC staff why they didn’t want me to know HE WAS A SEX OFFENDER!

And because I don’t want to get busted for my European Bank Accounts, and advising a Bitcoin employee to invest in Bitcoin in 2006, “Hey you just made me $500,” and believing William Mahoney is handling my finances with my MANY CHRISTIAN DONATIONS OF HUNDREDS OR MANY THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS when my Dad was on the phone with Bill, who my Wayne M.y bank in France — or I have many banks in France — I cancelled it a long time ago in 2014 my Dad had me talk to a man or woman in France on the phone when he learned I invested in Bitcoin, Tesla, Amazon, GameStop, John Deere, etc. in my TD Bank accounts, I have one bank account my Mom and Dad that I’ve had since 2005 and I have a few other TD Banks that only I can access, with Bitcoin Cash coin (me carrying a Benjamin in my wallet currently, I got for my birthday and a lot more money from my Trust Fund and MY MANY INVESTMENTS IN A HOT COMMODITY MARKET “CRYPTO” I have hundreds or thousands of Bitcoin, or just 1 Bitcoin that Bitcoin 2022 conference has ended and I learned a lot, hopeful to sell them (or just 1) in 2023 because Miley Cyrus and a shoe and her song “23” is in my Bitchain

I can’t get enough of this Biden at the wheel, nodding off, sleeping soundly WHILE COUNTING zZzZz’s with in his dreamy head, showing old age, Dr. Dominic Candido Ph.D. my elite therapist, he told me that my country’s President is showing up on Twitter — I don’t use Twitter much, but I run some websites like http://www.wrxtbi.com that has the information about my TBI car-crash in 2004, I have double vision still and the glasses don’t help enough!

Yesterday and yester-year brought the John Deere stocks I paid for in cash, oh dear, my John Deere stocks! $418.51 like each, like 18 is too young but 21+ is acceptable, and I’m keeping 51% of my stocks and Bitcoins as well AS I INVESTED IN MANY, MANY “CRYPTO-CURRENCIES AND STOCKS IN 2013 OR 2014 under “Pacilio Wealth Management” or “Merril-Lynch”

(Reckitt stocks haven’t profited, THE MAKERS OF KY JELLY! but Swiss Navy isn’t “Public” — Dan bought some of their company anyways, or he tried to get me a job as a professional review author, writer of a Review of Swiss Navy Lube — that would be published on my http://www.alwayschillen.com or my http://www.wrxtbi.com websites! — watching the Boob Tube — and I invested a donation to Dan Besse with me buying him Swiss Navy he liked with his wife — I SAID, DAN, WAIT… are you telling me there’s a stock company named “RECKITT” ????? PUT MY MONEY IN WHEN I SELL MY HUNDREDS OR THOUSANDS OF BITCOINS, THAT ARE WORTH $40,000+ AND I WILL NEVER CONFESS TO REACHING BEYOND GOD AT THE EDGE OF SPACE, YEARS AFTER I “ASCENDED” www.wrxtbi.com ALMOST DYING, a part of my TBI “brain” that died and I only partly made it in front of and BEYOND GOD with my damaged left arm, the side of my body that was fully paralyzed for a couple weeks in 2004!

I said, “Dan if you ever invest your own money in Bitcoin or ANY crypto-currencies, I want 100% but then I told him I would give him 0.3% of the profits and I hope he bought a lot of them, and TESLA my TESLA STOCKS at about $1000 each! I want to buy a nice Tesla if I ever need a car here


My found dough of double-vision causing MENTAL nuclear-fission, on this my mission, to prophet PROFITING WITH THE ANGELS in deep space, my place, my pad, that I have TD Bank with maybe hundreds or thousands or tens of thousands of PROFIT!

In the Missionary and DAILY love-making of the past (yesteryear…) like smoking grass, each morning’s newspaper in the box, with a handful of cash, giving 49% to Dad who talked to the accountant at his incorporated business, I had a job at for over a decade and I designed their website they used for over 5 years with my images and their company logo with Text from John Coz and Lisa Foley, my Dad’s customers always complimented his website I designed in the 1990’s

Mowing alone, in the lawn, to Rook a Pawn, down with the piece, the game is long,

Rarely inept and every morning Erector sets of curls for the girls, like Ember… me craving conversation!

Taking me for a walk down a hill, oh the thrill-  but, she hides her body when turning around, her squeaky sneakers make a Fuzz, Bid on a Biden buzz to the brain, his CRAIN eeeee yummm — do you see me, or do you see THEM? The white label cassette tapes sold in sidewalk-stores, the homeless, Biden he implores, SELL YOUR FUCKING FISHING LURES! Profits abroad my William Mahoney handling my Tesla stock, him on the phone I voice a PROD, with Dad’s fishing-rods, Todd, a Toad to toast dinner… a roast, of SPF15 un-protected toasted skin with Hawaiian Tropic at that radical store “Hot Topic” as my Topic: Bitcoin, which stirs my loins at Longhorn Steakhouse, so go in your House little Rip Aunt Ida so heavy with her resting in peace, upon swallowing Sirloin… adjusting my groin, and keep the silly-bidness in the bedroom, 1980’s Max Headroom for a visual buzz, the CGI of a man’s head, instead of MTV where the music videos displayed joyfully, with a stuffed belly of the bunk hunk at the Summer Beach of topless hotties undressing the bow, oops that’s naughty, and Nature of the precious rainforest all lit up on satellite pic’s, cigarettes (I DON’T SMOKE CIGARETTES OR CIGARS!) of Double Diamond lights with the lighters running low and $1 each, I’m a peach, touching the one of my Hun when I lived at HOME (I’d like to buy a house I can easily afford in Charlton, MA!) Come to the residential private road along Baker P. A money-maker I be… You see, it’s me, and my stocks rising so dramatically. JC pays for his son Lee. Wearing Hilifigger baggy jeans, the Melanin residing residue within, the welfare-recipient, David, and dead instead of getting help with his heroin, that Hermoine represented by Emma What-son?

Ask my Dad, not bad, not trash, I put in a new GLAD bag in the receptacle- hard I’m a spectacle, and not near sad! Put the pieces along the pussy-cat that Matt was fat and Justin had his pot-belly, now him smoking too much P-O-T with the P.O.W’s released from mental hospitals (5 times) dropping dimes on the bar’s surface, drinking dumb and sitting on my bum, leaning on the bar, across the street (years ago, SOBER 2016!) them delinquent drunks slurring their words, whispers of bartenders I heard, then, at Day’s End of mainly caucasians, the Oxford hicks driving their cars, not far, really = feel me, Grey Goose pricey IIRC, I preferred the Fruit of the Lomb with a Prince’s Tomb, at the end of the womb, Burrr-th to death and victims of a “set-up” my time is not UP!

Like Pixar’s cutesy movie, seen in a theater, with Justine, sitting near side her- alongside her happy kisses on the cheek, and Bill Gates is a great Humanitarian GEEK!  Smoking GACK and injecting CRACK LIKE PETER DID HERE AT “AVERTE” so now he’s gone and done spying on me, telling the staff he didn’t like me, so he punched me, and FRANKFURTERS ARE WEINERS, like Mr. Anthony in government, meaning it the wrong way — although I think it’s funny there’s a Mr. Weiner — my spleen, and HER, the bending at one knee for the shorter hunnies, the Playboy Bunnies of Cinnamon Spice on Easter Morning with the Rabbit, dag-nabbit…

Ribbit-Ribbit the bullfrog DOZES does a dozer to grab my Hoes and rub it on Ally’s toothbrush, but not much, feeling only a glass shard of her, frightful this girl, she is no longer in my World, my Universe I reached beyond Him without a Sin, of Sinning Asian “massage” after reaching to a restaurant, waking up at Dawn A.M. “Dish Soap” Afloat in the real realm of Mother Hen with a chipped beak, the corn kernels Roosters eat, and who knows the ALPO chew, Teletubbies for you, to hold and make a Mold after scraping off the green stuff on baked bread, PB&Jeffrey and Ben at Jerry Seinfeld’s stand-up “Show” brightly berated Broadcast with a shattered elbow, oh no… and ut oh-  think and say, all in Ukraine!

Michelle Moon with a Wiggle-Wiggle as I let out A BIG BANG OLD LAUGH FROM MY BELLOWS, EACH LUNG, the Latin Kings should be Hung

their big black units — their GUNS — Atilla of the Huns — I saw a black man here today by the entrance, wouldn’t it figure with the figurines — a mailman, maybe delivering my BITCOIN MAGAZINES, they delivered me only 1 Bitcoin Magazine, they have another 2 they won’t give me because I might have 5000 Bitcoins or $5000 in Bitcoin, Etherium, CarDANo, https://www.coindesk.com/data/ most of those, I might even have thousands Bitcoins!

My class in Latin I Sobriety its war-time Latrine’s of Latino’s sometimes rowdy with lowriding lowriders and Honda Civics, the street-racers are mimicked-  beside her-

A 40 year-old’s like me 40 — Salma Hayek her hair over there across the shoulder of length long luminosity — a website I trained my Traumatic Brain Injury with — a monthly fee and quicker thinking to be seen, by me, in the month of May this Day in April on Facebook, I take the hook, while seeing no ads, I’m glad, my payment worked, like a Twisted Fork, with a lifted truck getting Gaylords of plentiful papered plastics and polymers — oh Golly, beached whales sanded with Sandy, the maid, with me giving her gifts (while sweeping) I’m awake when she’s in my apartment, when I don’t have Dr. Candildo, you know?) not this week, to him I speak, like many years with Dr. Kent, my money in my wallet is present, a present, and not yet SPENT!

My Hilfigger jeans — not Tom H. — Tommy Hilfigger or Tom Hanks, Thanks, a girl’s booties I… ponder the crescents of Crest’s Breasts-  the curves, when I don’t have The Nerves to make a threatening motion, the Ocean of back and forth — pornography I shun, but only Magazines! And Trojan’s terribly beaten Horses, with Grammy’s Nurses, leading her in her Hearse(s) of the Marquis grave, a Tunafish fish reeled in by a Bermuda slave, the balsam suede Salve to rub ones hands, in the Tub!  Me poking females’ “chub” around the waist, lose that bodyfat, Justine, POST HASTE!

Toothpaste by Crest (and a mother’s breast…) reeking like Menthol — cigarettes are disgusting! — Bloomenthal Brother J-Man at the Restaurant 99, practically all-the-time! Spending $10 on 2 big beers pre-2016, when oh when, I would sign Disability checks with a ballpoint pen, Everything Zen! And When? Heads or Tails, I despise the Ale’s, Troops on the Ground and them Aling for Ukraine to win, Zamanskyy is Pale-  like a pail with a pal at the Beach = To BESEECH again, I have few friends, needing Peter to communicate with, I can explain, I feel no pain in my back, that I was in the Sack- for five days in a row with a hurting back, to try to get up vertical? I’d go splat!

Spinal Tap the drum with one hun, my Justine Aragona — I LOVE HER! — Justine is special, she is Pristine, no longer a teenager, her Mom did what I said and bought her a pager, for a brief time, I don’t drink any wine, for a long time 2016 I quit drinking with A.A. only twice, that I knew quitting drinking alcohol would be NICE, and appreciated by my Parents, scoring Par, hitting the golf balls very far, driving my car a Subaru for Mom! YOU KNOW WHO! At the Driving Range Rover now Sober-  oh the monkey off my back, I didn’t have a heart attack! Tick. Tow. your boat along the Medieval moat when visiting a goat on a farm, wearing a yarn sweater, Aunt Donna is so much sweeter than most, she’s a Host… at a Hotel, The Most Host with my upcoming house in Charlton, MA — her visiting us Marquis’es and I’m fully vaccinated of COVID-19 “Variant” diseases, at easy breezy weather girl Bri Eggers, on TV at breakfast, with such some ease, be my Instagram friend, oh please? Thanks for the add while subtracting Twitter, as Fox News says “Elon” my friend, he said, “Yeah sure, I can be your best friend, every day if you want” – 2005 Facebook

Trolling a swore sewer rat in the seeming tranquility of the waste-line pipes of THE CITY!

SMH = Shakes My Head using JPMoran instead with Latin I in 7th grade, I graduated to Spanish 8th grade when my Dad’s custom plastics were made!

Ripley was Spayed

Hopefully having a neutered kitty-cat kitten soon, Earth Mother Moon, seeing ice cream with a spoon!

When I wake up at noon, I drink the 1% chocolate milk very soon (before my Meds, gazing upon Ember, I try to swoon, even though she’s a mom, I don’t try for long, the days of Carissa — oh how I miss her! Arriving early and leaving soon after, there’s a Barn nearby with tattoo’d rafters,

When the poem is done, I have possibly a lot of mine money in TD Bank, where I don’t know the sum… of my wealth and my health and big chest a la the pushup’s I can do like 20-30 in sets, leaving me bereft up top- wearing thong flip-flops to the toes, who knows? The poem comes to a close!

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