I love God Himself The Father at the edge of space!


Whispers whispering off the much of Randy Macho-Man Savage constants of the lost+found at the Pound of silent writing toes tapping with fingers pegging the notes of “The Keys” to my apartment at “Averte” where I be where the MacBook Pro be, leaving it with me-  always shutting it closed and wearing nice fabrics to I want my wife to get a “Breast Lift” as I hate the saggy tits of milky wenches so sour at this hour-  when I have all the powers to proceed with supreme investments a la Bitcoin and I eat pork loins, being for dinner-  Me, the bread-winner eating the toast of a bread-roast in the oven and not with witches in a coven, it’s over for them and my enemies so evil, I be where the Bitcoin Cash be, which I predicted the near high of $597 it reached, and reaching for my cellphone “596” so I predicted $596 to sell them at, wearing a hat, and without any hate on my clean plate, Techtonics, a turn-table, when I am Able and willing to win, in the snowy parking-lot, to SPIN, horsepower and slipping tires, on ice, and the heavy snow-  WRX’es are fun, I know, from much experience with highway driving, I’m alive, and after a bad injury, I BE WHERE THE CASH BE!

Me on a spending spree, licking a lollipop as I flip my Top on the bottom of the chocolate milk barrel, without going to a bar — I don’t go very far, without my car, a Subaru Legacy, when you know how I Be, here in my apartment, and apart from my parents — they don’t care, my ‘rents… and I gave my 2 pennies to church, no lie, I don’t believe that Jesus Christ is God, in any way, shape, or form, as I know a lot about “Parthenogenesis” when I have no “Bratty Sis” to my display, wanting to go with foreplay a la Step-Sister(s) I’ll never be with them as my ‘rents will be together forever, after finding love, with a Flying Dove, diving deep into Earth’s oceans with Ecco The Dolphin swimming and sending out “beams”, Mannie in my dreams, who I care about, having no “Float On” by Modest Mouse, with me hoping to buy a house, nearest to my Mom and Dad’s “home” where I would like to be, but they don’t truly care about me… OR MAYBE THEY DO! =D

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