I have a moderate/severe Traumatic Brain Injury!

Tinkle “Tiph” tickle tickle for a fantasy in the realm of my Queenie Bed, rolling over once and again, restless—so be my girlfriend!  To the end of Ukraine and Great Britain of Brains like Michelle Munt “Moont” to the Nookie of a prohormonal M1T, since banned, in the USA my homeland, disseminating MIG-29 fighters, I won’t ‘light this place up’ NO, I’m fearing the heat of poultry meat cooked Covid-19 is old enough, not into Teens though, I know, they’re all over the online, on time, I took my Tadalafil to have my Fill in the Cavity of my #1 Fantasy, so Justine come to me, dripping smegma all night long, all on a big wet spot, the clean sheets, some stained, so throw in the wash—absolutely no pain, thanks to the Swiss Navy we shared, we cared, mostly the first-most green Kate Moss in an Adult Swim-suit—a Suite with a King bed and she gave me head, our brains bonked with her playing a silly Sudoko game, like Grammy- reading the blind man’s prose of The Professional Jeffrey R. Marquis with all of my great lots, the Cash, she shakes her ass, known as a “Twerk” when I am now making lonely strokes down loafer sneakers MySlippers and MyPillow, so sounding bellows from a foreign throat, castles around a moat, milking a goat, my TBI’s damaged vision. vision. OF DOUBLE EVERYTHING! when Twice is “Nicey Nice” watching screens on films at night, but not in the morning-  I find my happy place after Midnight, oh the fright of a freight-line fighter Blue Angels planes of the Air Force 1’s the shoes, my sweetest “boo” of jars and sore jaws, my tongue stuck out, shorter than Gene Simmons’s to shine with my laptops, I went in a straight line, like laser light, the orgasm so tight, and then having another, all in one sitting, her bum she went to the bathroom come morning-time when I felt so alive and Fine, with what I did, seen onscreen, her mom Linda tickling the Tantric fantasies to my pleasantries, her backside, kinda wide, and not too perky- I like Beef Jerky Boys phonically phone calls “Crank Yankees” on TV of Comedy Central with Jimmy Kimmel the star, but of the past recent-years when I subsided my tears and fears, finding “CRY-pto currency” from a suggestion, in 2005 I wanted to invest—this there and then, signing my Trust Fund payments for Bitcoin, Tesla, et cetera on Central Perk of NBC’s show “Friends” come back the 1990’s when Justine Aragona was born early on, to definitely never be scorned, this for watching porn, on my laptops 2009-2013 she loved seeing implants, as I water my Fern, downstairs, and by the window- my Ledger is under the name “Jim Weeble”—one of them, one of the many, when I invested so much cash—now a mystery,  where the money will be, a Bitcoin Wallet, playing Wolfenstein and 1-P shooters on an old PC, E/B games has left me, left us, the USA my country where I Will B

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