I think I have a lot of money in my TD Bank but I’m unable to check my balance as others control my many dollars in TD Bank! I invested in 2013 or 2014 with my “Cuz” Daniel M. Besse in CT!

Scantily clad, to the tippity-top as the pancake waffles go Flop, so go get the mop, gringo the lingo of sweet uncle Ben and his white rice

Signing checks with a Mont Blanc pen, the plan, me my number 1 fan, hitting AM/FM/XM “Scan” and my dreaming of UAE sandy deserts, eating Desserts like chocolate nummies, and the breast milk of mummies,

Have fun scoring B’s or B+’es with the prettiest Dame’s showing now shame, remember, Scantily clad, my little Lad-  goes the soup ladle lady in the tall-tale kitchen for which them, with witches but no zero hot B-words of beauty at its feet, a feat, and a feast for your eyes to read upon Brother Justin’s “Beauty” — http://www.alwayschillen.com/beauty.htm

Coming and going out to the bright lights on the bridge of the grid with a grinding whine, and coming from behind, alas the brass rail, but never often sipping stout, the Ale, so pale, and a shovel shoved so deep in the soil, I want to invest in UAE “oil” for more scores of skin-pores off the cuff, and enough is enough without brilliantly bringing a knife to a fork-show, so show me the way with you Willie (Mays) Mahoney giving me my Mutual Fund baloney, hunny bunny, the buns are “hot to trot” on the route down the stream… the trout, or a bass fish with enough oomph to make you wish ::: Justin Bieber come to me with that little Selena Gomez = Heaven it is, and with the Goners who have big Bones in the skeletal complex of Haloperidol pin-pricks, Texas hicks, with the extinguished candle wicks, 3 at a time, I don’t drink any wine, at any time, having abandoned the booze I made the choice to choose absolutely NO BOOZE 2016!

Let’s all pray for Rev. Jim Chase! :halo:

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