My parents are millionaires, my Aunt Donna Donohue is a millionaire, and I am worth many millions of dollars from an investment in Bitcoin and many other “crypto-currencies” I got involved with when I Googled: “cry” as I was suffering from great pain in 2005!


I didn’t put any of my pain on Jesus Christ who would have suffered in my place, and I’m being rewarded so greatly by God!

I quit drinking in 2016 and I haven’t gotten high on MMJ in years, while all of my enemies drink heavily because they know and fully realize that they will burn in Hell for all eternity FOR WHAT THEY DID TO ME IN 2004 SCREAMING AT ME, “KILL YOURSELF IF YOU’RE INNOCENT!”…/a-group-of-people…

I doubt my Minister really died — I think a lot of at-risk, in-danger, and maybe even dead-soon fucks stole his obituary that my parents brought me, so I had it on my coffee table and one of the fucks here stole it from my apartment, like they always get in here and I’ve caught them waiting outside my door sometimes, plus Mary Anne and a nurse came in with a small needle while I was asleep and they pricked my leg with a virus, that you can see it in my Facebook page about my that these fucked jerks caused — so while I think there’s going to be an Extinction Level Event with so many nukes and hyper-sonic missiles being launched at the Superbowl or when the Olympics are over, like Janet here mentioned, and I hate my enemies and I don’t believe my Minister Rev. Jim Chase of The Charlton Federated Church in Charlton, MA where my parents live and I had 70+ Sunday Service Pamphlets collected from going to Church every Sunday for a while, until my parents and my enemies are attempting to set me up online with this “Shared Internet” and hacked, tapped laptops that some fuck who controls my computers and the staff and residents and my doctors — BECAUSE THEY’RE ALL BRIBED WITH MONEY — my millionaire parents provide — so I haven’t masturbated for this my 4th night of not masturbating to PornHub, YouPorn, and XVideos — they are the only porno websites I’ve visited in a long time and I used BitTorrent for porn-videos only, that was part of a “SET-UP” so me, being a millionaire, I dropped off a stack of porno DVD’s I made in 2005/2006 on a State Cops door, and he said Judges don’t prosecute for BitTorrent anymore, then I threw them in the woods out of my window in my car in the woods, that I told my Minister about and he said it wasn’t a big deal and he would take care of it! 😃

My brother got me access to empornium-dot-us that had illegal videos on it, in 2005/2006, so I called the cops on that “SET-UP” website which I know all these fucks like Dave who’s big internet forum are responsible for all of the bad and horrible and even AWFUL things that people have done to me in the ICU in 2004 and ever since, like at Geneva St. with Derek Langlois and Brian McNeil and Marco Jiminez and Chandler Gardens, which was all a “SET-UP” and they still to shitty things to me, like taking a fake obituary of my Rev. Jim Chase of The Charlton Federated Church who assured me that he would suffer in Hell so I would go to Heaven, but I am somewhat Islamic and I believe in “heaven/hell” and “An Intermediary State” as described in The Qur’an which is my favorite book, but I have two Bibles on my coffee table that I’ve looked through because my fellow Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor Peter L Sargent is my friend and for a while he was my best friend who has me read my Bibles, and one of the fucks here at “Averte” in Bradford, Vermont — three hours away from my “Health Proxy” parents who are corrupt in trying to have me incarerated over a shock-jock bulletin board in 2004 that was at I would post made up and totally bullshit fiction because they enjoyed two shock-jocks who I don’t know what happened to them, but I want the fucks who caused my “moderate/severe” TBI and shattered left hip in 7 pieces when they tried to kill me, after I voted falling down drunk and yelling to the Leicester Police Officer to help me, but my enemies arranged all of this — like someone casting a fake vote in my hometown of Charlton, MA when my Minister was balling in tears, that he knew people wanted me dead in a WRX crash when they were all screaming at me, “KILL YOURSELF IF YOU’RE INNOCENT!” and “THERE’S A COP CATCHING UP TO YOU AND YOU’RE GOING TO BE TAKEN TO JAIL AND RAPED THERE BY SOME GAY GUYS WHO WOULD LIKE TO FUCK YOU IN YOUR ANUS BECAUSE YOU’RE GOING TO JAIL FOR DRINKING AFTER YOU HAD TO WITHDRAW FROM CALCULUS I AT WORCESTER STATE UNIVERSITY!”

I have many enemies and I’m completely non-violent with no weapons here, also never having punched or pushed or assaulted anyone here at “Averte” — which is all a bad “SET-UP” my enemies organized — and three people here have assaulted me here punching me in the face and pushing me down stairs!

I WANT THE SINNERS WHO CAUSED MY events of attempting to end my life to burn in Hell with Satan for all eternity!

I think there’s going to be an International war very soon with so many troops and weapons of the USA’s army defending the country where I’m a loyal taxpayer and my parents are millionaires many times over but they make me use Disability money I get every month to order off of Amazon — when my parents won’t let me open the many orders from Amazon when they arrive here at “Averte” in Bradford, Vermont where the whole staff is bribed with money, but I don’t mind as I hope my many Bitcoins and so many other “Crypto-Currencies” that I’ve made millions of dollars because I want to be successful through my own knowledge and interests, like in Bitcoin, after speaking on the phone with Elon Musk and Bruce Fenton many years ago!

The fucks here at “Averte” are paid by my enemies who caused my TBI and shattered left hip in 7 pieces in 2004, that the employees here — where I’ve had an apartment SOBER for many years — I know that they replaced my CBD with THC-bud — I refuse to ingest this “SET-UP” marijuana in my apartment, where the whole staff is paid to screw around with me, not giving me my pills, and I know that they give me a bunk Fish Oil pill that probably has drugs in it, I blame S.B. for and I hate my enemies and the jerks who hack my accounts on this hacked, tapped 1 of 3 corrupt computers, and a “SET-UP” Google and Facebook, that I signed over all of my online rights when I was in the ICU with a TBI, so I want them to suffer badly, awfully, horribly bad! I HATE WHAT IS BEING DONE TO ME!

I quit drinking alcohol in 2016 and my Dad won’t drink, which I applaud him for being a millionaire businessman having ran a company for so many years which he sold to A. Schulman for $36,500,000 so he’s rich and powerful, BUT MY MOM DRINKS EVERY NIGHT and her sister’s son killed himself when he couldn’t have heroin or fentanyl or alcohol, and he drove me drunk, 3 big beers, I called home and my Mom said, “DO NOT DRIVE HIS CAR! AND MAKE HIM DRIVE SLOW AND DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH HIM!” So as soon as I got home I said, “Mom, David Perron was high on OxyContin and he drank 3 big beers, so quick, CALL AUNT DIANE AND TELL HER TO GET HIM HELP BECAUSE I’M SURE HE’S GOING TO KILL HIMSELF!” and my Mom said, “No way David would kill himself- HE’S FROM TOO GOOD A FAMILY!” But I know that his family is really awful — his sister’s husband is getting a SEX CHANGE! — and this is David Perron’s obituary, that he had kids with 2 women and he couldn’t pay child support, had a DUI on his criminal record, alcoholic, heroin user, etc. unable to get a job — my Dad wouldn’t hire him because he was a “liability” in the words of my Dad, that Dave told me “My kids mean everything to me!” But apparently they didn’t mean much to him, so here’s the worst person I’ve ever known’s obituary, from his suicide when he couldn’t have opiates or alcohol

I’ve spoken to many Facebook employees and even buying them $1 “gift” icons I bought $30 worth of icons to post on my friends’ Facebooks in 2006, and I’ve also spoken with people at Google, MySpace, and to Elon Musk on the phone, that I told him my Dad was worth so many millions of dollars, that I am a taxpayer and my parents don’t give me money from my Trust Fund, for probably 1 year now, and the corrupt staff here at “Averte” are all being BRIBED by my enemies who I think they’re all suffering so badly as they’re being punished for making me drink so much and drive so fast, once they were screaming into the speakerphone at the Leicester Police Station that I encourage you all to read my and I have so many Bitcoins and so many “crypto-currencies” that now I’m worth so many millions of dollars, after buying 49% of many “crypto-currencies” in 2013 or 2014 AND THEY’RE ALL IN A BANK IN FRANCE that I will pay every tax to import them, or I will move to France and be with Mrs. Alx Neas who was my lover in a mental hospital some years ago, allowed by my parents and the staff to have sex with her one night before she left — and soon after I was out of the mental hospital — so happy to live at home again, in Charlton, MA on Lincoln Point Drive with my parents, but THEY MOVED ME TO THIS “SET-UP” at “Averte” in Bradford, Vermont, without my car, because they were so furious when I quit drinking alcohol — that runs really awfully in my Mom’s horrible family, and she’s into getting drunk every night BECAUSE SHE KNOWS THAT MY events were her fault and her evil relatives, that they all screamed, “KILL YOURSELF OR WE’LL HAVE YOU RAPED EVERY NIGHT!” this when I’ve already been raped by Mr. John Deedy who teaches at Saint Peter-Marian, after he was fired from Saint John’s upon learning about how he gave me a hard drug at his mother’s house in Worcester, MA one night in 2001/2002 — after I graduated from the Cathlic School in the Year 2000 with Derek Langlois, Brian McNeil, and Dana Gardner, who know some of the details of my legitimate RAPE from my homosexual English teacher — and they made fun of me so bad, also saying, YELLING, “KILL YOURSELF BECAUSE THE COPS ARE CATCHING UP TO YOU AND THERE’S A GAY MAN WHO’S GOING TO RAPE YOU IN YOUR ANUS ONCE YOU GET A D.U.I.!” because they made me so sad about withdrawing from Calculus I at WSC, I was failing classes and my evil mother Deborah Marquis said, “YOU’RE GOING TO HAVE TO QUIT YOUR ASSISTANT MANAGER JOB AT GNC AND GET A FULL-TIME JOB IN A FACTORY!” when my Dad ran a business that he owned 25% of as President of his ECM Plastics, Inc. which he sold for $36,500,000 and having money to cause me such distress here, at “Averte”, when I talk to my Aunt Donna Donohue who is on my side and we talk on the phone at length for usually four times every single day! I LOVE MY DAD AND AUNT DONNA DONOHUE! BUT MY COMPUTERS AND CELLPHONE ARE BADLY HACKED BECAUSE MY PARENTS HAVE SO MANY “CONNECTIONS” TO THE BUSINESSES AND PEOPLE HERE WHO GIVE ME MY PILLS, DRUGGING ME SOMETIMES, AND PLUS NOT GIVING ME MY PRESCRIPTIONS!

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