Danita wanted to know why her and her Mom reflected greatly upon them and I was friends with her brother too, online, and I liked Mannie who was Manny at first, I signed her up with a new name and she was always my #1 once telling Justine’s Mom great things about this here Cheerleader who led me to not watch adult videos in bed ALONE like I befriended a man named “Arsones” on LinkedIn and wrote on his wall that I think people are going to quiver quick, wither within thing within the Mother Sheets on a bed, I want to know if Tiph will be with me, I told Justine’s stepdad that at first I would have wanted to be with Tiph but as time went on I grew to love Justine Aragona more than Tiph, who now is a Mother and I don’t want to handle children Manny was a Sophomore at WSU where I got an A- in Poetry II because my words are online I know I grew 3″ taller and they shrunk my legs and this is me before they shrunk my legs

Because I mostly waited until I was 21 to drink — I put Miley Cyrus’ song “23” on my Bitchain and I think I can sell when it’s 2023 — I thought certain stocks would rise so much in 2021 — I predicted some stocks that would rise so high in 2021 and it had something to due with the fact that I was able to reach beyond “God’s Illusion” like a HOLOGRAM at the edge of space with sex all night long with Justine who we would read the Bible and the Qur’an I purchased Sheik condoms in 2013 and invested in many stocks in 2013 or 2014 when I made a Public Ledger with cousin Daniel M. Besse in CT while his wife was gone, and I winked at the Winklevoss twins who didn’t have a fax machine, many few places have faxes, and we won’t disclose my worth — unless my Dad sold it all — but I think I have over 10 million dollars in TD Bank and I told Dan P. I would probably dump Justine for her if she was ever onto me, holding on for dear life that her life hasn’t ended, like Linda P.’s marriage with two men has ended, Justine’s Mom, with her big breast implants that I would prefer Justine as a girl I’m close with and I doubt Rev. Anne Skinner who’s talked to my real Minister Jim Chase, who passed away recently that because I WHO DERE? I invested in John Dee-re because I ONLY WANT THE GREAT STUFF TO HAPPEN, ELON MUSK- what should I do if I want a Brain Implant and a liposuction around my waist that’s plenty thin, coming from within, within the brother’s at SJ Catholic High School with John Deere stocks I have them in my own name, I have a Ledger in CT that was at Dan’s old company or his new one, and I need liposuction for my fast fatty thighs

And I hate the people who keep my 250 Bitcoins, or another night another night of lo and belong in a booth with Justine Aragona 2009-2013 with my seeing The Social Network in Theaters TWICE!

Owning my 5 Bitcoin shirts and purchasing an “I’m Addicted to Facebook” t-shirt

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