I have 3 dot-com’s and 2 other blogs with my English w/ Conc. in WRITING major at WSU!

Dr. Dominic Candido has access to privileged information online, he showed me a map and The USA has 1000+ nuclear missiles and Russian forces have 800 or 900 or something like that, Dr. Candido is my #1 Therapist! Now, that I sent my Dr. David Kent a voicemail today telling him I’ve been doing great here and to visit this my http://www.jeffreymarquis.com that plus I own http://www.wrxtbi.com and http://www.alwayschillen.com, so peep my http://alwayschillen.blogspot.com thanks, plus https://allpoetry.com/alwayschillen

Laced Dressing of Ranch for a Salad in a Cinch, and but but having been punched by a crack/cocaine/heroin junkie, here at “Averte”, I didn’t hit him back but I could have attacked that Junkie fuck, he screams and yells, when he has no luck, which is ever, so whatever — I like the whole staff and I would swim and sing in Baker Pond where my parents live, so coming at you like live, I thrive, with a rock in my hand, swimming in the sand, I hock that rock at a bee-hive, like I said I am Recovered and Alive!

Russia is a problem.

So like I said I thrive, waiting for missiles to hit you, but thriving when, especially, we all die of rad Radiation in the USA Nation, a taxpayer I bee, singing songs to you with me and my keys — Girls, on your knees, and in front of me, dissecting my external organs, just again and again and again, being pleasureful almost to no end!

Traumatic Brain Injury with only 4/15 function “Glasgow Coma Scale” in 2004, with a shattered left hip in 7 pieces! I don’t have anything on my record, I’ve never been arrested, I’ve gone to The Charlton Federated Church, collecting 70+ pamphlets I have in my room at home, and I’m a good taxpayer, with 2 accountants — my parents have tens of millions of American dollars, that they pay my bills and the staff here at “Averte” gives me my many pills of medications in this my American Nation!


Ukraine has accused Russia of blocking its access to the sea as Russia prepares for naval exercises next week amid spiralling tension in the region.

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