Fiddle fuss with Cookies for a grey kitten, at daylight time—to extent…

Existent, me here at “Averte” where I exist, and in the words of Donna Donna Hugh Her here Hefner alast at Mass with a “Piddle” of Bismarck and Ripley I want to see the puddle of pee-pee trotting on with the plotting on of my enemies their Demise, their Demons of wanton men and prude women jotting notes, their Pens as I say “CLUCK CLUCK” not swearing and Lucky Jeans with Lucky Charms, to check your airways over the AM/FM/XM airwaves, abroad or in space, Ember let me gaze upon your tall face, she’s hot, the Facts of her Jots,  without Shots, of Mac’s OSX “Notes” I wrotes, them, to feel the jingle of the train ride to an amphibious Amazon forest or dot-com’s-  it’s off the chain with my severe Sanity, you all my readers, Thanking Me — to read my words at home or with a job of the Holy Bible, and Jesus Christ twisting knobs, to Hob Nob whines the whitest whites of Racial Superiority, so educated and good grades on Report Cards, Calculus I was so HARD I do it with Tadalafil, my labored Thrills of girls at the grills baking burgers atop the stove, when I dove at The Dive, to thrive, to be Alive with Alice of extents so great, but she needs a Mate to mate for arriving upon a Plain at 2122 Lower Plain, my “Averte” where I have no security, as per the fucks who intrude upon my living spot, stop taking my protein powder, usually in Chocolate flavor, the amino’s they I savor and The Saviour praying to God and ignoring The J Man, when on South Park my favorite character is Stan, on tippy toes with no watering hose to treat the two lips (Tulips) to kiss them gentle, with Kristin Gentile, my gentile-nature of me having to berate yah! In text only and not face-to-face with my wide smile of Smileys singing happy with my profits, I Propheted with Mohammed, in Islam, but I read The Holy Bible a lot more, thanks to Peter my TBI buddy of when I’d drive to his home, it was his solid place, alone, so come along, Peter, and dig girls who wear the G-string Thongs! My love for the tightest crevice of a woman’s rear, come hither, COME NEAR, and soon, you eating Chicken Noodles with a Spoon, soon to “spoon” a bed buddies’ backsides with it all in Stride, I have Heterosexual “Pride” when I search for my eventual Bride!

Justine “Tini Ara” Aragona, please reach out to me (and a taller height lol )

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