My profits in John Deere stocks that I predicted it would go up in 2021 and that’s because of the Drinking Age I predicted many stocks (Tesla, Meta, Bitcoin) that rose in 2018 and 2021 when I slept over my stockbroker cousin’s house in CT!

They’re going to donate a lot of my John Deere stocks to the Catholic High School I graduated from with many Priests high-up in the local and churches from all over the world I graduated from in 2000 before my WRX car accident in 2004 that cusp of the coast along the Sunny Sunshine on a Winter’s morn, withought distasteful videos on on on long limey lime cast and longest time of gay sex with my English teacher who drugged me in 2001/2002 one night and I’ve told my lawyer I was abused before I went to a Community College- keep the receipt on your Tesla- I have known Elon Musk.

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