Nate Stebbins and the upcoming war with Russia, IMHO

Nate Stebbins is a Facebook employee who worked for my Dad, when I did too, Data-Entry in the President’s office at ECM Plastics, Inc. and Nate Stebbins who works for now Meta, he once told me he would “show me” quote-unquote “Hell” on Facebook, and maybe he was drunk or something, coming into work on Special K he had experience with in Amherst, MA at UMass Amherst with the Fraternities, and one day I remember he was taken out of the office after I told my Dad that Nate Stebbins (Awake58hrs on AIM) told me he was drunk and he threw up on the floor, the tall him tossed his cookies, like I am painting an acrylic of a grey kitty who I want to name “Cookies” BECAUSE I LOVE COOKIES!

Watch Russia launch a full-scale WAR!

And was Nate Stebbins fired from work at my Dad’s company ECM Plastics, Inc. that sold for $36,500,000 and got 25% of the profits from its sale years ago, and even though I now don’t need money from it while my parents pay the $10,000 per month here where they give me my pills and cook good food for me, that I saw 5 plates waiting to be given to the Residents here who all have shitty little rooms and I have a 2-floor apartment! So are there only 5 other Residents now?

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