Dan, invest longterm in many “crypto-currencies” and Tesla please! Buy enough Cardano to buy us both Ferrari 360 Modena’s but not “Challenge”-editions as we’re not challenging each other!

I predicted the highs of Bitcoin Cash and Cardano, plus I knew “Shiba Inu” would rise so high as Dana Gardner likes smoking “Cheeba” and he said on the phone to invest in that!


I got a job at Home Depot through the Southbrige, MA “Rehabilitation” I worked there for a few hours but it was exhausting and my TBI with my shattered left hip in 7 pieces was too much to handle with the job there, that I couldn’t get the hang of it, after my job ended with A. Schulman, the European company that bought my Dad’s plastics/polymers business from for $36,500,000 in 2013 or 2014 and I was laid off with many other employees who got jobs at other plastics/polymers companies in the area, like PolyFoam who my Dad’s ECM Plastics, Inc. did business with, and one of my Dad’s “Partners” named John Coz got me a great deal with stocks, I profited off of 2 stocks before my Dad, Wayne Marquis, got clearance to employ me for Data-Entry and Color Lab work at my Dad’s ECM Plastics, Inc. who had shipments of rail-cars on train tracks of custom plastics/polymers for Gillette since approximately year 2000 when I graduated from my Christian High School for $5000/year for all through my Christian High School with many Masses for the student body with many Ministers and Priests praying over my Class of 2000 with Dana Gardner who doesn’t take my phonecalls and he lives in California I think not “knowing” where he is because he hasn’t taken my phonecalls in many months now, and his parents don’t answer my phonecalls, but I think I’m including them or a Charity of their choice with my Bitcoin, etc. profits from 2013 or 2014 when I got in with Bitcoin and many other “crypto-currencies” I have a Bitcoin polo shirt and 4 Bitcoin t-shirts that were stylish so I ordered one of each Bitcoin designed (with logo) Bitcoin t-shirts I know I have at least 1 Bitcoin that are worth $41,910.40 each right now! πŸ˜ƒ

I wanted my profits to be in a Bank in France because my last name “Marquis” is French and often it’s “Royalty” but I have no ties to France but Alx Neas who was in a mental hospital with me for a short number of months, years ago, and we were allowed to have sex with a Trojan MAGNUM condom my Mom brought for us, Mrs. Neas and I, to use on the last night she was there in the mental hospital with me, and she was a “Domina” for her “Master” in France where she was paid money to kick men in the balls and they paid her to kick them in the balls, her a petite girl who I was allowed to keep my phone on me and I took her photo when she followed me into the Men’s Room when I had to use the urinal she followed me in and there were hardly any employees in the whole place, that I’ve been to 3 different mental-hospitals for a total of 5 times all together!

I live in a safe Rehabilitation Home in Bradford, Vermont and my parents have both keys and the digital combination for my safe at my parents’ house in Charlton, MA where I had lived at home and happy with my legit MMJ card and one for my “Caregiver” Mom who would drive to Northampton, MA a little over 2 hours away, we would drive to, buying MMJ for me only and once I let my Mom take a hit off of a joint, and once or twice I let my now-deceased Minister Rev. Jim Chase take a hit or 2 off of my pre-rolled MMJ from NETA where they would verify my card and my Mom’s card, but I haven’t had MMJ in a few years or Delta-8 or Delta-10 from Boston Hempire or Industrial Hemp Farms “Delta”-THC in nearly a year or so, that I now have only CBD I mix with water and drink it wet (!!!) SO I DON’T SMOKE CBD OR CIGARS OR CIGARETTES — I have Bugler tobacco I smoke in a 3.5″ end-pipe that has no THC or CBD in it, and I have 4 similar and clean, unopened, so I don’t smoke much Bugler tobacco and I’m not going to start a fire — I have a Fire Extinguisher and a bottle of water near my balcony, I’m happy about, like I am thrilled to have at least 1 Bitcoin or as many as 250 Bitcoins that are worth about $42,000 (it went up!) each right now!

My parents handle my money, and I thank Dan “Cuz” Besse who graduated 1 year my Senior of Saint John’s High School we both had brief time playing athletics at Saint John’s and Dan did things with his Pacilio Wealth Management and Merril-Lynch with my Bitcoin(s) and I’m still not as wealthy as my Dad, Wayne Marquis, who employed me and I underestimated the “oomph” that he my Dad and his Coz Plastics co-workers started ECM Plastics, Inc. with big customers like Gillette and Oral-B, I helped him start the company while I was a Saint John’s High School student in Level 1 classes that I started off with Honor’s classes but they were so hard I had to go down a notch in the difficulty of my coursework! πŸ˜ƒ CLASS OF 2000, Dana Gardner, Derek Langlois, Brian McNeil, Noah Manders, etc. who all drove cars and SUV’s to the High School in Shrewsbury, MA and B.Hom was an Asian student pothead with his Mustang Cobra and Dad’s Corvette, that my Dad’s partner Randy Youngsma owned a new red Corvette or leased, like I want to lease a Tesla after being taken for a ride in one in my hometown of Charlton, MA and being a 2013 or 2014 Investor of Tesla and Bitcoin, Facebook, YouTube, Google, and that was many years after I profited from match dot-com and GameStop that I wanted to keep until 2018 like 18+ girls only for me, when it was worth a lot more than when I chose to invest in GameStop (GME) that my parents said “Let us take care of your money!” and I haven’t heard from Dan Besse my stockbroker “Cuz” in CT who helped me buy Bitcoins, as many as 250 Bitcoins, because I want to buy a 1967 Ferrari 250 GTO if I can afford a restored one! Spiritualized, Dancing in Space with Allah, I see Dr. Dominic Candido Ph. D. therapist tomorrow and I’m going to show him many of my online paragraphs and blogs tomorrow! πŸ˜ƒ Clean and Sober 2016! NO MMJ! NO ALCOHOL FOR OVER 1 YEAR AND MOSTLY SOBER 2016! πŸ˜ƒ

I would love to buy a house on Lincoln Point Rd. near my parents and be with Justine Aragona I WANT TO MARRY HER she’s disappeared! Next up on my list, Mannie (Rotella) D’Amico or Elissa Victoria of YouTube car collector with fake breasts that aren’t so big they’re a scene to be seen, Elissa Victoria on porno websites for free pics and videos that she’s no longer with “Ethan” who is a nonwhite and although I like her and her pretty face with a bunch of nice cars and a new house, like I want to vacation in Niagara Falls and finally meet Rev. Anne Skinner of Hannah House I’ve donated a lot of money to her and my Federated Christian Protestant Church in my hometown of Charlton, MA where my parents live, and they, MY PARENTS, MY HEALTH PROXY WHO I WANT TO BUY A HOUSE NEAR THEM IN CHARLTON, MA!

Hi Dana Gardner, we went to Saint John’s together when I was planning on going for 9th grade High School, dismal Shepherd Hill the bad students were from Dudley- Dana followed me to Saint John’s because his parents had enough money to pay the $5k/year tuition for the Catholic High School, we were in the same grade and Dana took some A.P. classes that were too hard for me, but I bet I could have scored way up in Art History A.P. class!

I’ve painted many painting in Acrylics like a self-portrait, Broccoli tree-house and ear with a Tragus piercing, BUT I DON’T HAVE ANY TATTOOS OR PIERCINGS – just a couple scars from my Near-Death WRX TBI in 2004 that was not my fault! I tried to take a taxi home! www.wrxtbi.comπŸ˜ƒ

I bought Aragon and Polygon crypto-currencies to win Justine Aragona back as a wife!

Dan Besse said he would buy me Bitcoins backed in diamonds that are very expensive so I could propose to Justine “Tini Ara” Aragona of 2010-2013 a diamond ring because Justine is the 1 girl I’d like to be with, as Samantha “Mannie” of UT the cheerleading coach “Flyer” and Jessica Tocci are married to their husbands and Ashley Hannan killed herself and 2 or 3 innocent people when ASHLEY ACCELERATED UP AN OFF-RAMP WHEN SHE WAS DRUNK- HER BOYFRIEND DUMPED HER!

Poetry II @ WSU with Dr. Gibbs A- Soliloquies I’ve written 4 of them and they’re all pages long!


and I made this image many years ago: http://www.alwayschillen.com/razr.htm

My best re-write: https://jeffreymarquis.com/wp-content/uploads/…/feed-me…

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