I have Bitcoins! =)

I rented a book from The Charlton Public library like this book but entitled “Advanced Cryptography” I saved a small image of a few years ago, and in 2001/2002 and I knew that “Crypto-currencies” would be awesome!

My precious Bitcoins worth roughly $50,000 each now…
Being non-violent and into Allah, I consider myself a peaceful Islamic, but I’m not done with The Qur’an yet… and I don’t have any tattoo’s or piercings, with my white skin…

Dan, bug my Dad for money if you want more of the crypto-currencies deal, as he has enough money already, like you Dan, you’re already a millionaire, and I’m serious about keeping over 50% of the stocks transaction, that I’m hoping to soon buy you a 300 horsepower Honda Civic Type-R, a brand new one, and be awaiting a Ferrari 360 Modena for you and I, one each, from 2003 used, hardly anything on the odometers! =) “Cuz” =)

I feel so strongly about TBI and bringing out the best in her, Justine Aragona, I want to be with her so much, having quit drinking alcohol in 2016!

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