My Mom is from an evil family of drunks, and she won’t smile in the photographs I’ve taken of her in recent time!

My parents have sent me to mental-hospitals 5 times because they know all about how some jerks caused my many bad and painful injuries in 2004, and now that there’s going to be a huge war soon, which I want the sky to light up with nuclear missiles — but that’s just me wishing to see an end to the bullshit that my enemies do to me — I want to go to Heaven and I read the Bible every day, having owned The Psalms for Dummies, that my enemies stole from me, and that my rights are being trampled here and everywhere I’ve lived, including at my real “home” in Charlton, MA where I want to buy a house on the same street with my many millions of dollars invested in Bitcoin, etc. “crypto-currencies” that I found out about when I was in such pain from my left hip and I Googled: “cry” then learning about “crypto-currencies” in 2005, later investing so much money into these and these which I paid a lot of money for, also having owned for a night!

Here’s a photo I took when my Mom kept making shitty faces and I didn’t want to snap the photo on my phone until she stopped shaking her head and making bad faces when I was holding up my cellphone to take a picture, and this is just one example of my Mom doing shitty things to me and causing me so much distress and anxiety and depression, that today they would only give me 2 Xanax, like yesterday when they would only give me 2 of my anti-anxiety pills, Xanax, that I space them out by about 5 hours apart, and this whole “Averte” place is so fucked that I sleep on my couch at night now, because they would come in from the upstairs door and trying to sabotage me, that I hate the fucks who are trying to make me suffer here at “Averte” in Bradford, Vermont, where I’ve called the local police once or twice because I’m being screwed over so badly, rearranging things in my apartment and that my 2 MacBook Pro’s and 1 Dell Inspiron XPS are so hacked, after my parents became my “Health Proxy” being “in” with all of my doctors from my that details the events of how some evil motherfuckers made me drink so much — after 2.5 months of Sobriety in Charlton, MA when my parents wouldn’t pay a single dollar for “Detox”-treatment!

I dumped out all of the alcohol in the house, crying, when my Mom came home and wouldn’t pay a single dollar to quit drinking alcohol in 2004, and my dead Minister Jim Chase wouldn’t let me go to A.A. because I made posts on my dot-com website, that was bought away from me within a couple hours of it expiring and me waiting for money from my Trust Fund to be deposited — that my shitty relatives who THEY CAUSED ME TO DRINK SO MUCH AND DRIVE SO FAST, THEY CONNED ME!

100,000+ Russian troops have surrounded Ukraine and I think there’s going to be a nuclear holocaust eventually, like I want there to be a war because I’m so fed up with the bad treatment here, the staff getting into my apartment, I’ve been pushed down and punched in the face by 2 of the employees here and one junkie crack/cocaine/heroin user here, Pete, who he’s such a junkie and I hate druggies like David Perron who killed himself when he couldn’t inject heroin or Fentanyl being locked-up by his alcoholic father and ugly, poor mother, and his homosexual sister who her husband is getting a SEX-CHANGE!

How fucked up is that of my Mom’s family relatives?

My Mom’s evil family is against me, this after they caused my Traumatic Brain Injury and shattered left hip in 7 pieces, that they ended the hospital-provided in the ICU painkillers for my moderate/severe TBI and shattered left hip I have scars from, like on my abdomen I was so close to dying in 2004 AFTER I VOTED IN LEICESTER, MA — AND THE COP THERE WOULDN’T HELP ME, so a man helped me to my car and I drove to my friend Derek Langlois’ house nearby, I sobered up a bit in my car, when Derek was actually at the police station with so many others who knew me, like people from my Asst. Manager job at GNC, and I pulled over, stood outside my car, tried to use my cellphone from “French River COMMUNICATIONS (!!!) and not my Dad’s employee William Blasius who started another “French River INNOVATIONS” TO SCREW THINGS UP FOR ME!

I’m a millionaire through my 2013 or 2014 investment in Bitcoin, etc. that I own 49% of many crypto-currency companies that have done so well, making great profits, and I was a millionaire to begin with, because of my super-rich parents who have been fucking with me so bad!

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