I have a clean record after my DUI that never went on my record and I haven’t driven a care in years!

B-52 bombers were flying and I made so many good investments in 2013 or 2014 that I predicted would rise in value NO SUBOXONE SUBSTANTIALLY but I had and have had a few subwoofers and Dogecoin, that I asked Dana G. my best friend what to invest in “NEW currencies” and he said “CHEEBA” and I found Shiba Inu Dan invested money from my Trust Fund through my Mom and Dad, I maybe own a couple companies because Dan thought I could pick the ones that would rise in 2021 and I don’t drink alcohol for years now like my Xanax and Haloperidol anti-psychotic medicine I’ve been to mental hospitals 5 times, both before and after I invested in Tesla, John Deere, Meta, Bitcoin, etc. but not Schick or maybe I did it with buying 49% of many companies my parents and Dan are looking after my finances since I made so many great investments that I knew would rise so high in 2021!

I care about where I go and those B-52 bombers in Ukraine, and I need to buy a new copy of Microsoft Word, like I prepared a Will with Dan because I put Humatrope in my left pec more than my right, because my heart may be so strong but doping like Lance Armstrong, I think he beat Cancer and I wear a Livestrong bracelet on each wrist, along with a white BLESSED each side and w00t there’s a CEASEFIRE!

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