I thank the Leicester Police Department, the EMT’s, Dr. Sheldon B., and many others for saving my life and helping me recover from a moderate/severe Traumatic Brain Injury =)

The fact that black Will Smith unleashed his outlandish rage

at Chris Rock — who’s a COMEDIAN making a silly joke! — assaulted him for all to see at a famous broadcast, well, it’s stirred up some dis-urr-spect on those from Africa, and I apologize for being a student of Saint John’s all-white (except for most of the basketball team…) private, Catholic high school, and I’m not too much of a racist usually, sorry about the Will Smith thing that really disappointed me… but I thank my Dad and Mom and their awesome money, for there being no Blacks at “Averte” — where the rent is $10k to $20k, they cannot afford — for the residents, and I’m a millionaire through my parents, and I’m a millionaire through my stocks in Tesla, Amazon, John Deere, Facebook, GameStop, Match-dot-com, etc. etc. investments in 2013 or 2014 that I have possibly so many hundreds of thousands of dollars in TD Bank, my parents keep secret from me, and I have a bank in France that my parents can’t touch — but given the fact that my stockbroker hasn’t been available for several years — he was mad that I am not giving him 50% of the deals — he gets 0.3% and PLUS I’m soon purchasing him a new Honda Civic Type-R with 300 horsepower — and I’m buying him and I Ferrari 360 Modena’s when Bitcoins become worth $360,000 each — I read today that Anthony Scaramucci believes 1 Bitcoin will reach $500,000 — and no one takes my calls but for my parents, my Aunt Donna, and William Blasius so congrats to them, so I’m planning on buying them many awesome gifts in 2023, or soon after, when I sell a good amount of Bitcoin, Etherium, Cardano, XRP, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Stellar, Tezos, Bitcoin Cash as well as so many more “crypto-currencies” that I discovered on my own and I’ve dedicated a lot of time since 2004 researching this VERY PROFITABLE TYPE OF MONEY!

My Dad is so rich and I’m giving him 49% of my Bitcoins, I have up to 5000 Bitcoins, in 1 wallet, and more thousands in so many other wallets, llke the 5000 Bitcoin news ($138,000,000) in my banner image on Facebook BUT ONLY WHEN I CHOOSE TO SELL THEM!

And I predicted the near-highs of Bitcoin Cash and Cardano, in previous months, when I told my stockbroker to sell them at (unless he thinks they’d be worth more in years to come…) I think that’s concerning my investment in so many “crypto-currencies”, I thank my predictions of a Chinese super-virus, Trump’s Presidency, Ukraine (hi Michelle Munt from the U.K.), N95 masks, and my interest in becoming a fantastic writer/author, and my beliefs in Elon Musk — my best-friend since 2005 — Elon Musk told me, “I can be your best friend every day if you want… but this will probably be our last phone-call.” And I thank Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg because I knew a Facebook Developer when it was operating out of a house in California in 2005, yeah I saw The Social Network TWICE IN THEATERS, later buying the Blu-Ray for my PS4 at home in Charlton, MA I miss living there at my real “Home” that I’ve told my parents many times I’d like to buy a house near them, but they’re keeping me 3 hours away and without a car — I’m happy with no car because they drive me to my appointments with my Therapist and doctors for my many TBI medicines like ANTI-SEIZURE MEDS!

I know of 2 girls who’ve had abortions/babies with MY STOLEN SPERM FROM THE I.C.U. and this is because they’re bribed and paid, by my enemies who caused my TBI and shattered left hip in 7 pieces (OUCH), them knowing I’ve always been so wealthy — since my Dad started his Incorporated plastics/polymers business — and I have astonished so many with my predictions — THIS YEARS BEFORE AND THEN SHORTLY AFTER *** I REACHED BEYOND GOD HIMSELF THE FATHER OF HIS UNIVERSE WITH MY DAMAGED LEFT ARM, I thank “Astral sex” — to quote that silly African doctor with a heavy accent, Trump liked — (hi again Michelle Munt TBI victim, “Traumatic Brain Injury = To Be Inspired…) *** http://www.wrxtbi.com about my great injuries in 2004! You can email me jmarquis710 😉

I run http://www.jeffreymarquis.com, http://alwayschillen.blogspot.com, https://allpoetry.com/alwayschillen, and http://www.alwayschillen.com too, because I’m a writer/author and I have an Associate’s Degree in Computer Science from QCC, as well as being SOBER 2016 without MMJ for several years! I believe drinking alcohol is showing so much weakness, and although my Mom’s side of the family are alcoholics, I quit drinking with such great ease after going to A.A. meetings at my Charlton Federated Church, I’ve collected 70+ Sunday Service pamphlets from Church Sundays, although I don’t think Jesus Christ is “God” in any way, shape, or form, because I know a lot about the so many “virgin births” before and after Jesus Christ as well as the SCIENTIFIC FACT called “Parthenogenesis” that sometimes there are BIRTHS originating WITHOUT a man’s sperm!

I believe in God 100% and Allah 100% — that Allah is not God, but maybe Allah is God, I’m not sure, they’re both involved together, but I put my trust in The Creator and my #1 lover EVER my Justine Aragona! <3

GOD IS THE GREATEST, and Allah is not as great as God! But I believe Jesus Christ is absolutely nothing and you’re wasting your time with your belief in Jesus Christ — CHURCH IS GREAT FOR HELPING WITH HUMANITARIAN AID THOUGH!

I had the option to ease my TBI pain by simply praying to Jesus Christ, but after reading on Time.com about “Parthenogenesis” I don’t think that Jesus Christ is “The Son of God” any more than the many born without a man’s sperm and only of a female that “Immaculate Conception” happens a lot!

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