Tiffany “Tiph” Desrosiers aka Tiphdizzle

This is Tiffany “Tiph” Desrosiers and I’m so damn sure that she used MY STOLEN SPERM (!!!) TO HAVE A BABY WITH YEARS AGO! Plus, I hate her “Family” navel tattoo because of the shitty Gleicks who caused my many bad injuries!

Hit to the trot of a cast-iron kettle blinging the blinkers with peepers creeping eating cakes when ready of the oven, McD’s McLovin’ in his haven and craving the carvings unto a wooden piece of wood- you care to elaborate, out of course, leaving the hate, elsewhere, despise the queers of our world and their filthy deviant method of love-making, my conscience is awakened, to resist gay pleasure, of any measure, to do it with not the men in the men’s room… but Mother Nature, I crave her Green Tea capsules, absolutely, to a high degree of blessed caffeine- the extract and anti-oxidant, pass the Peace Pipe, inhaling so relevant, maybe while camping so convenient of the smokey scent of wooden wood, the pine needles — my bad cousin killed himself when he was out of Herron PINZ, like Tiffany Desrosiers, who, I love her moreover with a bad tattoo made of ink, if she used MY STOLEN SPERM TO HAVE A BABY WITH, she stinks, racing for Pink’s, the title to a car, and my not having driven for years Enlivens the elevation oil in my upcoming new car, not driving it too far, but I fear that I’d collapse from alcohol, over 0.08% ABV RBC’s in my system, deciding not to have a car for my legal safety, I prefer they drive me to foreign destinations, and Domestic nationality in my country of the U.S. HODL my Bitcoins, wearing favorable fabrics around my loins, but they don’t have Sirloin meat here, where the cheapest cuts of beef are near, and to drizzle with Tiphdizzle and Justine Aragona, my fantasy of Laurie giving me a phonecall, she is good enoughly TaLL and buff where I take off the top to dwindle with NO KETTLE-BELLS at the gym when I feel the fresh whim of smiling my sneakers they grin, toes’ bones within, and so large calf muscles, I stroke a girl’s hair to toughly rustle the sebaceous glands of my landing a Tesla like ASAP with a dreamy dream-circle of prayers to Him the God of so many, but not Jesus Christ as I know about the many virgin births that have taken place, and I’m wondrous in space meeting The Man at the edge of His universe, loving long movies from Universal Enterprises, like my TD Banks, Dan I thanks, his son he spanks at the lieu of rudeness nah not saying “Thanks!”

I absolutely hate my bad Mom’s side of the family, THE DRUNKS, THE OPIATE USERS, THE JUNKIE BALD-GENES LOSERS!

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