I have 250 Bitcoins and 49% of many “Tokens” I invested in with Dan Besse in 2013 or 2014

Spent some Tim othey or there or north with Hayleigh Noel from The Spoon here with Gucci Elon Musk my friend on the phone in 2005/2006 my friend when I typed in “Elongate” and I asked him how tall he was or something like that and I was his first of a few YEARS IN A MENTAL HOSPITAL I’VE BEEN TO FIVE TIMES AS I WANT TO LIVE AT HOME IN CHARLTON, MA WITH MY HEALTH-PROXY PARENTS!

Friends on Facebook. He only had a dozen or so friends who weren’t in his family, and I was one of them, and I told him he should have Facebook and send me something about God’s universe, Allah took me to Him always accelerating at what I call “A million billion trillion lightyears per millisecond” when I wanted to meet Him at the edge of space, along a ways along the long time until my situation here at “Averte”

I have as many as 10 Tesla stocks, or 50 or something, when I wanted to make it big with a Bitcoin investment I have had at least one point where I had as many as 250 Bitcoins, check my Public Ledger through Dan and see how much I’ve donated to the government, to get all GREEN BARS it went up in 2018 and went back down, so I told Dan that he should sell them because I am an adult now, with a TBI in my past, now typing, in 2018, and I predicted it would rise in 2021 (like 2018) as those are 2 good too hoodies worn by my bud Elon Musk, who said to me, “I already have best friends and I’ve never met you” and then I looked up Musk perfume for my Mom, that I told him to listen to me as I searched “musk perfume” and she liked it very MACHO MAN!

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