I think they drug me here with imitation medicines!!!

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Deborah Marquis is my sweetums Mum who I love 49% of my Dad’s 51% love division of my parents and WHY? I’LL TELL YOU WHY

I love my Dad by a tiny bit more than my Mom because I have financial benefit to be close with my awesome Dad, the bass fisherman and millionaire plastics business owner, it was Incorporated with his fellow owners of ECM Plastics, Inc., and being sweet and nice to his sister my Aunt Donna Donohue who I talk to many times a day, from afar, 3 hours away… But my Mother is drinking two glasses of white wine at night, only at home at night, who had a traumatic upbringing, Grandpa being driven home from the bars when he would fall down drunk his favorite “Corrupt Alcoholic Bars”, my pathetic Grandfather, Grandpa being a heavy smoker, withered away, and he had bad Alcoholism, so I don’t like him at all, and I was curious why none of his offspring were sad at his funeral — no one cried at the Wake and it’s because he was so pathetic just smoking and drinking in his crummy old age home that I think his nephew David Perron who he got two women to have his kids and he didn’t marry either of them (!!!) being an opiate user of Fentanyl and OxyContins he would get with most of his money, and that his parents had to pay his Child Support, also being a bad alcoholic — he can curse our dead grandfather — as I do from 2004 when I simply couldn’t stop drinking beer and hard alcohol, that I’m Sober 2016 which I’M SO HAPPY TO BE HAPPY WITHOUT DRINKING OR SMOKING DRUGS!

David Perron killed himself when he was sent to Treatment, and I predicted it when he drank 3 tall beers and drove me, to the restaurant where I refused to pay for his THREE BEERS AND THEN DRIVING ME, when I lived at my real home in Charlton, MA on Baker Pond with my Dad’s cool new $40,000 bass boat!


For real, for real, in my realm of a quilted pen stroking the page of papyrus paper at a late hour, and that I feel so awake from the drugs they gave me this morning!  The vim of mine to craft mesmerizing sentences gives me pour the ladel juice into the beef stew — I go light on carbs when I try to stay in great shape, doing push-up’s the other day, 1 set, and God I have met who is a real “Illusion” at the edge of space, like a hologram, and, in a booth, I want to get a nice tan when the weather is cold — but it’s not too cold outside and the temperature in my apartment is “ambient” as I put on a new longsleeve shirt made by Nike!

Do, so, put on your RUNNING SHOES AND LET LOOSE, at the WSU track, I’d pace and limp with a “Spastic Gait” post-TBI with a shattered left hip in 7 pieces, that makes me .5” shorter on my left leg — BUT I FEEL NO PAIN! AND FUCK JUNKIES, BURNOUT PEOPLE!

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