Elon Musk, a Facebook Developer, Bruce Fenton, my Dad, they’ve all motivated me to Invest when I last saw Daniel M. Besse of CT in 2013 or 2014!

To driving a Ferrari and singing high notes out of the loudspeakers, I voice my best with a large breasts to feel them with her kneeling, and without the wine-o’s feeling a Zest to be seen, to be clean of a shower, I took a bathing-solution to absolve me so absolutely, toots, last hour with my hair neatly straightened, albeit I have double double vision. vision. My enemies caused my great injuries (ICU) I see her hair that’s distorted into an “Artificial WEAVE” on the Black 420 nigga’s on Facebook Block, to the parties of Artie Lange with clogged arteries, planting ever crest redwoods to grow in size and shape, like Josie Maran on the cover of SHAPE magazine, her airbrushed, off the cuff minus links I run 3 dot-com’s and 2 Blogs, once having owned “advancedchilen.com” to see the future of the successful stocks I’ve profited from so easily, one night in C-T, I thank Dan Besse and my besties, like Dad’s employees of his ECM Plastics, Inc. President of the company, 25% owner of many millions of USD, and I see a tiny fragment (177-191) of his success, I thirst for more profits in the “crypto-currencies” from 2013 or 2014 when I invested so much money, I want my honey bunny and The House Bunny on Blu-ray at home in Charlton, MA where I want to spend a ton on a house and new Subaru, my driving, Justine, it’s what I do for you, to get you out of the house and thriving in Worcester with a limousine we shared, and later a King Size bed, I think you, her we were supposed to get you pregnant that night, vagina so tight, your parents wanted me with a precious newborn, mother be scorned, Swiss Navy for Marquis, making “that Tiffany jealous,” I will make her be in the past, as she is my last hope to pay to chin and chinks and Child Support for white, American results of my injected “STOLEN SPERM OF MINE!” , not fine with my seed swindled from me, by my DEAD-SOON ENEMIES! Regular-Degular by the juggler-clown’s Downs Syndrome jugulars tickled with the Pink Mink hairs in the drain, and that it rained when Jesus Christ died, and I said, “Is it raining in the UK?” Promoted expectations explanations with yours truly, July 8th, Dan and Justin, Besse and Marquis, what do you ask of me but a perusing my perishing Protestants like the Pilgrims on my ring-finger raised in the air, because I don’t care about Mosques or Halloween as I praise God in Church with my friends like William Blasius and Peter S. (The Jehovah’s Witnesses on Zoom)

I crashed listening to this song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCwbKr0KmXE, with many people on the speakerphone trying to have me so injured with a totaled 2004 Subaru WRX Turbo on z-rated rubber, my Yokohama ES100’s from dasubydude.com I spent my pack of paychecks from my Asst. Manager position at GNC in 2001-2004

In the Master of Caves I feel enslaved to the purpose of updating my 3 dot-com’s and 2 other blogs, you pigs you hogs who fellate the farmers for much longer than I can stand, I simply use my right hand, so handy, hardly a party, but out of my pants WHEN I CHOOSE TO DANCE THE DISCO the que happenings Danita, did are conversations mean so little to you, your sister the petite WSU “Flyer” on the squad’s team, WSU Lancers, walking the Track to refine my “Spastic Gait” my enemies, I hate those evil fucks for having caused my many severe injuries in 2004 with “Their Plan” https://jeffreymarquis.com/2019/10/15/1517/

Without making noise, I want nothing with Boyz or Hoodies in The Hood where nothing Black/Hispanic/Asian it intrudes with turds upon my white-held beliefs in God and Allah and Justine Aragona, I want to bone her, for I will—I wrote a Will in 2013 or 2014 with Dan Besse in CT at his house while his beautiful wife Jessica was gone, not for long, just 1 night, we Invested so much $$$,$$$ into Tesla, etc. with my knowing Elon Musk on the phone for about an hour, curious of my injured brain, I told him the ICU drove me insane, I crashed to make CASH-money in the whole Profiting finances of a Bank in France, to think of Lance’s LIVESTRONG yellow—each wrist I have them on, moaning with my trophies, I am so fit, exercising a bit, but mostly watching my Low-Carb Diet of protein and EVOO to taste, my whey protein they waste, stealing from me, they get in and take my belongings while I’m deep asleep, in my American Nation of Army inclusivity MAKE ME A SOLDIER!

18+ I want older and established, working women with luxury finesse shampoo in their Jobbs of OSX on the oh the sex I go without, making due dud sperm cells wasted—a woman needs only 1 to be inseminated, as the others shrink up they wrote on my balls to make the ceiling tall, shrunken shins, the chemical thee Nurses injected in, that once again I hope you read my https://jeffreymarquis.com/2019/10/15/1517/

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