I don’t have any piercings, not planning on one!

My cousin David Perron killed himself when he was locked up and without opiates!

Pierced Princess get at’ter at the Altar to meet a mate- it was simply fate I’d meet another TBI survivor for oh her- to LOVE MY TBI without a lonely cry, when I choose to watch a “creampie” dripping from a fatty V, backside entity, entirely and lengthy almost 8 inches long, I sing the Def Leppard song, to swoon, to spoon, the Western allies of Ukraine in the rain or sunshine- I want to dine so fine, for my birthday, turning 40 with no virgins- pins and needles of tinkling legs mine the doctors shrunk my legs, but me never impregnating scrambled eggs of seeing God’s face- my place, my special place, at the edge of space, when I found Allah the “conduit” when I did it all night long, the 1st time, when I rhymed in speech and pleasurable moans, she never groaned, she didn’t grow TaLLer and remained at a smaller high height of Tantric delight — with the lights off in my room — door locked and shut — I love girls’ butts me the non-cigarette pipe smoker, not playing Poker- and to Let It Ride, got the life, I’ve got the life of a Poet, and I know it, for dilly-dally fingers rhythmically tapping keys- this is all I be, a TaLenTed WRITER flicking a Bic lighter in an end-pipe of THC-FREE CBD ONLY, I don’t Gripe, but get a grip on the photo of the “stoved-in” left hip on my body, so have some empathy sporadically spermy-wormies swimming up a U-Turn Uterus to never, ever do that in my life, even with a wife, but who knows how long we have to life with Russia advancing- they really be- so let not WWIII be the end of me! PLEASE USA, just say “Hey you’re safe in the Domestic Democracy!”

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