I’m so proud to be a white taxpayer with a TBI from 2004 I once owned so it wouldn’t be faked!

I’m a millionaire first through my Dad and Mom and Aunt Donna, and then I made so much profits from buying crypto-currencies and Meta and Tesla stocks, after talking to Elon Musk for about an hour while he was waiting for his aircraft to prepare for his flight, and I was sad at the end of the call when he said, “This is going to be the last time we chat on the phone, because I’m so busy” but I had him maybe talk to my millionaire Dad — or maybe not, I forget with my Traumatic Brain Injury and page he liked to hear about my Recovering brain” that I told him to find something for injured brains and he said, “Maybe in the future.”

I read his name on and it reminded me of Elongate, like I wanted a bigger longer special-organ, and Musk reminded me of a perfume I bought my Mom in previous years, so I looked at his Twitter with thousands of followers and then I looked up “Elon Musk” on Facebook and he had a new account, he accepted me because I had my own dot-com as a WSU “English w/ Conc. In Writing” major who believes in God Himself The Father of His universe, that Elon Musk told me “Pray to Jesus” and I ordered a “Jesus Is My Homie” t-shirt, after buying an “I’m addicted to [FACEBOOK]” t-shirt, and then the “Jesus Is My Homie” shirt was redesigned, so I have 2 of those shirts and 2 expensive Polo shirts, PLUS 4 BITCOIN t-shirts and 1 Bitcoin polo I wear and I have plenty of pants, to go with the lift in my left shoe from when my left hip was in 7 pieces!

My parents made me write my name “Jeffrey” as instead “Jeffry” I’m not sure why but I think it has to do with the bad people who conned me into drinking and driving when I was so sad, they all said “GET DRUNK!” and I went to a bar to call me a Taxi home, but some evil fucks cancelled my Bank of America Debit Card and I said “GET A COP DOWN HERE!” which he wouldn’t do and they stole all of the money in my wallet, plus when I was drunk on Henshaw Street after sobering up for about 2 or 3 hours in Derek Langlois’ driveway, in my car, and then when I felt better I went down Derek Langlois’ driveway with a cop driving by at the exact time! So I was halfway down his driveway when I went back up the driveway to sober up even longer! I got reasonably sober in that time, and when a cop started following me, I pulled over, asked for help, screamed “I’m drunk!” and the cop didn’t turn on his lights, driving slowly by me, so I jumped on his hood and screamed at him “CALL ME A CAB!” and that bad cop was IN-ON the plan of my parents and my enemies, after I voted in Leicester — as some fucker cast a vote in my own name earlier in Charlton, MA and I saw my Minister crying, balling tears, and Derek Gaylord was a cop there who I told him, “I’m drunk!” and he wouldn’t do anything but help me back on my feet — I was falling down drunk and he wouldn’t arrest me — and he got me into my car, started it up, and he said “DON’T KILL YOURSELF!” and that last bit from Officer Derek Gaylord made me hate so many of the jerks who were involved in the “SET-UP” not to get me help with my drinking 2.5 months before I was forced to drive fast in the rain with wet leaves covering the road I was going 64 mph with them screaming in a room at the Leicester Police Station, “A COP IS RIGHT BEHIND YOU AND YOU WILL BE RAPED IN JAIL, SO KILL YOURSELF IF YOU’RE INNOCENT OF WHAT YOU WROTE ABOUT IN A “PRIVATE” FORUM!” It was shocking because it was a bulletin-board of 2 FM/XM DJ’s!
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