I have 70+ new views!

I haven’t been to a bar… in many years now, quitting drinking all alcohol in 2016, and here at “Averte” for $10,000+ a month rent, and my money in TD Bank—maybe millions or hundreds of thousands USD, all for me and my Dad and Dan Besse—with my Dad to thank, him letting me invest substantial riches, then thereafter a lonely life without a Wifey or gecko, on Wall St. the mad-hatter of no appeal, by bruised brain has healed, my TBI, it makes me sigh, but signing signatures I crave what’s yours, and plus mine, I do just fine, with zero whine, no wine, no whining, mucho dining, going lots of low-carbs, I was never with Arbs108-  she was up late, and on a date, out in a flurry of hurry with no worry, no worries, no war, no warts, no artsy fartsy faggots near, I fear the queers and their spontaneity of doing it in a parking lot, the homo’s are big on pot, getting high, that time, for me is nigh, at night, not getting into arguments or breasts augmented, I’ve never seen June’s or Linda’s, as an occasional stripper had them LIFTED lots of weights at the gym, my quest to Recovery my TBI, at the gym on the treadmill I worked out just fine, long time no wine, and I’ve had enough of mental-hospitals, my being sent to them was all my enemies’ faults!

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