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Shattered in 7 pieces, many rods and MY PINS: https://www.pinterest.com/jmarquis710/_saved/

Please my right and tight, using that thing between if you know what I mean LACED-UP with pumps of the aorta throbbing at the motion of the non-Trans Pacific, the manly swimmer using Yohimbe to do it swim-ily with Emily Willis giving her throat to cross a Queen Castle’s surrounding “moat” with modes of percussion (with cushions) and of course The KUSH at the crushing defeat of Ukraine, it rained when Jesus Christ died, just by CHANCE, I put no faith in him as Allah delivered me to God Himself The Father of His universe- this at the edge of space, where I found my place, using my Disability to get beyond HIM — alone at home again and not getting high as the sky but loving the time of day I awaken, stirred not shaken, with a SIDS-carrier the baby with a hustling motion, SHAKING INFANTS IS WRONG! the bad mothers scorned, getting in her, here, so now hear me out as I snap umpteen-dozen Selfies in the mirror with a stare from me at beaches of Nude Portraits of Natalie Portman, oh man, I did it a-gain, with Miley bearing the shaven V — it’s her tattoos I want them removed, not for anyone to see, as I’m against tattoo’s when I give the tat’s and piercings (on men) a big ol’ BOO FOR YOU, the gays of the world, the dikes- only girls on girls on girls, and spread along roast beef lips — Ham and Swiss the cheese, can I have PASTrami Ramen noodles PLEASE, and give the poodle to Paris Hilton to carry in her shoulder-strap leading to a Gucci Bag- her throwing up food- like a Teeny Girl HAG, and on THE RAG! but oh the rage, birdie in a cage, bugger I want it to be summer with the A/C flowing and my Dad the lawn- he is Mowing and moving to the tune of my Mum- getting jovial from 1 glass of wine, definitely only 1 glass of wine, not all the time (!!!) for she is no DRUNK like her Daddy the filthy cigarette smoker in a crummy dust-covered old-age condo, the last 2 girls I was with, I used a MAGNUM condom, with a large organ HUM, in her BUM, both of them, leaving me pleased of pleasure in my leisure, lasted 10 min in the Men’s Room stall, she took me very far, but not knowing her personally, it was last Alx Near who treated me so fancifully, me deep within, her the “Pal” I would take a pail and shovel to the beaches of Atlantic encompassment, passing the SAT exam with a Snowboarding “1080” on the test, that was my best, peak score, making fun of those who could make no MORE, MORONS with 3 Numbers “Big” Saint John’s Honor’s and Level 1 student, the Catholicism was prudent, get it in your head- Saint John’s taught my Class of 2000 to embrace Islam, pat your palm, read a Psalm 69 while drinking water to yawn and whine, being white and upperclass Dad catching Lunker Bass-fish, to be rich as Dad and Mom, that’s my wish, and with Bitcoin “crypto-currencies” like Etherium, I want to dine at FINE REST-ing in RESTRAUNTS, my taunts, so Tantric, with Erica, Heretic, Heated hearing a bit of a Dingle Dingo Dangle at the concert hit and a passed puff this year for my birthday, the CBD I take, that’s providing enough relief, to bequeath- a sword in its sheath, under the sheets of cotton stacks of the Daily Paper, coming on a roll to wipe your bum clean, the smell of yucky business is OBSCENE for those who eat junky food — Peter here is a crack/cocaine/heroin/alcoholic junkie who smokes as many cigarettes as you can see him puff more than enough, I’ve had it with the Public Publicity photographs of me, on Facebook FOR ALL TO SEE — ATTN: GIRLS! PLEASE LOOK AT ME, at least peek, at least a chance, changing topics to undo my trousers with fists so powerful!

My investments in Tesla, John Deere, Facebook now called Meta, and GameStop as well as Match dot-com I first invested in those, very long, a time ago when I spent a hot dime working for a hot minute in the hot seat and not having a chance in the Tour de France, with my hero Lance who’s very strong to live with “doping” chems, his arms and legs, he extends, on a cycle of neutraceuticals from scientists, taken Trophies, oh the CONTROVERSY-  get Lance off of the racing and I try typically using single-space punction punctuation profanity when with this it’s how I choose to be, writing free with minimal viewers, I’m supposed to believe- this lack of listeners perusing the prose of yours truly, that’s ME! “Jeffrey Marquis” say please with ease in this creature-comfort home in my zone of dazzling up The Net and not playing Ping-Pong I tried on Justine’s thong, she told her mom, and she said to me, “You tried on Justine’s thong, so is something wrong?” I SAID NOPE, JUST ASK “THE POPE” Justine called me “My Little poop” with chutes ’n’ ladders, drinkers are badder-s with full bladders to evacuate a yellow stream, next to a man at the Urinals, occasionally they look at my big dick- not to be seen by any John Doe, the Driver of a Car with J.D. Power awards, I’d not like to stay in a 6th mental-ward, for that would be ABSURD, my prose and poetry not HEARD of hens, tracing paper with pens, pencils the Scan-tron sheets of filling in bubbles after studying in the library, so don’t eat rare-Meat to beat the Rodney’s of the King Wayne he needs the refrain of always saying, “Dad I love you!” With the commencement of the telephone-o-graph with a TI-83 calculator, playing ‘snake’ sneaking in class, with teachers upset, the Playboy being passed desk-to-desk for all the us horny teens to fuss — WTF? NO GIRLS IN SCHOOL?

Saint John’s RULED! So as not to be distracted by babes boobies in tight clothing, concealing curves, Bless my S-Word with Her Majesty’s kiss, not to be missed, her under pressure to emit swishing tongues of pleasure, by any measure. I’m 7.75” long awaiting a lengthy length of right-handed strength, to put it out there, for all of you, my readers, the fearers, the tearers, the TREASURE OF VAGINAL SMEGMA DRIPPING IN BED, a glass of H2O I’m sipping, in need of the Salve on my lips, I broke my hip and reminded of displeasure getting the screwed screws twisted, the drilling, Morphine in the I.C.U. — those three letters let you know this is serious, I see you reading this, I will end this entry on my 1 of 3 dot-com’s WITH A KISS! =)

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