My Dad signed a paper giving him 49% of my Bitcoin investment but then later on, the morning after, he researched the “Advanced Cryptography” hardcover I rented from The Charlton Public Library, he said he wants 50% and I said “I love you Dad and I want you to be so wealthy with me,” and I’m buying Daniel M. Besse of CT a Ferrari when 2023 arrives because of the Miley Cyrus song “23” I have Bugler tobacco I smoke out of a 3.5″ end-pipe not seeing setting Sun from my Hunny Buns (but no one comes to mind ) I have a TBI like Justine Aragona 2009-2013

I was so guilty of decieving the “Others” to a pencil on Pot? I AM NOT GOING FREE! I didn’t fully get beyond God, it was with my Disabled left arm and hand I felt Justine’s breast with my injured side of my body with a TBI, and I don’t use Twitter, that I couldn’t believe I was talking to THE ELON MUSK in 2005 with his Twitter being foreign to me I would use Facebook and my dot-com to write about my TBI Recovery and I was so injured to my TBI BRAIN Brain Injury Survivor I was friends with Elon Musk in 2005 and I didn’t believe he had thousands of followers, he just signed up and added the people who sent him requests, that I read his name on and if you don’t believe I have a TBI from a WRX crash accident in 2004 read my

My Dad is controlling my stocks and profits and I was a Prophet when I wrote those thousands of pages that were deleted by Microsoft and “The Others” of another mother nature in the Valley with Salley setting said to no more than what ever mother I don’t have a step-mom and so I don’t feel like a freak when I have now gone 3 days without watching Step-Mom’s, but was I dreaming when I thought I was with my girlfriend’s mom?

I like how Justine Aragona is included in my Bitcoin, Tesla, Meta, etc. stocks password and I want to marry her!

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